Best 4 Food Items that Constitute Healthy Pre Diabetes Diet

Pre diabetes diet

Pre Diabetes Diet – Pre diabetes is a condition when the blood sugar level is above average level but below the value that marks the condition as type 2 diabetes. So, pre diabetes, as the name suggests refers to a state before suffering from actual diabetes. By consuming a proper pre diabetes diet, you can keep your sugar level under control.

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What is Diabetes – A Quick Glance

Diabetes is a physical condition that occurs because of too much of sugar in the blood. There are two types of diabetes. One is Type 1 and the other is Type2. Type1 Diabetes is a condition when the pancreas produces very little insulin and Type2 is a condition when the body cannot properly process blood sugar i.e. cannot push the glucose down to the cells for the proper breakdown.

If you have been warned about a pre-diabetic condition, it is time to switch to some healthy pre diabetes diet plans. Some significant pre diabetes diet foods items that can benefit you and can be followed in your daily routine have been described below:

1. WHOLE GRAINS – Pretty Healthy!

You can lower the risk of getting Type 2 diabetes by having a whole grain meal every day in your diet. This is an excellent pre diabetes diet. Oats in your breakfast can help you save time and also are very yummy. Brown bread is also good for your day’s start. You can have a corn dish for your lunch and something made out of wheat for dinner.

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Have you heard of Chapattis? Well, these are unleavened flat bread mainly eaten in South Asia. If you have any of these in your day’s pre diabetes diet plan, then you are heading the right way.

2. FRUITS – Be Wary of Them

Well, fruits are good for health, but there are some fruits which can increase the blood sugar level. So, it would be ambiguous to describe whether a pre diabetic patient can eat fruits as a pre diabetes diet on a regular basis or not. They certainly can, but the advice for them is to ask a doctor whether a particular fruit is good for them or not.

Fresh fruits, plain frozen fruits, canned fruits minus any extra sugar syrups and fruits that taste less sweet in comparison of other fruits can be eaten in a specific amount as suggested by your doctor.

3. FISH – Good Option For Pre Diabetes Patients

Fish is good for the heart as well. So, if you want to include fish in your week’s pre diabetic diet plan, you certainly can. Olive oil is also good for diabetes patients. Therefore, even the pre diabetic patient can include it in their pre diabetes diet menu.

Fish cooked in olive oil can be an excellent option! If you are using any other oil, then ensure using a little amount of oil.

4. Protein – Choosing The Right Ones!

Plant based proteins are useful for people suffering from a pre diabetic condition. These include examples like nuts, tofu, beans, etc., Also, you may derive protein from seafood, chicken, and eggs. You should discuss the right amount of each of these items with your doctor.

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The Misconception

Most people think that if they do not eat too much of sugar, then they will not get diabetes. That is not true. Yes, eating too much of sugar is seriously not good but sugar is also necessary. In fact, too much of everything is bad. The risk of getting diabetes depends on the food you eat, your daily life routine and also your weight.

The sugar level doctors’ talk is not the sugar we mix in our tea. It is the glucose (C6H12O6) in our body that is broken down into our cells and when it completely breaks down, we get energy.

Along with taking care of your pre diabetes diet, you will also have to make some changes in your life style. Moreover, that also includes your sleeping pattern. Though there are no direct connections between sleep and diabetes but you can relate it this way: Sleeping too much can cause to make you overweight.

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Moreover, if you have a weight more than what you should have then your pre diabetic condition might change to the actual diabetic disease. So, you need to be careful with that.

What Should You Do?

Do not worry much if you are a pre diabetic patient, it is alarming though. All you need to do is follow some basic things in your daily life. And that includes brisk walk in the morning or swimming at any time of the day. If you are able to reduce some weight then you will also lessen the chance of getting diabetes.

Be choosy about what you eat. Select good pre diabetic foods. Eat some nuts every day and that includes almonds, cashew nuts or any sort of nut. Keep on visiting your doctor and keep an eye on the sugar level. Exercise is a good option. Set your exercise plan along with the pre diabetes diet menu.

If both of these go hand in hand then you are likely to reduce the risk of getting permanent diabetes. Thirty minutes of moderate exercise daily is a cool way to improve your lifestyle. The most important thing to keep in mind is that alcohol is your biggest enemy if you are consuming it in a huge quantity. Ignoring it would be the best option.

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