15 Guest Bedroom Ideas To Transform Homes

Try these guest bedroom ideas to make your guest more comfortable.

guest bedroom ideas

Guest Bedroom Ideas – When someone visits you, they may be far away from their home. However, with a beautiful guest bedroom, you can make them feel more welcomed and comfortable than ever.

Cozy guest retreats, with novel accents or other guest room ideas, can help add a unique charm to your guest bedroom. Check out these fantastic tips for creating a colorful pattern or theme in your guest bedroom.

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1Vibrant patterns and Calming Themes

Vibrant patterns and Calming Themes

Guest rooms need to look good and calming, creating a positive impression on the minds of your guests. To achieve this, use dynamic patterns on the beds as well as the curtains, while keeping the floor simple. Floral trends will give a nature-inspired theme and help the room stand out.

2The functional style

The functional style

In most of the houses, guest rooms are quite small, and they can end up looking cramped or dingy. However, this guest bedroom decorating idea will help. Use smart modular furnishing to make the most of the space without cluttering it at all.

For example, you can use adaptive workspaces that are mobile and highly flexible, a peninsula-style desk, which can be moved to pave way for the closet or a murphy bed that can be folded into a functional storage space.

3Bright and Airy

Bright and Airy

Guestrooms should be open and airy so that they give the illusion of extra space. Use bright color schemes and traditional furnishing. Incorporate colors like cream and brown in furnishings to help the room reflect more light.

4Use Previous Furnishings Effortlessly

Use Previous Furnishings Effortlessly

If you are on a budget, redoing everything might seem like a pain. So, try these ideas for guest room. Encourage smart use of architectural details or old furniture to add zing to the overall décor.

For example, make use of the mantelpiece by converting into a fabric-covered foam headboard or bring home some reclaimed doors or fittings from antique homes and decorate them with by-the-foot crown molding for creating a rustic décor setting. You can even use old sofas and refurnish them in the bedroom.

5Add something extra

Add something extra

Don’t want your guests to sleep on a small bed but have no space? Well, try saving the side areas. Instead of having a bedside table on the corner, buy a larger bed and keep it tucked to the edge.

You can also try guest bedroom design ideas where you have just a single bedside table. Alternatively, add something extra by having shelves on the wall next to the bed or a few shelves on the edge. This is where people can keep their things.

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6Bold and Beautiful

Bold and beautiful

Bold monochromatic patterns can instantly give your room a unique theme without adding the hassle of finding different furnishings for the guest room. You can try bedsheets in monochromatic styles with patterns and a black colored bed with black colored furniture and white or textured upholstery.

7Envelop them in Luxuriousness

Envelop them in Luxuriousness

Overcome the size limits of a small guestroom by introducing apt luxury accents to it. Cover it walls with sophisticated prints or chic light fixtures to add charm to the bedroom. Use draperies or add a workspace if you still have extra space. Opt for beds with larger mattresses or body to give it a royal theme.

8Wall accents

Wall accents

For a smaller bedroom, try accent walls as a guest room idea. Accented walls add depth in a small space while visually enlarging the proportions. They also add architectural interest as well as texture to it. Use bright color and contrasting furnishings to go with the accents. An enormous upholstered headboard will be an added benefit.

9Colors Popping out!

Colors Popping out!

Drape the guestroom in the sense of serenity, where everything from walls and bedding to upholstered surfaces is draped in white color. And then, contrast it with bright colors popping out of places.

For instance, a bright vase near the television or cushions in orange along the settee. You can also try patterns on the bedsheet to contrast traditional Victorian styled beds.

10Add liveliness

Add liveliness

Need guestroom decorating ideas that don’t burn a hole in your pocket? Well, then try adding some greenery to it. Small plants for the interiors can add a de-stressing touch to your interiors. At the same time, they purify the air.

11A Guestroom and Entertainment Center!

A Guestroom and Entertainment Center!

In most houses, guestrooms remain unused unless guests are staying over. So, how to make this space more during the times, when it remains unused? The answer is straightforward, convert it into a bedroom cum lounging space by using consoles and modular furnishings.

This could be your leisure area where you watch TV, play video games, read books or listen to music. Even when your guests are here, you can use the space to play with them or have some fun time!

12Keep it whimsical

Keep it whimsical

Incorporate quirky items from your collection for adding the rustic feel to the room’s appearance. These items could be anything from a retro lamp, grandfather clock or hardbound books. Have chic mirrors and bright drawers or furniture instead of boring brown hues to add a whimsical feel to the bedroom.

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13Formal and modern

Formal and modern

A combination of formal and contemporary décor settings always work, no matter how big the space is. So, use this technique to give a plush, extravagant look to your bedroom interiors.

Start by using wood paneling on the armoire as well on the roof above the bed for incorporating a soft and modern appeal. Use sophisticated and minimalistic furnishings alongside use of neutral color tones so that they can blend well with the fusion setup.

14Go for low maintenance setup

Go for low maintenance setup

While decorating your guest room, you have to take into account that everything that is being used in it, is not only attractive and chic but also durable and low on maintenance. Take the example of a nightstand. Most of us are used to placing water jugs and glasses on the nightstands, which in the course of time starts to leave rings on the table.

In this case, the solution would be to use a glass top, since it won’t leave rings and would be easy to clean. So, have functional, low maintenance accessories in the room.

15Use blackout shades

Use blackout shades

You wouldn’t want your guests to be disturbed early in the morning with the sunlight creeping through your curtains and falling on their faces. Go for installing blackout shades, which aids in creating a darkened cool room, which in turn allows the guests to sleep in late. Combine this with darker furniture and lighter furnishings for a themed infusion.

Love these ideas? Try them now!

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