How to Deal with Difficult People – Top 15 Tips

Be Aware With Difficult People With This Guide.

How to Deal with Difficult People

How to Deal with Difficult People – Do you know what harm can toxic people do to you? They can give you much stress. They can make you feel, think and talk negative. They can create hurdles in your life. Moreover, in all, they can spoil your happiness. Less or more, all of us have to deal with difficult people as they are everywhere in this world. However, the important question is – how to deal with difficult people?

Well, let me tell you and convince that dealing with difficult people isn’t that difficult! It takes certain clever tips to avoid these difficult people who can come in contact with you at any point of life. We tell you about 15 easy tips that help you deal difficult people in a perfect way!

1. Take a Good Night Sleep

Take a Good Night SleepI begin with this tip because this is an essential step in attaining a good state of mind. An intelligent, relaxed and energetic mind is the first criterion for accomplishing any task in a suitable manner.

A good night sleep gives you the following benefits:

  • It gives you a lovely fresh feeling the moment you get up.
  • It lets you start your day positively.
  • It makes you feel energetic.
  • It makes you more creative.
  • It made you feel strong and refreshed the other day.
  • A good night sleep is also counted as one of the important, easy and quick weight loss tips.
  • It makes you more productive while working at home.

Being energetic, fresh, strong and creative, you would be able to combat the problem of dealing with difficult people in a much better way!

2. Take a Moment Before Your React

How you act or what you say is not as important as how you react! Yes! When you come in contact with any negative people, it is important to judge yourself on your reaction. So always take a moment before you react to any toxic person.

For example, if a toxic person is complaining about the way you work; do not start replying in anger. Just take a moment and ask yourself that how do that person’s words affect your life? Does that person or what he says matter? You will get the answer yourself! You would react without losing temper. You would take a much-relaxed decision on that difficult person.

3. Distance Yourself

The best way for dealing with difficult people is to keep a distance with them. Avoid such people whenever you can, wherever you can and in whatever way you can! If you will not get involved in talk with such persons, you would always stay safe from them. You must aware of such persons because they can destroy your business.

4. Talk About Solutions

Talk About SolutionsDo you know that most of the difficult people in this world talk about problems only? They keep on telling others that how various problems can occur in doing certain tasks. These toxic people need attention and want their dialogue to continue until they feel satisfied. Talking about problems is an easy game for any toxic person.

Hence, use a very simple tool to combat this problem. If you cannot avoid such ‘talks of problem’, start providing solutions.

Talking about solutions creates following situations for toxic persons:

  • Solutions mean positivity and toxic people do not want to listen to anything positive. Hence, they would feel annoyed and would try to leave the ground.
  • People listen to problems, but there are much more out there who want to listen to solutions. Hence, the spotlight would turn to you if you would propose the solution. Moreover, difficult people do not like that! As a result, they would try to leave as soon as possible.

5. Handle the Complainers Tactfully

Another category of difficult people or toxic people is the one that keeps on complaining about something or the other. According to them, nothing is right in this world. Hence, they start complaining whenever they get the opportunity of doing so. The best remedy for such people is to avoid them, ignore them by simply staying away from them.

But because of any reason, if you cannot do that follow these important tips:

  • Keep listening till you have time to do so but do not react. Do not say anything. This will simply discourage the complainer.
  • Complainers complain because they actually need empathy. Hence, be trick and sound empathetic. For example, say, ‘oh! I wonder how you deal with such a situation’! By saying that you do not actually agree to his complain but fulfills the complainer’s demand of empathy. So what’s the benefit? Well..the complaints will come to an immediate halt! It works!

6. Do Not Argue

Stay quiet when you cannot avoid toxic people. Staying quite is one of the best tools to defuse any argument. It is one of the favorite habits of difficult people to argue on any issue. They begin a talk and then wait for the reactions of people around them.

If someone gets involved in their conversation, the toxic persons simply transform a discussion into an argument. Intelligent and smart people know how to handle this situation. Do not argue. Agree temporarily. Do not ever lose temper.

7. Talk Positive When There Are Negative People Around

“Negative people need drama like oxygen. Stay positive; it will take their breath away.” These wonderful words best describe the solution on how to deal with negative people. One of the commonly found categories of toxic people is of negative people. These people talk about negativity only.

“The office is boring, the canteen food is not tasty, the boss is so rude, the movie is not good….” and the list goes on! The best way is to talk positively in front of them. Paint your answers in positivity and see the canvas of conversation getting painted in an entirely new way!

8. Use a Support System

Use a Support SystemSo, how to handle difficult people? Use a support system. By support system we mean that you should have a team of smart people who come up to save you from toxic people whenever that is required. This team should have some strategies ready for handling the toxic people.

Some of the best ideas that can be applied by such a support system include:

  • Your team can always say that you are not available in the office right now.
  • They can make an excuse over the phone that you are busy in a meeting.
  • They can even ask the reason as to why that toxic person wants to meet you.
  • Your support system can ask many questions and that will definitely annoy that difficult person.

This way your support system will deal with the difficult people and you won’t have to confront them.

9. Respond Only to the Facts

It is not necessary to respond to each and every talk of a toxic person. However, in the case of unavoidable conversations with such people, make it a point to respond only to the facts. This will make way for a reasonable and factual discussion and all negativity will start getting transformed into positivity and in a much logical talk.

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10. Do Not Let difficult people Spoil Your Important Moments

Toxic people are everywhere. They are there at your work place, around your home and can come up anywhere at any time. Do not let them spoil your mood or attitude. Most importantly, do not let them destroy the important moments of your life.

  • If you are going for an important presentation, a toxic person can suddenly come up in your way and can say something negative about your presentation. Deal him with calm and attitude and simply say, “Excuse me, I got to go!”
  • If you are happy and celebrating any successful moment, a difficult person can try to spoil your mood by uttering about some problem related to your achievement. Just ignore him and continue with your happiness.
  • The point is that negative people need attention and therefore, they do everything that helps them fetch attention. If they don’t get any importance or attention, they will simply move backward, feeling irritated and frustrated.

11. Just Smile & Let it Go

Many times, a simple “let it go” kind of attitude with a smile is the best way to deal with difficult people. Try this tip frequently and do not give any value to toxic persons around you.

12. Limit Caffeine Intake

Asking why we are suggesting this tip? Of course, it is an important tip if you want to deal victoriously with difficult people. Even otherwise, the excessive caffeine intake can lead to many harmful effects. In fact, the excessive intake of caffeine activates the release of adrenaline, a hormone that is responsible for “acute stress response”.

This means that a person can react impulsively without thinking. Moreover, of course, you do not want to react that way to any difficult people.

13. Stay Relaxed

Stay completely relaxed when dealing with difficult people. Always remember that these negative people aim at adding stress to your life. Do not let them get successful at their aim. By staying cool and relaxed, you can defeat them easily.

14. Stay Alert for Future

Stay Alert for FutureSometimes certain toxic people are difficult to be identified. If you discover someone negative at a later point, a stay will alert from him in future. If you have learned a new tip because of your last encounter with someone toxic, remember that tip for future.

Do not ever let any difficult people get on your nerves. Always remember that dealing with difficult people is not a very tough game, provided you play it tactfully with a relaxed attitude. Do write to us about your ways on how to deal with difficult people in your life. We are anxiously waiting to listen to your experience and tips!

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