How To Grow Tomatoes In Pots ? The Easiest Way

The Ultimate Guide To Know How To Grow Tomatoes.

How To Grow Tomatoes In Pots

How To Grow Tomatoes In Pots – We have all heard about the negative effects of eating GMO products and pesticides laden vegetables. One of the most common foods modified genetically or grown inorganically is the tomato.

The worst part is that this is the food that we eat so regularly. However, there’s a respite. Tomato makes for a great pot or container plant and planting tomatoes in pots can be an excellent way to have fresh produce throughout the season.

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Here Is How To Grow Tomatoes In Pots

What You Need

  1. Large Containers (at least 18″ or larger in diameter)
  2. Watering Can
  3. High-Quality Potting Mix
  4. Plant fertilizer
  5. Good compost
  6. A cage, trellis or stake for support to hold the tomato plants in pots upright

Planting Tomatoes in Pots

  1. Firstly, moisten the potting soil till it feels damp all the way through and then mix organic plant food or worm castings to it.
  2. Fill the container with the mix and move forward with transplanting the seedling.
  3. For transplanting, dig a hole large enough to house the tomato transplant followed by carefully turning the seedlings upside down and tapping their bottom. Then gently pull the base of their stems for taking them out of their respective cells and place them inside the holes.
  4. Cover the holes properly with the potting mix and water immediately after transplanting.
  5. Tomatoes growing in pots require support for growing optimally. Therefore, you can use cages, trellises or stakes to training them to grow up in an ideal manner.

Other Helpful Tips

Picking Tomato Fruit

Pick tomatoes growing in pots once they have completely ripened. For this, carefully grasp their stems and snapping them off.

Use Containers That Are Big Enough

It is a thumb rule that the more root space the plant has, the better grows. In general, tomato plants can grow up to 6 to 8 feet tall, which means it would at least require a 5-gallon container to accommodate its roots properly. Small pots for a plant like a tomato will not just restrict its growth but even its fruit production capacity.

Don’t Forget To Use Compost

Compost is an essential part of gardening as it keeps the plants cooler and moist during the summers. Therefore, while planting tomatoes in pots, mix soil, and compost in the ration of 3:1 to aid in the optimum growth of your plant.

Fertilizing Is Important

Worm castings are a home gardeners’ favorite when it comes to fertilizing. However, you even use organic fertilizers as an alternative too.

Don’t Leave Plants Sitting in Water

Using good quality potting mix and well-drained containers is essential if you are planning to grow tomatoes in pots. Make sure that the pots have proper draining system for draining out excess water. Be careful while using trays under the containers as they hold water, which in turn can drown the roots and cause damage to the plants.

Tomato Plants Need Enough Sunshine

For growing tomatoes in pots, it is essential that they get at least 12-16 hours of sunlight every day. Balconies, patios, and sun porches are ideal, or you can use artificial lights.

Avoid Too Much Heat

The ideal temperature for the tomato plants to bear fruits is around 55-85 degrees. And since during summertime the tomato pots get heated up quite fast, it is essential that you use a light colored pot and water the tomato plant diligently to ensure that the plants’ roots do not get too hot for setting fruits.

Check occasionally for bug

Garden pests and insects can be major threats to tomato plants in pots. So, keep a proper check.

Chomp! Chomp! Go ahead and grow your tomato plants now!

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