30 Insanely Nerdy Christmas Ornaments to Geek Up Your Holidays

Discover The Best Collection of Nerdy Christmas Ornaments.

Nerdy Christmas Ornaments

Nerdy Christmas Ornaments – Have you always wanted to have your favorite characters in your house on holidays? How much you desired to invite Yoda, Spock, or awesome Minions on Christmas? Well, now with many nerdy Christmas ornaments widely available, you can be sure of decorating your homes in the best geeky Christmas decorations ever!

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So, be it your ever favorite Star Wars Christmas ornaments or the magical Harry Potter Christmas ornaments, you can use many movie-themed Christmas ornaments to show off your geek side in holidays! Just so you do not get confused among several nerdy Christmas decorations, we bring you a handpicked collection of 30 geeky Christmas ornaments.

You will find your favorite character ornaments in this collection which you can use for a great Christmas decoration this year. So, without further adieu, start exploring and choose the best nerdy Christmas ornaments for fun filled holidays this year:

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1. Wolverine Christmas Ornament

wolverine-christmas-ornamentYour favorite X-Men character as a Christmas ornament is as geeky as it can get! This Christmas, you must have this Wolverine Christmas ornament!

2. Harry Potter Book Ornament

harry-potter-book-ornamentBring out your love for the epic Harry Potter series with this book ornament with the sign of Deathly Hallows! Let everyone know how huge you are a Potter fan!

3. Minions Christmas Ornaments

minions-christmas-ornamentsMinions Christmas ornaments can be the cutest, nerdy Christmas ornament you can find! Everyone loves these lovely characters, and they are guaranteed to become quite popular in holidays!

4. Darth Vader Christmas Ornament

darth-vader-christmas-ornamentStar Trek Christmas ornaments are the most popular geeky ornaments in the holiday season. What could be better than a miniature Darth Vader in Santa

5. Frozen Christmas decorations

frozen-christmas-decorationsDisney movie Frozen has everything you want in a Christmas movie as well as for white, frosty holiday decorations. Make these adorable characters from the movie as your Christmas tree decorations for a complete geeky look.

6. Batman Christmas Ornament

batman-christmas-ornamentWhen you talk about nerdy Christmas ornaments, you cannot simply ignore The Dark Knight! This Batman Christmas ornament is a must have for all geeks in holidays!

7. Breaking Bad Walter White Decoration

breaking-bad-walter-white-decorationWhat could be better than a Walter White Christmas ornament if you want geeky Christmas decorations, right? Use this cool Breaking Bad ornament for your Christmas tree in holidays!

8. Batman and Robin Christmas Tree Ornament

batman-and-robin-christmas-tree-ornamentDecorate your Christmas tree with this super cool Batman ornament along with his adorable sidekick Robin!

9. Breaking Bad Christmas Ornament

breaking-bad-christmas-ornamentYour obsession with Breaking Bad series deserves to get its place in your nerdy Christmas decorations. You cannot miss this exclusive Breaking Bad Christmas ornament!

10. Lego Christmas Ornament

lego-christmas-ornamentEverything is awesome! Remember this upbeat song from the coolest animation movie of our times? How can you miss this Lego Christmas ornament then?

11. Felt Minions Christmas Ornament

felt-minions-christmas-ornamentCute minion Christmas ornaments become even more cuter when they are made with the felt material. Try making these at home for affordable geeky decorations!

12. Angry Minion Christmas Decoration

angry-minion-christmas-decorationWhether minions are happy in the yellow color or angry in purple, they always look lovely. So, use these purple minion Christmas ornament with other movie themed Christmas ornaments.

13. Sherlock Holmes Christmas Ornament

sherlock-holmes-christmas-ornamentTry this cool Sherlock Holmes Christmas ornament in the form of a replica of “221 B Baker Street” door! It could be one of your best geeky Christmas decoration items so far!

14. Harry Potter Christmas Ornaments

harry-potter-christmas-ornamentsThis is one of the best Harry Potter Christmas ornaments you can use to decorate your Christmas tree in holidays! Make love, not Horcruxes!

15. Cute Minion Ornament for Christmas

cute-minion-ornament-for-christmasThe minion Christmas topper is so adorable that you have to you use it in your nerdy Christmas ornaments!

16. Star Trek Christmas Tree Decoration

star-trek-christmas-tree-decorationIf you are a fan of Star Trek, you cannot ignore this star trek space ship Christmas ornament. So cool and geeky at the same time!

17. Harry Potter Snitch Ornaments

harry-potter-snitch-ornamentsThe golden snitch from Quidditch of Harry Potter series can be an excellent holiday decor item you can use as Christmas baubles for the Christmas tree!

18. Game of Thrones Christmas Ornaments

game-of-thrones-christmas-ornamentsCelebrate your love of this epic series by using these unique Game of Thrones Christmas ornaments. Proudly proclaim that winter is coming and you are ready for it with your nerdy Christmas ornaments!

19. Frozen Movie Christmas Ornaments

frozen-movie-christmas-ornamentsHang these adorable Frozen Christmas ornaments which are perfect for your movie themed Christmas ornaments!

20. Awesome Lego Christmas Tree

awesome-lego-christmas-treeIsn’t this giant Lego Christmas tree your ultimate dream of geeky Christmas decorations? Try making it for your holiday decorations for a memorable Christmas this year.

21. Scooby Doo Christmas Ornament

scooby-doo-christmas-ornamentRelive your childhood by using Scooby Doo Christmas Ornament in your geeky Christmas ornaments. Your friends will love your style of holiday decorations!

22. Spiderman Christmas Ornament

spiderman-christmas-ornamentAny nerdy Christmas decoration is incomplete without the inclusion of superheroes. This Spiderman Christmas ornament is just perfect as Christmas tree topper!

23. Star Trek Christmas Ornaments

star-trek-christmas-ornamentsYou have to try these Star Trek Christmas ornaments if you are a hardcore fan of the series! After all, it is easily one of the top 3 movie themed Christmas ornaments next only to Harry Potter and Star Wars!

24. Star Wars Droid Ornament

star-wars-droid-ornamentShow your love to this evergreen pair of droids- R2D2 and C3PO by using these Star Wars Christmas ornaments!

25. Star Wars Christmas Ornaments

star-wars-christmas-ornamentsYour favorite characters are all at one place in this set of Star Wards Christmas ornaments! May the Force be With You!

26. Stormtrooper Christmas Tree Decoration

stormtrooper-christmas-tree-decorationGive a different touch to your geeky Christmas ornaments by using this Stormtrooper Christmas ornament. Place it along with Darth Vader ornament for an enhanced effect!

27. Superhero Christmas Ornaments

superhero-christmas-ornamentsHow can you ignore Marvel Christmas ornaments if you are trying to put on nerdy Christmas decorations? However, this one also has DC Comics ornaments in the form of superman and batman! Flash, Captain America, and Green Lantern are the other superhero ornaments in this fantastic collection!

28. Superman Christmas Ornament

superman-christmas-ornamentSuperman Christmas ornament is a must have for every geek who wants to have the best nerdy Christmas decorations!

29. Star Trek Nerdy Christmas Ornaments

star-trek-nerdy-christmas-ornamentsThe ultimate Star Trek ornament set with a superb collection of spaceship Christmas ornaments! You just cannot miss this fabulous Christmas decoration idea!

30. Yoda Christmas Ornament

Yoda-Christmas-OrnamentYoda as Santa is just what you need to complete your geeky Christmas decorations! Place it on the top as Christmas tree topper for a super awesome look!

The above collection of nerdy Christmas ornaments is guaranteed to help you in putting up the best geeky Christmas decorations ever! You can go for a single movie themed Christmas ornaments such as Frozen, Star Wars, Harry Potter or try these with the addition of superhero Christmas ornaments along with popular TV series themed decorations. No matter what theme you pick up, you can be sure of having memorable holidays with such nerdy Christmas decorations!

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