Five Easy Yoga For Kids

Yoga Poses For Kids That Ensure A Healthy Life For Him/Her In Future.

Yoga For Kids – We all know that an early head start in any field makes it easier in later times to grasp perfection. Moreover, if a child expertise in this area at a very young age then it’s only the skill that he/she needs to sharpen.

Yoga, as we all know is beneficial when it comes to making ourselves calm in the difficult situation. It improves the health too. A child’s body is very flexible and the mind is also very pure. Therefore, if you want your kid to be healthy and cool throughout his/her life, yoga is a very powerful tool to accomplish the task.

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Besides, the wonderful fact is that there are various poses of yoga for kids which can be done easily by children. There are innumerous health benefits of yoga but the most popular ones include concentration power improvement, stress relief, removal of body toxins through sweat, stamina increment, improvement in blood circulation and fortified immune system.

Below are the five easy postures of yoga for kids. Plus always cook healthy food for kids and keep their health on top with these ultimate yoga poses.

Baby Pose


To do this toddler yoga, you can ask your child to lay down on his/her back and lift off the legs towards his/her face and hold the toes with both the hands (right toe with the right hand and the left toe with left hand).

This pose, done in several ways, helps in conciliating the mind and body. The stress can be relieved easily. The inner groin and spine become flexible. The balasana or the baby pose is also a nice option of yoga for beginners.

Snake Pose

Snake Pose

The snake pose is opposite to that of baby pose because your kid will have to lie down on his/her chest with the back facing the ceiling. Moreover, then he/she will have to raise themselves with the support of their hands.

The legs should be completely on the ground with their chest and face raised. The snake pose helps in strengthening the spine, back of arms will become stronger and also the belly, shoulders and chest muscles would stretch up.

Upward Facing Dog Pose

Upward Facing Dog Pose

Every one of us has seen a dog standing on its four legs! This pose, ”Upward facing dog” is similar to the dog’s stance. You can ask your child to spread his/her hands and legs like a four legged animal and be in that position taking long breaths for some time.

This pose helps in stretching the chest muscles and strengthening the spinal cord. This is a very useful yoga for kids as symptoms of asthma too can be cleared with the help of this technique. Plus remember that yoga is not just an exercise, yoga is way of living life.

Tree Pose

Tree Pose

To improve balance, kids can practice this yoga technique. The tree pose strengthens the thighs, calves and ankles and develops concentration. This yoga pose is quite interesting. You can ask your child to stand still and lift one of his/her legs and stick it to the other leg’s knee firmly with both the hands joined as if he/she is praying.

Moreover, you can ask your child to take long deep breaths. It will be easier for you to visualize this pose if you have ever seen a yogi standing still with one of the legs up and the hands joined.

Butterfly Pose

Butterfly Pose

Children love butterflies and therefore your children would love to do this yoga for kids as it involves a butterfly kind of posture. Butterfly pose helps in stretching and making the ankles flexible.

This is a great yoga for preschoolers as well as easy yoga for toddlers. Your child will have to sit straight on the floor with erect spine and bringing the feet as close as possible and the most important thing is that the soles of the feet must touch each other.

If touching the feet together is difficult for your child then he/she can use the hands for holding the feet together. Moreover, you know that yoga is all about breathing in and out, so this is a must.

It can turn out to be a difficult task to fathom your children about the weird poses you will ask them to do. So, if you want your child to be involved in it then make them do yoga in the form of games. Early morning yoga for children can be played as a game with kids.

They will surely love it and with some health benefits, early morning serenity can also be experienced. These 5 poses of yoga for kids are easy & if your child develops a habit of doing that everyday, then positive effects can be seen soon.

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