Top 9 Heart Healthy Foods for a Happier & Healthier Life

Follow These Foods In Your Daily Life And Keep Your Heart Healthy.

heart healthy foods

Heart Healthy Foods – Many people in this world die due to heart problems. They probably are too careless about the food they consume and at a very early stage in life, their heart starts telling them that they need some medicines for healing their heart. Or sometimes even worse, surgeries too don’t come in handy if it’s too late.

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Are you one of them? If not then pay attention guys as we are here to tell you about some of the foods that can help your heart stay healthy all the time. Before knowing about the heart healthy foods that will benefit your heart, let’s discuss what your heart is and what it does.

You guessed it right! The heart is simply an organ that pumps blood through the entire human body. It beats approximately about 72 times per minute. Now, going back to your biology class, your teacher might have told you that heart is mainly composed of cardiac muscles that involuntarily contracts and relaxes.

There are chambers in the heart where pure and impure blood separately pass in and out. You might have heard of the arteries and veins that carry oxygenated and deoxygenated blood respectively. That will do for a bit of hearty revision.

Now for our heart to be healthy, we can discuss some heart healthy foods as listed below.


Yogurt is a good origin of protein and of course, a heart healthy food. It has calcium and vitamin D. Our bones require calcium as they are mostly made up of calcium. Yogurt is also good for your heart!

If you are a frequent yogurt consumer then probably you are on the right track as yogurt helps in maintaining our blood pressure and cholesterol level. According to a study, yogurt consumers have a better metabolic profile compared to non-yogurt consumers.


Are you a nut lover? If so, then let us tell you that nuts are a very healthy snack that can benefit your heart. The important heart healthy nuts include walnuts and almond. These nuts are packed with much nutrition. These nuts contain proteins, unsaturated fats, fiber and vitamin E (helps in preventing artery problems).


Chickpeas are also a healthy food for the heart as they aid in lowering the risk of heart attack. Regular intake of chickpeas lowers the LDL level. Do you know what an LDL is? It is the Low Density-lipo protein, or you can say it is the “bad cholesterol.” Higher LDL levels put you at a greater risk of heart attack. So, chickpeas can save you from that!


Oats are not only a healthy breakfast for kids but you too! They are an ultimate way to start your day, especially if you are suffering from a heart problem or want to take early prevention measures. Oats contain beta-glucan, a specific type of fiber which helps in lowering high cholesterol level.

High cholesterol level leads to making up of plaques in blood vessels which if grows larger can block blood flow leading to heart stroke or clotting of blood everywhere in the body.


Beans can be life savior if you have type-2 diabetes. The risk of heart disease can be reduced by consuming beans as they control blood sugar level. Your blood pressure is also maintained if you are a regular bean consumer.


Olive oil is also a good and healthy heart food. The main type of fats that are found in olive oil is mono unsaturated fatty acids(MUFAs). MUFAs are healthy dietary fats. MUFAs too help in lowering cholesterol and LDP(Low Density- Lipo Proteins) levels. They may help in normalizing blood clotting too. Plus you can try olive oil for hair treatment too.


Fish is another good food for the heart. If fish is not already a part of your weekly diet, then you should be including it on your list as they are a very good source for decreasing the risk of getting cardiovascular diseases (heart problems). Fishes contain omega-3 fatty acids that are good for controlling abnormal heart beats which can lead to sudden death.


This beautiful red juicy veggie is extremely an important sustenance for the heart. You might have been familiar with the LDL cholesterol as mentioned in the chickpeas section. LDL is the bad part of our cholesterol, and when it becomes oxidized, it forms plaques in the arteries and after plaque rupturing, a person can suffer from a heart attack. Tomatoes decrease the level of oxidized LDL. To eat fresh tomato you should know how to grow tomato?

FRUITS (Top Heart Healthy Foods)

Almost every fruit is good for your health and that includes your heart health too. In this section only the type of vitamins a particular fruit contains is mentioned below. Fruits must be a part of your daily diet. These heart healthy foods mostly contain liquid content along with some fibrous materials.

  • Apricots contain vitamin A, K and E. They also contain carotenoids(a plant pigment) which may act as an antioxidant to prevent artery blockage.
  • Kiwi is a heart savior. Kiwi contains vitamin C, E, B combined with poly phenols and magnesium-all help in maintaining the cardiovascular health.
  • Red Grapes are too considered good for heart health as they contain the essential vitamins.

All fruits no matter what they taste like have the essential things that your body need for proper functioning. Moreover, it is a wise choice to include fruits in your daily diet. You should eat fruits, its a party of health tips for everyday.

After reading about the heart healthy foods mentioned here, if you have any confusion regarding what food would be better for your health if you are on medication, then you should consult a doctor.

If you are a healthy person with no health problems, then a little of everything that is good for the body should be included on your daily diet. Green vegetables are the best foods considered all over the world. And try to find out some calories you are consuming everyday and start calculating the amount of time you need to spend on burning out those consumed calories.

Eat healthily and include workout plans and programs in your lifestyle. Remember, a healthy life leads to a happy life! Try these Heart Healthy Foods.