The Best Home Gym Exercises to Sculpt Your Body

Start Following These Home Gym Exercises To Stay Young.

best Home Gym Exercises

Home Gym Exercises – If you thought that only going to the gym will get you a shredded body, then you are wrong! We have combined the best of home gym workouts and exercises that will sculpt your body, burn the fat and build muscle. This is one of those home gym workout routines that you can follow every day to stay fit and healthy.


Push-UpsTarget- Entire Body

A common calisthenics exercise to work up your pectoral muscles, triceps, abdominals and anterior deltoids, push-ups are one of most effective home gym exercises. It is performed in a prone position, where the body is raised and lowered by just using your arms.

There are several variations to this exercise, which includes Planche push-ups, Knuckle push-ups, Maltese push-ups, Guillotine push-up, backhanded push-up, Hindu push-ups, one arm versions and others. So, mix it up for the best results.


Chin-UpsTarget- Upper Body

Great for blasting your latissimus dorsi and biceps, the chin-up is a strength training home gym workout exercise, which is performed by extending your shoulders and flexing your elbows.

It is yet another form of the pull-up, where the range of the body’s motion is established in relation to the athlete’s chin. For that matter, it is one of the best home gym workouts for conditioning your overall upper body and developing your back muscles. Use different grips like the front, under, etc. to target different muscles.

Y-Squat Calf Raise

Y-Squat Calf Raise

Targets- Thighs, Glutes, and Hamstrings

This is an all-rounder home gym exercise that works muscles and guarantees burn. This is an amazing balanced home gym workout to tone your lower body. While squatting, just make sure that your knees are above the ankle to avoid injury.

Mountain Climbers

Mountain ClimbersTarget- Entire Body

Mountain climbers is a full body home gym exercise, which not just works up a variety of muscles but aids you in developing cardiovascular strength. Keep your body in a high plank position and flutter your knees alternatively to your chest. The faster you go the better the effects would be. Keep body straight, hips leveled and abs contracted. It will boost your metabolism too.

Slider Pike (Easiest Home Gym Exercises)

Slider PikeTarget- Abs

This is a quite a challenging abdominal exercise for the home gym, which requires a great amount of upper body strength as well. It is a part of functional resistance training, which is aimed at strengthening your entire body while particularly focusing on your core and abdominal muscles.

For performing this exercise, start in high plank position and squeeze your lower abs and draw your feet towards your hands. The idea is to lift your hips up in a pike position with keeping your spine neutral and knees straight. Slowly push your feet backward to reach the starting position.

One Hand Dumbbell Row

One Hand Dumbbell Row

Target- Back and Shoulder

A great isolation gym exercise to do at home for targeting your latissimus dorsi, rhomboids, lower traps, and erector spine, one hand dumbbell press is great isolation move for beginners and professionals alike. In fact, it is a difficult upper body home gym exercise, which when performed correctly gives far better results than exercise machines. And all you is need is dumbbells.

Floor Dumbbell/Kettlebell Press

Floor Dumbbell-Kettlebell Press

Target- Chest and Upper Body

If you have a bench well and good, well if not, don’t worry, as dumbbell or kettlebell presses can be performed on the floor as well. And if you think they might not be as challenging, think again.

In fact, the floor dumbbell or kettlebell press is more than a primitive cousin of the standard bench press, rather it is a core-attacking strength builder home gym exercise, which aids in building up your pressure power from the ground up.

Although, oft-forgotten, this amazing home gym workout exercise allows you to use a neutral grip while constricting the usual range of motion involved during basic bench presses. This, in turn, minimizes shoulder joints’ extension while still blasting your pecs and triceps.

Kettlebell Clean and Press

Kettlebell Clean and Press

For someone who wishes to work out his/her entire body in an efficient manner, there is nothing better than kettlebell clean and press to achieve the same. Consisting of a proper combination of strength and power, this outstanding home gym workout hits nearly every muscle in your body.

It not just yields phenomenal results regarding muscle toning and weight loss, but also builds up your cardiovascular strength as well.

Go ahead! Try these Home Gym Exercises to do at home and achieve results.

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