Bathroom Tile: Revamp With These Expensive Ideas

Redecorate your bathroom with these ideas.

Bathroom tile design

Bathroom Tile – are an integral part of your interiors. That is why they should be chosen wisely. The rights ones can transform your bathroom and kick up the style. Check out what kinds of tiles and designs stylists recommend for a bathroom. Add punch to your home with these wall tiles for the bathroom.

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1 Beyond Basic Squares

Beyond Basic Squares

When it comes to bathroom décor, most of us shy away from trying new décor techniques and styles. We stick to the standard 12 x 12 or 6 x 6-inch square tiles and the basic patterns that are available in this segment.

However it is time to incorporate modern ideas. Like this one! Small tiles in textured monochromatic hues will instantly boost the luxuriousness of your bathroom. Alternatively, you can choose larger, rectangular porcelain tiles for contrast.

2 Vibrant Accents

Vibrant Accents

If you do not have a larger bathroom, don’t opt for bolder or darker shades. Instead, try bright and vibrant bathroom wall tiles. Use glass mosaic tiles with neutral themes to add depth to your design and increase spaciousness. Also, you can add a striking backsplash at the back of your vanity or sink by using glass mosaic tiles.

3 ‘Woody’ Theme

‘Woody’ Theme

Wood flooring looks ethereal in bathrooms, whether small or large. However, using natural wood for flooring can be difficult in bathrooms. So, make use of large porcelain tiles designed in wooden texture to add warmth and natural look of hardwood floors. Also, you can make your space look rustic and chic by incorporating stained-look finish to the tiles.

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4 A Classic Twist to Modern Design

A Classic Twist to Modern Design

Incorporate geometric-shaped tiles on the floor, backsplash or as an accent within your shower to create a design, which is entirely original. Use hexagonal tiles on the walls to give a simple effect. Combine it with distinct elements to provide a contemporary touch to your home décor. This bathroom wall tile design works well with metallic accents.

5 Get Water Resistance

Get Water Resistance

When it comes to customizing your bathroom, you do not want to end up spending too much money over the years. However, this can happen if you do not get water-resistant tiles. Any other tile might just loosen or even crack in the bathroom otherwise.

6 Anti-Slip Design

Anti-Slip Design

Do you know how many people end up slipping in their bathrooms? 2 out of 10 people slip in their bathrooms and hurt themselves badly. So, apart from wall tiles in the bathroom, you should also focus on floor tiles.

Unless you specifically ask for a floor tile with anti-slip texture and design, you would not get it. So, the idea is to purchase anti-slip bathroom tiles to keep you and your family safe.

7 Bordered style

Bordered style

Use a combination of neutral colored tiles with ornate accents to jazz up your bathroom space. For example, you can use a row of accent tiles for defining the area around your bathtub or shower. Doing so would also give a nice contrast the otherwise neutral patterns around it. Patterns on the borders of your tiles will certainly elevate the theme of your bathroom.

8 Wainscoting


Purchasing bathroom wall tiles can set you off budget. That is why you should try wainscoting technique. Wainscoting is a decorative technique for covering the walls that extend part way up. It adds character to the space. So, you can add tiles to a particular section and use paint on the rest of the walls.

9 Go Creative

Go Creative

Being creative is the best that you can do when it comes to deciding on your bathroom décor. From graphic patterns and cut wood planks to mosaic tile accents, you can make the most of your bathroom with unique textures, colors, and combinations. Contrast small colorful tiles with wooden textures and themes to get the best results.

10 Elaborate Detailing

Elaborate Detailing

Pay attention to minute details. For instance, the color of shower curtains should contrast or complement the tiles. Those accents on the window can be combined with the block design on the floor tiles. The paintings should reflect tile theme as well.

Use these excellent bathroom tile design ideas for bathroom floors to craft a niche bathroom!

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