31 Elegant White Living Room Ideas Which Are Pure Perfection

Choose Any of These And Feel Rich.

White Living Room Ideas

White Living Room Ideas – Your living room is a representation of the energy and aura of your entire house. The way you live is reflected a lot in the design of your living room. You want your living room designed in such a way that is the hallmark of peace and happiness of your loving family. And, what better way to achieve this objective than having a White Living Room.

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White is the ultimate color of peace, purity, innocence, cleanliness, spirituality, and safety. It is also a color of perfection as a pure white color is absolutely flawless. The use of white color in a modern living room can completely transform the look of your interiors and give them a superb stylish look.

So, keeping in mind the same, we have handpicked some of the most creative and beautiful white living room ideas which will surely inspire you to have your next living room in white.

1. Shades of White Living Room


If you are one of those who find plain white too monotonous for your liking, then this white living room is perfect for you. It carries a variety of shades of white color as well as light pinkish tinge which give the place an incredible positive energy. The colorful flowers in the center along with turquoise pillow further enhance the cheerful energy of the room.

2. Gorgeous Gray White Living Room

A mixture of white with gray tone can work wonders with your living room provided it is done with careful planning. This living room boasts of an alternate use of gray color on the ceiling along with pure white strips. The pure white furniture further brings out the magical white aura of this living room. What do you think?

3. Pretty Pink White Living Room

This one is a perfect example of creative use of bright colors with white color. The dazzling pink pattern on curtains and sofa set with use of brown color in the cupboard, design of chandelier, and curtain rods is just breathtaking. The outside backdrop of green color further increases the beauty of this particular living room.

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4. Lively White Living Room With Wooden Flooring

You will adore this elegant white living room set in your house. It has wonderful wooden flooring with excellent use of hanging paintings on pure white walls.The green pot at the center, use of a blue chair and different color cushions is just ingenious and brings out the liveliness of a happy living room.

5. Red and White Living Room


The combination of entirely opposite nature of colors- the bright, fiery red and the peaceful, calm white is a bold experiment yet a successful one. The use of red in paintings, ball, cushions and showpiece against the white walls and furniture totally rocks this living room. You will surely appreciate this courageous yet beautiful design of a white living room.

6. Modern White Living Room With Wallpaper


You need not go with a pure white everything if you want to have a white living room. You can experiment with light shades of brown with a hint of deep black and brown colors to have a unique white living room. This one also sports a fair shade of a designer wallpaper on the back wall.

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7. Peaceful White Abode


This could be one of the most impressive white living room ideas so far. White color in itself is a color of peace and calm and using minimal furniture like those low-lying, stylish sofas and table further enhances the inner peace environment inside this living room. Furthermore, that painting of Buddha in the corner is simply perfect in this setting, don’t you think?

8. Stylish White Living Room


Flaunt your sense of style with this white living room which is sure to impress your visitors. You can use different colors for your accessories like that blue table top accessory and brown cushions. However, it is the transparent glass walls take the beauty of this living room to an altogether different level.

9. White Living Room With Gray Tinge


This one is another example of the perfect use of gray with white in a living room. It has varying shades of gray on walls along with pure white furniture. Add to it, the black show piece items on the table add a unique charm to the surroundings. The transparent glass in place of walls in the middle with a round white lamp on the side look just fantastic in this living room.

10. Retro Black and White Living Room


This living room idea will take you back to the retro days of black and white. The alternate use of two opposite colors mainly white pillows on the black sofa is mind-blowing, to say the least. Similarly, the dark gray book racks with a gray rug on white flooring further enhances the beauty of this living room.

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11. Gray Wallpaper in White Living Room


You will simply love this exquisite living room idea with an artistic gray wallpaper. The gray tone is also used in few other accessories in the room against white ceiling and white background. However, what is striking is the use of light yellow cushions in this setting which is a pretty bold move yet seems to be working fine.

12. Creamy Living Room Design


The beauty of white color is that any color can be used along with it to give it the desired effect In this white living room idea, cream color is used in a beautiful blend of white. Cream color curtains along with blue patterned cushions with two sofas, one each of white and cream color, cast a magical look all over the setting.

13. Lavish Living Room In White With Purple Tinge


You can experiment with white color freely when you have a typically large living room like this. Here, purple cushions with off white sofas are used brilliantly to give a lavish look to the white living room. The pure white ceiling with a white flower pot and black table offer an excellent contrasting look to surroundings.

14. Traditional Living Room in White


If you want to renovate your existing living room, you need not fret too much about having an all white look. You can use a combination of striped conjunction with other colors, for example, in armchairs and cushions in this white living room design. The central wooden table is also a nice addition to the setting with white accessories over it.

15. Charming White Living Room


This could be the dream-come-true living room design with its breathtaking sparkling white walls and shelves. Even the showpiece accessories and the TV in this room carries a pure white color which is simply wow. Furthermore, the use of brightly colored pink cushions adds a perfect contrast to this setting.

16. Beautiful Black In White Room


It is tough to imagine the effect of using black color in the pure white design. The exquisite black, shining TV along with sofa set and the table looks stunning in this white living room. The brown rug and curtains form the third color in this living room setting.

17. Brave Brown in White Living Room


You may find this living room design a bit unconventional with a prominent use of brown color in a white setting. However, the combination works very well in this living room. The brown color is primarily used for accessories in the room whereas white is used for walls and ceilings and remaining portions. Try this design if you want to experiment a bit with your living room design.

18. Royal White Living Room


The trio of white, black, and gray colors give a royal touch to this living room. The antique chandelier with bright lighting and mirror with wooden frame looks simply fantastic. You can enjoy the look of outside with transparent glass made doors from your living room. The use of different colors in cushions is also quite creative.

19. Colorful Living Room With White Background


This is perhaps one of the most beautiful white living room ideas so far. The ingenious use of bright, cheerful color objects and accessories in a predominantly white themed living room is just brilliant. The wall mounted storage is another pretty as well as useful addition to this setting. Your guests cannot help but admire your sense of decoration and design of the living room!

20. Stunning Gray and White Living Room


The living room of your modern apartment cannot get a better look than this. The gray color in conjunction with white only looks superb. Moreover, the unique design of sofas gets a further boost in their looks with the use of shiny dual colors of gray and black. A portion of the back walls includes a transparent glass through which you can enjoy the outside surroundings.

21. White Living Room With Soft Pink


You can bring a subtle touch of color to your white room by using different color accessories. For example, here there is a pink and purple shade to cushions along with black table and brown curtain rods. You can also use lamps of subtle lighting at the back to have that ethereal glow in your room.

22. Modern Black And White Living Room


One more black and white combination and one more superb white living room setup. This one has pure black cushions and table along with white chairs, walls, and ceilings. You will surely love this unique piece of living room design which may be somewhat abstract, yet it is kind of interesting.

23. Antique White Room Idea


You may not find another better way to redecorate your old living room in this manner. The pure white theme along with a kind of cluttered objects creates a perfect aura of antique design. The pair of lamps along with a central flower pot and two antique showpieces on the front table only adds to the beauty of this room.

24. Sparkling White Living Room Set


A no-nonsense style of white living room with minimum use of other colors make this a favorite of white living room lovers. You may try to add a hint of green by placing a plant into a pot in the room. A simple bowl of colorful fruits will also do the job of adding contrast and bring out liveliness in this living room.

25. Elegant White Living Room Idea


This one looks straight out of the future mansion and is incredibly classy and elegant. In addition to the central white theme of the living room, the occasional use of black imparts a glossy look to the overall setup. You can also notice the extra bright white strip on the ceiling which just looks stylish.

26. Cozy White Living Room


Initially, you may only see red as a basic color but on a careful notice, you will notice it only in accessories enhancing the look of this white living room. The transparent chair, green plant, black stool, and two modern paintings are other fantastic additions to complete the cozy look of this white living bedroom.

27. Marvelous White Living Room


White color truly brings out the size and proportion of a room giving it a fuller space. Take for example this one; you may see a whole range of furniture from a sofa set to a small center table surrounded by more than four chairs. It also a light colored wooden flooring which further adds to the premium theme of the room.

28. Gorgeous White Living Room Set


You will agree when we say that this is one of the most striking designs of the white living room that you may have encountered so far. You may not be able to appreciate this design at first glance however you will begin to appreciate this gorgeous white living room. The glossy theme of the room along with a genius stroke of using dark red color in two cushions is purely delightful!

29. White Living Room With Modern Furniture


Very rarely you come across a living room like that. The soft brown walls and sofa along with crystal clear white wall cupboards and tables cast an incredible energy all over the place. Moreover, the glass-based walls and small transparent openings on top on one side give you an excellent view of outside while you are sitting in your living room with your family.

30. Slick White Living Room


You cannot help falling in love with this slick living room design with stylish stairs, circular glass window, and of course the miniature dinosaur showpiece. The pure white sofas, as well as walls and stairs, make it a magnificent white living room design.

31. Artistic White Living Room Design

Artistic White Living Room Design

This one has a purely artistic look with decorative round balls, red curtains, and an ideal abstract painting on the wall. Also, notice the single black cushion amidst white ones which looks like a courageous experiment as well as a successful one. The small table with glass top is another piece in room enhancing the beauty of it.

You will notice how the above white living room ideas can bring out the purity and peace of white color in your living room in a fantastic way. Even if you are concerned about the style and look of your living room in white, these white living room sets are sure to get rid of your doubts with their superior style and elegance. What do you think?

Which of the above white living room designs is your favorite? Share with us in the comments below.

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