Best of Johnny Depp Movies of All Time.

best of johnny depp movies

Best of Johnny Depp movies – Throughout his career, Johnny deep has been a true chameleon with his performances. For which he has received numerous awards and nominations. Most notable being the Oscar, Golden Globe and BAFTA Awards. After attending his first casting call, thanks to a recommendation from his friend Nicholas Cage.

Johnny laid the foundation for a very successful acting career recognized worldwide for his distinguished performance talent and versatility. He has not only done a huge variety of roles but has also sported a wide variety of hairstyles throughout his career. He is famously known for setting trends with his famous Johnny Depp hairstyles.

It was very difficult for us to choose Johnny Depp famous movies and in particular to separate the success of his films from the quality of his performances. So we decided to take both aspects into consideration and make a list of Johnny Depp most famous movies with the best of both worlds.

So stay tuned with us and enjoy the Best of Johnny Depp movies.

  • Cry Baby
  • Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
  • Blow
  • Donnie Brasco
  • Dead Man
  • Sleepy Hollow
  • Pirates of the Caribbean Saga
  •  Ed Wood
  • Edward Scissorhands

Cry Baby

best-of-johnny-depp-movies Cry baby

Even though it is unclear whether Cry Baby is a middle-class satire or a musical romantic comedy. The truth is that it has given Johnny a chance to prove himself as an actor and for young women directed by John Waters.

Allowed to become the beats, the film tells the story of the Cry Baby Wade Walker, the leader of a group of criminals known as drapes. Though the film was not a huge box office hit at the time of its debut, it has since become a cult classic. Cry Baby is one of Johnny Depp top Movies you can watch any time.

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

best of Johnny Depp movies -Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

The film was criticized by experts, but was nominated for the Palme d’Or Cannes. The film is even better than the excellent hunter in the form of the Thompson novel, which inspired it with excellent direction and depth. Giving rise to a very successful role, making the film a unique experience not only from the drugs loose nations and drama, Rather you also reduced love and hate at the same time


George Jung giving life to Johnny Depp, United said is one of the famous drug dealers in recent history. Do you want to know the most interesting things about the film, thanks to Depp’s great acting ability, he managed to combine the character’s real features with some of his personality tresses without changing the nature of the real George Jung.

Donnie Brasco

best of johnny depp movies Donnie brasco

Sharing the screen with one of the greatest actors in Hollywood. Donnie Brasco allowed Johnny Depp to demonstrate that he could act without exaggeration. Johnny prove that he could try to emulate him without trying to emulate another Were able to perform next to the movie star. His police drama based on real events received not only critical acclaim but also general public acclaim.

Dead Man

best of johnny depp movies Dead man

Johnny Depp has done everything in films, even the western and dead man directed by Jim Jarmush. His proof of this is full of constant change and a story as psychedelic as Johnny Depp’s performance.

The film has not only allowed the actor to create a character with a keen sense of change. But also made his permanent position among the best actors in the world.

Sleepy Hollow

best of johnny depp movies sleepy hollow

Sleepy Hollow not only stands out for its outstanding cast and dark storyline for its incredible artistic direction. It also Stand for Ditka Crane, the creation of the Serval characters played by Johnny Depp for director Tim Burton.

The character’s expression should have been seen and felt in the theatre’s final line and undoubtedly the actor’s undying enthusiasm made it work.

Pirates of the Caribbean Saga

The Pirates of the Carribean saga, along with countless award nominations, is arguably Jack Sparrow’s undoubtedly the most successful role in Johnny Depp’s career. The role of Jack sparrow always count as one of the Johnny Depp best performances.

This pirate captain was born first as a mixture of many fictional characters. Jack Sparrow does not try to please others for glory and manages to get out of any dangerous situation and only Johnny Depp can pull it off.

The Pirates of the Caribbean saga is one of the Best of Johnny Depp movies series all time.

 Ed Wood

best of johnny depp movies ed wood

Many critics say that Johnny Depp proved himself as an established actor in this biographical comedy. Playing the role of Ed Wood, who was considered the worst director in the history of cinema. With Johnny appearing for his Black comedy Talent was shown, while supported by the very famous and very special director Tim Burton.

Edward Scissorhands

Best of Johnny Deep Edward Scissorhands

It was the film that served to consolidate the gothic and romantic. Style of director Tim Burton and catapult Depp with a unique and above all. Edward Sizorhands as a talented actor, with the actor developing a sort of modern-day Frankenstein with a big To show his sadness and sad side.

The heart that falls in love with a beautiful girl, although 1 does not have any awards nor is its premiere worth noting, Edward Sizzorhands managed to gain a bigger place in the hearts of both film critics and the public.

Final Thoughts on Best of Johnny Depp Movies.

Johnny Depp has always been known for his impeccable acting as well as his marvelous choice of roles. He has portrayed many simple roles with such a great depth, which not only won the heart of audiences, but was also massively appreciated by critics as well. In this list on best of Johnny Depp movies we have tried to select is best roles from his great acting career.

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