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Kitchen Cabinets – Do you think that your kitchen looks too small? Does it appear cluttered? Is cooking a yawn-inducing affair for you? Are you interested in remodeling your kitchen?
Well, if your answer to any of these questions is a yes, then we have unique kitchen cabinet designs and ideas that will certainly inspire you. After all, even a single cabinet can make a substantial difference!

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1. Navy Blue Cabinets

Navy Blue Cabinets

If you thought that kitchens are boring, think again! A navy blue kitchen cabinet set is an excellent way to spruce up the interiors. Ideal for L-shaped kitchen, the color works great for cabinets below the cooktop. You might want to add black and white colors to the rest of the kitchen, particularly on the worktop for an ethereal effect.

2. Corrugated Metal

Corrugated Metal

If you want a modern, simplistic kitchen, then corrugated metal is the best way to go. The metal is ideal for the face of cabinet doors and works exceptionally well with mild colored kitchens. The cabinets should ideally have large drawers complementing them so that the metal works at its best.

3. Black is the new ‘Black!’

Okay! Nothing new in this. However, most people underestimate the power of black in the kitchen. Moreover, no, it wouldn’t make your kitchen look smaller if used intelligently. Play the contrast of black and white by painting the cabinets black and complementing the same with white colored tiles.

For smaller kitchens use inexpensive moldings instead of doors in the cabinet. You can also try such kitchen cabinets’ ideas with color schemes like yellow and green or red and white.

4. Warm Beige

Warm Beige

If your kitchen is open and you want to make it appear warmer, then get beige cabinets. They add a gourmet feel to the kitchen. You can play contrast by opting for dark gray countertops and metallic appearing walls. Also, the color works great if you have dining table close to the kitchen. For dining table or chairs, opt for hardwood hues.

5. Sophistication with Gray

Sophistication with Gray

A refined and classic shade, gray is recommended for homes that have a rustic, farmhouse appeal. Opt for tall and large gray cabinets and go for a textured marble countertop. Add stainless steel sink to the same. For a more modern appeal, complement the gray with black and metallic colors. This is one of those ideas for kitchen cabinets that never goes wrong, whether the kitchen is small or large.

6. The Kid Friendly Theme

The Kid Friendly Theme

Do you have little ones who like to paint, use crayons or chalk? Well, then your kitchen might look really dirty. Not anymore! With a kid-friendly theme, you can get colors that can be washed.

So, your kids can use chalks or crayons on the cabinet, which can be easily washed off using a damp cloth. Make sure that the cabinets, particularly on the bottom where children play are dark in color, so that you can appreciate their art. For the topmost cabinets, opt for a bold but contrasting color.

7. Sleek and Transitional

Sleek and Transitional

Go for a design that instantly captures attention by opting for Shaker-Style construction. In such cabinets, you have recessed panels that have flat-face frames. Usually, colors like white to add the luxuriousness of these cabinets. The cabinets, with tile backsplashes and glass door, add the right amount of vintage style.

Plus, when you add stainless steel appliances and nickel pull handles, you get the contemporary appeal. Make sure that you complement it with quartz countertop.

8. Scandinavian theme

Scandinavian theme

Want contemporary kitchen cabinet designs? Then go for the Scandinavian theme. Bright light and crisp linear design on cabinets look quite inspirational, especially if your kitchen is open. You can have slab front cabinets that boast of industrial design. Further, have teak furniture storage options and floor to ceiling cabinets to save space.

9. Glossy Red Finish

Glossy Red Finish

Want an apartment kitchen that’s right amount of style and sass? Then the glossy red finish is the way to go. Recommended for smaller kitchens, the red finish with gloss reflects light and makes the kitchen look larger while an addition of gray/black countertop provides the right amount of chic. Go for metallic color on the appliances with this theme.

10. Repainting the world

Repainting the world

Have a small kitchen and low on remodeling budget? Well, no problem! You can just repaint the kitchen cabinets is light blue color. The color can easily complement smaller kitchens and works well with metallic color on the appliances. Plus, if the tiles are lighter in color, the paint will make your kitchen look larger.

11. Glass Doors

Glass Doors

If you are planning to have some extra cabinet space on the top, then this kitchen cabinet idea is a great try. Opt for glass doors for the cabinets on top so that the items in the cabinets are easily available. Also, keep them a shade or accent lighter than the cabinets on the bottom so that they add more depth to the kitchen.

12. Weathered Wood

Weathered Wood

For a comfortable family kitchen, opt for weathered wood. You can have the faux ceiling on the top with hanging sconces for light. The weathered wood makes for the excellent floor to ceiling cabinets, especially if there are two cabinets on either side of the kitchen complemented with shelves near the main wall. Choose light tones, such as beige or white for countertops.

13. Bright Green

Bright Green

If your kitchen appears quite cluttered and you have kids at home, then bright green could be the color for you. Gleaming metal cabinets with white or beige counterparts are a must have. The tiles should have green accents as well, along with other contrasts. For kids, you can have a large board in the kitchen where they can write recipes or enjoy some artwork.

14. Retro and Contemporary

Retro and Contemporary

If you have contemporary bedrooms, then consider beveled cabinetry frames for your kitchen. They will bring 1950s inspiration to your modern home and help you enjoy unique craftsmanship. White oak cabinets and ebony hue will make a style statement that will last for a lifetime. Plus, you can add chrome hardware to the kitchen for the contemporary effect.

15. Close or Open?

Close or open

Easy access cabinets are recommended for smaller kitchens because they make full use of space. So, this one is an ideal option for you. Go for closed and open storage solutions as they are aesthetically appealing. Use bold color for different storage options to add a modern clean-line and industrial look. At the same time, have classic wood fronts and vibrant shelves for the dishes. Use top hinge design to easily access the higher cabinets.

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16. French Inspired

French Inspired

This is one of the best kitchen cabinet designs to try. Moreover, you can include it with other ideas as well. Go for the French inspired S-Curve and moldings on the cabinets for an ethereal look. Use farmhouse sink and blend base cabinets with it. Molding bands and bell flowers on the cabinet will add the right amount of luxuriousness to your home.

17. Victorian Theme

Victorian Theme

The Shaker-style cabinet design, with flat drawer fronts and flat-face frames, will instantly add the right amount of gleam to your kitchen. Recommended for medium sized kitchens, this idea is best employed with leaded glass doors so that the lights reflect the cabinetry design. Plus, you can use green or blue accents to add an original, Victorian themed aesthetic appeal to the kitchen.

18. Timeless


Architectural style with inset doors and drawers, along with raised panels and warm cherry finishes make for a timeless kitchen cabinet design. Crown molding will add height to the room, and use of floor to ceiling cabinetry will increase the kitchen depth.

So, which of these wonderful kitchen remodeling and cabinet décor ideas are you going to try?

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