7 Easy Steps to Do Yoga Meditation the Right Way

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Yoga Meditation

Yoga MeditationYou must have heard about yoga meditation and its immense benefits. In fact, yoga meditation is nothing but an extended condition of self-awareness or the self realization that is attained through few peaceful personal moments.

Among many benefits of yoga, the yoga meditation, in particular, can lead you to a relaxed body & mind that is free of stress and full of liveliness.

By following these 7 steps given below, you can learn how to do meditation yoga.

Have a Determined Attitude

The foremost requirement for doing yoga meditation is to have an attitude full of determination. Yes! You should be determined to change your life to a much better state. You need to remind yourself that why you want to do yoga meditation.

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Begin with Few Minutes

Once you are determined to do yoga on a regular basis, decide how much time you want to meditate. This small exercise is necessary so that you can do meditation in a relaxed manner.

We suggest you to stick to 3 or less minutes in the beginning and then slowly expand this time once you become used to meditation. Moreover, these few minutes will help your subconscious in convincing you that you need such a short period to enjoy full advantages of yoga.

Decide a Time

yoga-meditationNot only in yoga but many other workout plans and programs. It is often emphasized to set a particular time for doing physical or mental exercise. By the particular time, we do not mean that you have to go by the clock but what we mean to say is that you should choose specific time like morning hours, early morning hours or evening hours as per your convenience.

So set a time for doing yoga meditation and repeat it every day at the same time.

Choose a Peaceful Place

Choose a place that is quiet. You can find such places in your home like your garden or at the terrace. If approachable, you can also choose places like beaches, etc. The peaceful places help you meditate properly, and the natural surroundings support meditation as meditation itself is a natural process only.

Sit in a Cozy Position

There is no mandatory rule for where you choose to sit for yoga. You can either sit comfortably on a chair, a couch, a mat or upon the floor. The important fact is that you should select a sitting position where you feel fully comfortable.

Just remove your slippers and sit on a chair or floor. Keep your feet a little apart if you are sitting on the chair. Sit with the cross-legged position if you choose to sit on the floor. Keep both your hands on your knees and make sure that your palms are open. Join your index finger with the thumb in both hands.

Keep Your Eyes Closed

Once you have sat down comfortably for doing yoga meditation, it’s now time to close your eyes. Close your eyes and try to look inside yourself. Try to stop every thought and just concentrate on your inner self.

Imagine how stress is coming out of your body. Begin this from your toes to legs then upper body, neck, face, forehead, and head. Concentrate on each and every body part like each finger or toes, each eye and so on.

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Concentrate on Your Breath

When your eyes are closed, and you are into yoga meditation, it is also time to watch your breath closely. Breathe in slowly and try to feel your breath as it passes on from your nostrils towards your lungs and tummy.

Then, breathe out gradually. During this process of breathing, it is possible that your start thinking about something else but as soon as you realize the same, just come back to your meditation and concentrate on your breathe again. In few days and with regular practice, you will learn to feel and watch your breath which helps in focused meditation.

Yoga meditation is extremely useful for people who want to get rid of stress. It is such an important stress buster that many multinational companies have now started the regular sessions on the same so that their employees become more productive without going through any extra work stress.

Apart from reducing stress, the meditation in yoga also helps to combat insomnia, diseases related to the respiratory system, etc.

So why not get into this lovely therapy of meditation which doesn’t require a single penny from us but just a few moments! What do you think? Send us your views and do write about your experience of meditation.

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