WARNING: You Should Never Get Married If You See These Signs

Its Not Necessary. Find How & Why?

You Should Never Get Married If You See These Signs

You Should Never Get Married If You See These Signs – Have you ever wondered if you are truly meant for marriage, even a relationship? How many times have you secretly dreamed of living life on your terms without any social (and, irrelevant) customs and traditions? You may have seen your friends getting married and wondered what the fuss is all about.Trust us; you are not alone. Getting married does feel a lot overrated and unnecessary at times.

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If you see these signs or experience these feelings, you should never get married, for good:

1. You are in LOVE. With Freedom

you-are-in-love-with-freedomMarriage demands serious commitment and devotion to your partner if you want to make it work. Yes, it is true that two independent individuals can come together to share their lives if they want by marrying each other. However, they do have to compromise a bit and make some sacrifices to make the marriage work.

If you can never dream your life without the level of freedom you have at present, it is better you stay away from the aisle to prevent ruining more than one life.

2. You are already married. To Your Passion.

you-are-already-married-to-your-passionYou may have joked with your friends and family that you are currently committed to your career. While a part of that may be true, you know from inside that you can never love anything more than your career you are fiercely passionate about.

You love the work you do and can never seem to get enough of your passion. It may be that no person can ever take the place of that passion and devotion you feel for your work.

3. You Are Not Scared of Being Alone

you-are-not-scared-of-being-alone-newMore than half of people in the world are in relationships because they are scared of being alone. However, you perfectly understand that it is better to stay alone and happy than being in a relationship and unhappy.

Moreover, you absolutely love your solitude and the time you spend with yourself. Who needs somebody else to complete you when you are already awesome on your own, right?

4. You Have Big Childhood Dreams

you-have-big-childhood-dreamsNobody in the world can understand your dreams better than you. The dreams which have stayed with you forever since childhood. Finally, you are at a stage when you are slowly taking steps to lead you towards the fulfillment of those dreams.

You know what is going to take on the journey to dreams which is full of uncertainties, sacrifice, hard work, and persistence. You cannot be sure your partner will understand your hunger and desire to achieve your dreams. So, it is better you stay away from the long commitment of marriage.

5. Your Family Has Given Up on Your Marriage

your-family-has-given-up-on-your-marriageThere might have been numerous occasions when your family members have asked you to get hitched or meet someone nice. However, every time you have cleverly steered away the direction of conversation or plainly ignored them through your headphones. Sounds right?

Then you have definitely come way ahead of marriage scene and found a new sense of freedom in your single status. Even if you do not realize it, the sign that your family no longer tells you to get married is a sure shot sign that you should never get married.

6. You Love Yourself More Than Any other Person

you-love-yourself-more-than-any-other-personThis one is a tricky one to understand but a real eye opener as to why you have not got married yet and probably never will. When you love yourself, your life, and your work unconditionally, there seems to be no place for any other external person. You may never feel the need of getting attached to a person officially through vows of marriage just for the sake of doing it for the society.

7. You Do Not Believe In Institution of Marriage

you-do-not-believe-in-institution-of-marriageTraditionally, marriages were part of a social norm which ensured the survival of human race. Over time, marriages may have become over-hyped and an unnecessary custom. Do you think like that and believe in the futility of the wedding?

After all, if you truly love somebody, why do you need to get it validated by society by getting married? If that is your belief, which we totally agree with, then you already know that you are going to lead a life full of freedom and discovery.

8. You are Terrified of Attachment

you-are-terrified-of-attachmentAttachment is the root cause of suffering whether be it attachment to material things or people. When you are in a toxic relationship or marriage, you are bound to get attached to a person. A certain level of attachment might be necessary and considered healthy.

However, when that attachment goes overboard, it may lead you to forget your own sense of identity and happiness. You are terrified of such toxic level of attachment, and that is why you may never get married for your own good as your love for yourself is way more than anybody else.

9. You Secretly Dream of Living Like a Nomad

you-secretly-dream-of-living-like-a-nomadDo you ever dream of living in different countries, trying various exotic cuisines, experiencing the rich culture of the world, and lead a life as a global citizen? Then it is probably a good idea to never get married, and you know what, that is perfectly okay.

There is a strange kind of peace, joy, and freedom in traveling the world and living life to the fullest. Your marriage may never work out unless your partner shares your passion and desire. Even then, you may never come to peace with all responsibility and compromises that come with a marriage which would sabotage your dream of living like a nomad.

Very few people in the world can truly claim of living life on their terms without bowing to the demands of society and family pressure. Getting married is one of those social customs which you may or may not understand, and it is perfectly okay to follow your heart and live your life on your own conditions.

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