Pomegranate Juice Recipe – 7 Easy Steps & An Awesome Short Trick

Pomegranate Juice & A Lots of Health Benefits; Here're the Simplest Recipe.

Pomegranate Juice Recipe

Are you looking for pomegranate juice recipe? Believe me, juicing a pomegranate is easy but requires few minutes. Pomegranates are interesting-looking fruits which look even more beautiful from inside. The juicy red seeds, also known as arils are embedded in a juicy pulp which in turn is set in white piths or membranes.

The rich ruby red colored seeds are full of juice and are packed with numerous healthy benefits. The health benefits of pomegranate juice can be enjoyed through many recipes and juicing a pomegranate is the easiest of them!

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Step-1: Select The Right Pomegranates

If you wish to make juice of pomegranates, and you are looking for pomegranate juice recipe, you first need to select the right pomegranates for the same. Pick up fresh and blemish-free pomegranates. Few blemishes are alright as the hard shell completely protects the juicy seeds inside this fruit.

One useful tip while choosing this fruit for the intention of juicing is that you should pick up the heavier pomegranates. The heavy pomegranates have more juice. Also, you can store this healthy fruit for nearly two months in the refrigerator.

If you want to store it otherwise, look for a cool and dark place. This way you can store it for around one month.

Step-2: Rinse Pomegranates

Once you have picked up the proper pomegranates, you need to rinse them thoroughly. This will remove any dust or other unwanted material from the fruits. After a proper rinse, it is now time to cut this fruit.

Step-3: Cut The Pomegranates

Keep the washed pomegranates aside and fill a bowl with fresh, clean water. Take a sharp knife and cut the pomegranates into four or five small sections. Do not forget to spread a paper towel on your kitchen counter to stay protected from any stains of this juice. Now take the pomegranate pieces and put them into the bowl of water.

Step-4: Put Them In Water

Juicing a PomegranateKeep the pomegranate’s pieces dipped in water for two-three minutes. This process loosens the seeds and so it becomes easier for you to take the seeds out. Next, pull back the skin and start taking out the seeds with the help of your fingers.

Though you can do this by taking the dipped pomegranate pieces out of the water doing the same in dipped position helps the seeds stay inside the bowl instead of scattering out.

Step-5: Deseeding Pomegranates

When you are done with the deseeding procedure, it is now time to put them into the blender. However, before you put the seeds in the blender, do not forget to strain out the extra water from the seeds. After straining them, collect all the seeds together into the blender and blend until the pulp and juice get combined well. The pomegranate seeds health benefits are also undeniable.

Step-6: Blending Pomegranates

After few rounds of blending, the seeds will get mixed well, and you would see the mixture of pulp and juice. Use a proper strainer to strain this mixture. Place the filter above the container in which you want to collect the juice. Put the pulp into strainer and press it slightly and carefully. This way you would be able to get maximum juice from the pomegranate seeds.

Step-7: Additional Ingredients:

If you want you can add some sugar and water in this juice. However, we recommend using this juice in its natural way as the pomegranate juice is versatile, delicious and doesn’t need any extra additions to it.

A Short & Easy Procedure of Pomegranate Juice Recipe

Apart from the seven steps described above, there is also another short and simple way for juicing the pomegranates. This process if meant for times when we are in the hurry and want to prepare pomegranate juice in a quick manner.

  • Take a fresh pomegranate and wash it.
  • Start rolling the washed pomegranate on a hard top or surface.
  • During the rolling procedure, press the fruit carefully while changing its sides from time to time.
  • In this way, the seeds will start breaking inside the fruit-shell and juice will be encased inside the fruit only.
  • When you feel that the pomegranate has been rolled and pressed enough, just poke a straw or anything that helps in taking out the juice.
  • You can also squeeze it gently over a container rot collect the juice.

The antibacterial properties, the anti-inflammatory properties and the richness of antioxidants and vitamins make pomegranates a much-desired fruit these days. By eating this amazing fruit, you can stay protected from many heart diseases.

You can also attain a strong immunity system by eating pomegranates regularly. Also, you can enjoy the goodness of this fruit by making many tasty pomegranate smoothies like banana pomegranate smoothie, pomegranate strawberry smoothie, etc. Relish the lovely taste of pomegranate juice and stay healthy and fine.

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