BEWARE of These 16 Relationship Turn Offs That Act As Slow Poison

Never Underestimate The Power of Little Behaviors, They Can Break Your Relation.

Relationship Turn Offs

Relationship Turn Offs – Have you ever wondered where did the spark in your relationship go? You have mostly remained so happy and in love with your partner, but over a period you find that things are no longer the same.

If you have been feeling the same about your relationship, you are not alone. Many people feel that their relationship is not like it used to be but do not realize what is the real reason behind it.

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Do not worry as we are going to tell about major relationship turnoffs that act as slow poison for your relationship. These may sound quite familiar to you as you or your partner may be doing these for a long time without realizing their impact on your relationship. So, check out these turnoffs and prevent them in future to have a happy relationship:

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1. Uncool Insecurity

This goes for both partners in the relationship as being insecure about your relationship is a huge turnoff for any person. You are already in a relationship, and your partner loves you for who you are. Stop getting insecure every time you see him/her talking to another member of the opposite sex.

2. Dangerous Jealousy

Being jealous of the career and success of your partner is neither cool nor necessary. You are not in a relationship for material things but because you love to spend your life with your partner. Instead, learn from him/her and encourage your partner to get better. After all, that is the purpose of all relationships.

3. Deafening Silence

Never go for silent treatment no matter how big or small the fight is. Always have a matured and open conversation with your loved one instead of suppressing your feelings. These unspoken things later become slow poison for your relationship.

5. Cocky Attitude

cocky-attitudeIf any one of you or both love yourself too much and are always showing off, it is time to stop lest you should want to end your relationship. Nobody likes a person who is always full of oneself, and that applies to you and your partner as well.

6. Taken For Granted

At the beginning of your relationship, you take extra care of your partner and his/her needs and expectations. However, after being together for an extended period, you may start taking each other for granted and forget small actions lead to big results. Beware of this dangerous poison to your relationship.

7. No Boundaries

How long has it been since you or your partner spent time away from each other? Has your world become limited to your relationship? It is time to set boundaries and give each other the personal space they deserve. Else you may soon see the effects of this excessive attachment to one other in unpleasant ways.

8. Sweating The Small Stuff

Always nagging and complaining with your partner for even the smallest of things can prove to be detrimental to your relationship in the long term. Just stay calm and do not sweat the small stuff and let it become poison to your relationship.

9. Lack of Trust

lack-of-trustTrust is the most significant element of any relationship. If you have little or no trust in your partner, how can you expect to spend your life with him or her? Lack of trust often leads to petty arguments which over time turn into huge fights which often cause the downfall of any relationship.

10. Manipulation and Control

This is one of the primary poisons to any relationship as nobody wants to be controlled and told how one should lead his/her life. You must give up the urge to control the behavior or actions of your partner. Instead just offer any advice or suggestions you have nicely and lovingly.

11. Putting Each Other Down

If you often find yourself or your partner insulting one another consistently, it is an indication that your relationship has already got infected with poison. Stop doing this immediately as you are supposed to lift each other up and not the other way round.

12. Speaking Ill of Family

The family is an inseparable part of any person, and everything is secondary to it. Refrain from making fun or speaking ill of the family of your partner. Even if you do not like them, you can at least respect them else your partner may slowly drift away from you if you consistently put down his/her family.

13. Boring Sex Life

boring-sex-lifeA healthy sex life adds a spice to your relationship. If after few months or years of spending life together in a relationship, you no longer find it exciting, it may spell doom for your relationship in future.

14. Subtle Sarcasm In Disguise of Humor

Yes, you are a fan of Chandler from Friends and love to use sarcasm to defend your uncomfortable feelings and disguise them as humor. However, regularly using sarcasm to put your partner down or make fun of him/her when you do not want to have a conversation, may slowly poison your relationship. Humor is necessary for a relationship, just do not let it become ugly.

15. Forced Compromises

Relationships demand compromises from both sides to adjust to each other. You must accept this fact and make these changes happily in your life rather than sulk and complain. After all, your love and desire to live with each other is higher than some small changes in your habits and life.

16. Lame Lies and Excuses

lame-lies-and-excusesThis could be the biggest poison to any relationship. If you or your partner consistently make excuses or lie to each other for behavior and deeds, the other one will realize it at some point or the other. Absolute honesty is the foundation of any relationship, and its absence can spell doom for your relationship.

17. Silly Selfishness

When you are together in a relationship for a long time, there is no place for selfishness. An actual relationship is about giving your best and helping your partner become a better person without being selfish about your desires.

The above behavioral tendencies are quite common among couples who at times indulge in these behaviors either knowingly or unknowingly. However, be assured that if you continue to exhibit such qualities, your relationship may be slowly consumed by these poisons.

If you are with a partner worth spending your life with, do not let these toxic things control the fate of your relationship. Instead, fill it with love, trust, support, and happiness and enjoy the feeling of being together for the rest of your lives. Do you have any other relationship turnoff which can destroy a relationship? Share with us in the comments below.

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