Party Dresses for Women, Try To Look Gorgeous

Try These Amazing Dresses For The Next Party.

Party Dresses for Women

Party Dresses for Women – Women always fight the dilemma of choosing and deciding a perfect dress to wear at a party. We have all heard the famous words, “I have nothing to wear.” Moreover, the closest may be full of clothes. It is a funny notion. Nevertheless, it would be much easier if women had a clear idea of party wear dresses for her to help decide what to wear at parties.

Some Party Dresses for Women that every woman should own-

1The Sexy “LBD”

The sexy “LBD”

The universal little black dress is a must have party dress for women. A perfect option for countless occasions. Black being failsafe, you can jazz up or tone down by accessorising accordingly.

Pair the dress with high heels or flats, spunky jewellery or stylish hats. Be it for a party or a day on the town. Just find your perfect style, length, and fit. The LBD was introduced to the world by Coco Chanel on October 1, 1926. Moreover you can try this as black prom dress.

2The Fashionable Cocktail Dress

The fashionable cocktail dress

The ornate and elegant cocktail dress is different from a day dress. For early evening, it is usually worn above the knee. While, it is longer for night gatherings. Women dress in them after 7’o Clock in evenings. A perfect party outfit for women.

Though available in a variety of patterns and hues, always choose according to your body type. The name “cocktail dress” was coined by Christian Dior during the latter part of 1940’s. He is today one of the heavy-hitters of the fashion world.

3The Painless Wrap Dress

The painless wrap dress

A curve hugging, V-necked, self-belted dress. Worn by draping one side over the other and interlacing the two ends. A favourite office wear and party wear style are made from comfort fabrics.

The style was universalized by Diane von Furstenberg, becoming representative of women’s liberation movement in 1970’s. The dress comes in all sleeve styles and wearable lengths. Easily accommodating to any said place and occasion.

4The Flattering A-Line Dress

The flattering A-line dress

It is named after the outline pattern the dress creates. Being svelte above the waist and broader underneath. It gives the impression of the letter A. Suitable for all body types, it is also a perfect style for women to wear at parties and for concealing a bigger bottom. The dress hemline ranges from short to below knee styles.

Wear it to a coffee date, a holiday, the beach or the everyday market. Another one of Christian Dior’s creation from his Spring 1955 collection. Popularised further by his successor, Yves Saint Laurent. A trendy dress even during contemporary times. You can also try this unique idea as date night dress.

5The Cute Mini Dress (One of Top Party Dresses for Women)

The cute mini dress

Any style of dress that is available in a short version is called a mini dress. The hemline being a deciding factor. The dress has to be on or above thigh level. During the swinging sixties, London is where this style was introduced.

Moreover, is a perfect one to opt for when going out dancing. A favorite with the current young generation. Mary Quant, a Londoner invented the style. Which was further familiarized with the world by French designer, Andre Courreges. A pair of boots when worn as footwear, emphasise the dress beautifully.

6The Flowing Maxi Dress

The flowing maxi dress

The maxi dress, which as the name suggests is a long flowing dress. This particular style of party outfit for women was created by Oscar de la Renta and showcased by the NY Times in the late 60’s. By the 70’s it became a popular style, being much sought after by ladies to this day. Wear it simple or stylish, for a party or casually, day or night. Works at all times, but is most commonly worn as a summer dress.

7The Boyish Shirtwaist Dress

The boyish shirtwaist dress

The styling of this women’s party wear dress is based on men’s dress shirts. Adapting collars, buttons, pockets, cuffed sleeves and even being sleeveless. With outfitted tops, the free flowing skirt is distinguished with belted and cinched waists. An universal style.

It was introduced Gibson Girl. Furthermore, improved by Christian Dior and promoted by Donna Reed. This is belongs to a category of cute dresses so you can try as cute date night dresses also.

8The One-Piece Shift Dress

The one piece shift dress

The shift dress has a length to the above knee level. A choice outfit when selecting party clothes for women. It is a single piece of clothing, full sleeved or sleeveless. Also, it has no accentuated or distinctive waistband. The make lends versatility to wearing it.

One can dress it up with jewellery, heels and hats or tone down with flats and sweaters. It is an adaptation from the fringed flapper dress of the 20’s. Lilly Pulitzer, who created this style shot to fame and a full-time career in fashion with it.

9The Vintage Tea Length Dress

The vintage tea length dress

A full skirted daytime dress. Very feminine in style and sophistication with the hemline falling between calf and ankle. Playful with floral patterns, bows, trimming, mesh and tousles, worn quite often by women as party dresses for women.

Stitched with delicate, elegant, and exquisite. Initially worn by women at home, considered too informal to wear publicly. It has come a long way to being worn at summer weddings, barbecues, garden parties and even evening functions. The elegant red color can be used as red prom dresses also.

10The Elegant Evening Gown

The elegant evening gown

The Clothing and Fashion Encyclopedia describes the evening gown as the dominant fashion in evening party dresses for women. The dress is worn at formal and semi-formal evening events. A free flowing dress, is made from rich materials like chiffon, satin and silk.

Further adorned with embroidery, jewels and beads. The evening gown originated in the 15th century Burgundian Court. The evening gown is the only one that has never had a high hemline. The style being an unique one radiates the femininity of anyone who adorns the style.

Now you women can easily decide Party Dresses for Women. According to your mood and party theme. Look great at that next party girl!

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