How To Get A Six Pack Abs! A Complete Guide

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How To Get A Six Pack

How To Get A Six Pack – Let’s face the facts- most of us lack the motivation when it comes to training our abs. We want it, but we do not know how to get it. Plus, even the slightest of mistake can reduce your chances of getting a pump. Its easy because here are some core exercises involved in this complete guide.

However, there is no turning back from the training regime. Exercising your core, even for six pack fitness can strengthen your body, prevent the ailments of stomach and back. At the same time, a six pack program can give you the personal body you always dreamed of.

So, if you are planning to train your abs, try this six pack workout routine that can help you reach your goals.

Remember, you do not have to do 6 pack workout every single day. However 3-5 times a week is a great idea. Keep in mind to alternate between upper abs, lower abs, and obliques (includes sides and intercostal muscles) in sequence. Just keep cycling through the categories and be persistent.

The basic idea behind this six pack workout program is to target each of these sections separately, so that while one is being worked upon, the others get enough time to recuperate. Each workout takes about 15-20 minutes if you take no more than 15 seconds rest between each set. Just remember on caveat- don’t sacrifice form for speed.

Upper Abs

  1. Cable Crunch

Upper Abs 1

In your battle for building the six pack abs, include this calorie blasting exercise to your arsenal. An evolved and safer version of the classic weighted crunch, this 6 pack workout maintains a constant tension on your core, due to the use of cable. This, in turn, makes the abdominal muscles work harder throughout the range of motion.

2. Swiss Ball Crunch

Upper Abs 2

There are several variations of doing the Swiss ball crunch. The most basic one calls require positioning yourself on the ball in such a way that the ball is tucked under your lower back. Now, with your arms behind the head, contract your abdominal muscles by lifting your shoulder blades off the ball and pulling your rib cage towards the hips. This is a great home gym equipment also.

3. Abdominal Crunch Machine

Upper Abs 3

This is one of the basic six pack workout, which offers the same range of motion as the sit-up crunches. However, what makes this exercise more effective is the fact that since a machine is being used, the range of motion is controlled, which effectively targets your abdominal muscles while correcting the posture.

Lower Abs

  1. Hanging Leg Raise

Lower Abs 1

A staple for developing rigid lower abs, hanging leg raises are a must when it comes to six pack workout. What makes this exercise so special is the fact that it works up your entire body. How? Well, because while performing it you to have to keep your upper body steady as you are hanging at that moment. Hold weights in between in your feet to make this exercise even more challenging and effective.

2. Barbell Abs Roll Out

Lower Abs 2

Barbell abs-roll out is just another version of the standard roll out with the only difference being that it is performed using a barbell. It is quite a challenging six pack exercise that requires practice and precision for being executed. However, it is certainly one of the best six pack workouts for sculpting a chiseled core.

3. Mountain Climbers


Thinking of how to get a six pack? Well, then try this exercise! Include this fat blasting full body workout in your six pack program and see those lower abs popping out. Start at a high plank position with body straight, hips leveled and core tight. Then start kicking your knees alternatively close your chest (mimic as if you are climbing a mountain).

Oblique, Intercostal Muscles, and Sides

  1. Standing Cable Side Crunch

Oblique 1

Give your obliques a great workout and eliminate those love handles successfully by including this six pack workout in your six pack program. The process exciting this six pack exercise is pretty simple. This light exercise will explore your shape of body in a much better way.

Just grab a handle attached to the cable machine between your shoulder and your nose and start crunching your rib cage sideways. Pause for 3-5 seconds at the at the peak contraction before returning to the starting position.

2. Russian Twist

Oblique 2

Russian twist is an explosive six pack workout, which involves a twisting motion. To perform this exercise kept your legs slightly bent and stationed to the ground, while you twist from one side to the other while holding a weight. What makes this workout special is the fact that it involves all the three categories of your midsection in an effective manner.

3. Window Wipers

Oblique 3

An even more advanced version on of the hanging leg raises, the window vipers are one of those 6 pack workouts, which if you can pull off will seek you much attention in the gym. Just like hanging leg raises, firmly grasp a chin-up bar and lift your legs up in a V-sit position and rotate your hips from one side to the other.

Keep the motion and slow and correct to feel that burning in your abdominal muscles. These exercises boost your metabolism and energy also.

Go ahead! Grab a mat and start trying these workouts as they are the best way to get a 6 Pack!

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