10 Best Biceps Workout at Home


We all want biceps like Henry Cavill and want to be a Superman. But we don’t know what biceps workout is to be done to get such biceps?

We all know that in every film of Henry Cavill (Superman), the girls literally die on his entry. Not only girls but boys also are die-hard fans of Henry Cavill’s physique. While watching his movies, we feel like a hero too.

But after the movie gets over, we see our dead arms, and our confidence level gets completely destroyed. And again we return to our normal boring life.

However, If we could have biceps like Henry Cavill, then we could impress everyone with our biceps whenever we want. But we do not want to go to the gym for many reasons like you may don’t like it when people stare at you while working out or maybe the gym fees are too high, the reasons can be endless.

In this blog, you will get to know how you can work out for biceps at home without tools and equipment. While practicing any exercise, helps to maintain the physique of the whole body. But just exercising is not enough, we need to follow a healthy diet and also get proper sleep to maintain a good physique.

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Best Biceps Workout at Home Without Weights

Let’s start with the best biceps exercises at home, explained with pictures and steps.

Plank Tap Bicep Workout

Plank Tap Bicep Workout

Planck Tap or Planck Shoulder Tap makes your glutes, arms, and shoulder stronger. This is one of the best biceps workout at home that you should try.

You can follow the steps mentioned below to build your biceps more effectively –

Step 1. Push-up position with the straight arm and straight back.
Step 2. Keep your hips stable while practicing this exercise.
Step 3. Now lift your right hand and tap it on the opposite side shoulder.
Step 4. Then repeat it with the left hand.
Step 5. Tap your shoulder properly and slowly 20 times.

Side Plank Biceps Workout

Side Plank Bicep Workout

Side plan exercise reduces the risk of back injury as well as cuts off your side fat. You can practice this biceps workout without any type of equipment.

Follow the Simple Steps to do Side Plank Properly

Step 1. Lie on the right side of your mat or without a mat.
Step 2. Place your elbow just below the right shoulder.
Step 3. Put your hand on your waist to balance your body.
Step 4. Keep your hips and waist up for 20-30 seconds (try to increase your time).
Step 5. Practice this on both sides 20 times daily.

Forearm Plank Biceps Workout

Forearm Plank Bicep Workout

FourArm Planck is also a good biceps workouts that increases your abs, legs, biceps, and core strength. It helps stretch the calves, shoulders, hamstrings, and arches of your feet.

Follow the Simple Steps to do Forearm Plank

Step 1. Lie on the mat while placing your elbows on the floor.
Step 2. Your palms should be plain on the floor.
Step 3. Get up and hold your abs while fighting with your body weight. (Keep your hips and waist straight and face opposite to the floor)
Step 4. Keep your body up in the same position for more than 30 seconds.
Step 5. Release your body slowly on the floor and repeat it 5-6 times in a set and try to increase the time of your holding position.

Plank Up-Down Biceps Workout

Forearm Plank Bicep Workout

Plank up-down biceps workouts help to strengthen glutes, arms, wrists, and shoulders. This exercise will definitely improve your body posture, strengthen your biceps, muscles and reduce your body fat rapidly.

Follow the simple steps to do Up-Down Plank

Step 1. Bring your body in the plank position.
Step 2. Now bend your right hand and place your right elbow on the floor or mat, then bend your left hand and place your left elbow on the floor.
Step 3. Now straighten your right hand, then straighten your left hand
Step 4. Repeat this 20-30 times and give your hands a rest

Push-Ups the Best biceps workout

Push-Ups exercise for bigger biceps

Push-ups are very beneficial for the development of your upper body. This exercise mainly works on the triceps, pectoral muscles, chests, abs, and shoulders. Push-ups mainly consist of 3 types which are wide arm pushups, normal push-ups, and close arms push-ups. In the initial phase, we need to practice in sets of 15, 12, and 10 with straight back and hips. Placing our hands under our shoulders.

Downward Dog to Push-Up Biceps Workout

Downward Dog to Push-Up Biceps Workout

Downward Dog to Push-Up biceps workout hits your biceps directly and helps you acquire the same weapon as Henry Cavill.

Just Follow These Easy Steps for Downward Dog to Push-Up Biceps Workout Properly

Step 1. Keep your hands at about 120-130 degrees. Your body should be in the inverted V position.
Step 2. Keep a small gap between your legs and arms as your hands fall under your shoulders as you move into the pushup position.
Step 3. Now bend your body into the push-up position and do pushups again and pull your body up to the inverted V position.

Decline Push-up Biceps Workout

Decline Push-Up exercise for bigger biceps

Decline Push-Up biceps workout helps build muscles in your chest and upper body. When your body goes down you stretch the muscles of your shoulders, abdomen, chest, and biceps. Do your basic regularly and when you mastered it you should try to avoid push-ups.

To practice, this exercise comes in a state of push-ups and puts your feet on something slightly upward, for example, a brick. You can increase the hights of the brick to make it harder. It is suggested to start at a lower altitude. Now set your body up and down with normal push-ups in sets of 15, 12 and 10.

Incline Push-up Biceps Workout

Incline Push-up workout for biceps

Inline push-ups biceps workout is a basic level of push-ups if you are having trouble doing normal push-ups. You can try with inline push-ups and this is the easiest exercise we have mentioned.

Get into the position of push-ups on the side of the ceiling or on the chair. In the beginning, the level of height should be low. Try to start with a set of 15,12, and 10.

Bodyweight Triceps Dip Biceps Workout

Bodyweight triceps dip is the best biceps workout to do at home. It is also easy to practice, just put both your hands on the chair and your hips should be opposite to the ground. Keep your back and legs straight and now pull your body down towards the floor and upwards. Repeat this exercise 20-30 times according to your comfortable set.

Diamond Push-up Biceps Workout

Diamond Push-up Workout to increase your biceps

Diamond push-ups are the most difficult level of workout push-ups.

Follow These Simple Steps to Practice this Exercise Properly.

Step 1. Get into the push-up position.
Step 2. Keep your neck, waist straight, and your hand just below your shoulder at 90 degrees.
Step 3. Now bring both your hands close and touch the tip of the thumb and index finger. Make diamond.
Step 4. Now do push-ups, this cannot be done at the begging level, so you can touch your knees on the floor, now pull 8-10 times.


You always do not need a gym to be fit or to develop a special part of your body. Basically having a good physique is not an overnight game that requires patience and hard work to develop. But paying more attention to biceps workouts will help you increase your biceps faster.

But just working hard is not enough to make your biceps, you need proper rest, a healthy diet, habits to get up early in the morning. To achieve your goal in the desired time you need to stick to your goal and focus.