Top 10 Hidden Yet Valid Reasons Why Your Girlfriend Hates You

Find Top 10 Reasons Why Your Girlfriend Hates You.

why your girlfriend hates you

Why Your Girlfriend Hates You? – Yes! You are right if you feel your girlfriend hates you. Feelings are right most of the time, and if you have been feeling a cold behavior from your girlfriend, the chances are that your once happy relationship may be turning sour. You will be surprised to know that the reason behind slowly growing hatred of your girlfriend for you has a lot to do with you!

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You may be doing some things without even realizing that you are sabotaging your relationship with your sweetheart.

Discover these hidden yet obvious reasons why your girlfriend hates you and stop repeating such reasons:

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1. You are No Longer You Used To Be

not-used-to-be-useWhile you were trying to woo her in the initial dating phase, you put forward your best face and did things to impress her. However, once she became your girlfriend and you got into a serious relationship, you have stopped being your best version and might have started taking her for granted.

Breaking News- She can see and sense that, and that is why she might have begun to hate you. Bring your old fire back into your relationship and treat her the way you used to treat her when you wanted to have her in life.

2. She Knows Your Subtle Lies

subtle-liesThere is hardly any man who can lie to a woman and get away with it. Most of the time, women can intuitively feel when the person is lying to them. If you have been lying to your girl about your feelings or why you showed up late that day thinking she would not know, you cannot be more wrong.

She knows your subtle lies and no wonder she hates you for not trusting her enough with truth.

3. You Never Listen to Her

not-listening-herDo you always offer your advice or solution in the middle of a conversation in which she might be telling you about a bad day or some problem in her life? Yes, you may be perfectly well meaning while offering that sensible suggestion but she may not be happy.

While it is a natural behavior of males to look for solutions. Your girlfriend just wants you to listen to her emphatically instead of going into problem-solving mode. Just listen to her completely and ask her if you can do anything to help her.

4. You Make Fun of Her Family

making-her-family-laughYou are not the center of her universe, and her family comes before you in her life. You may not like her parents or other family members, but that does not give you any right to disrespect them or make fun of them in front of her. If you find yourself guilty of doing that, she is bound to hate you. Respecting her family is one of the most important steps if you want to be the best boyfriend.

5. She Can See You Checking Out Other Girls

checking-out-other-girlsYou have already got a great girlfriend, yet you cannot stop yourself from checking that cute girl in the coffee shop and that too when you are with her. If she does not hate you, what else you expect her to do? You may even be doing this unconsciously out of habit, but you cannot expect her not to get mad at you.

6. You Run Away From Hard Conversations

not-listening-hard-conversationHow many times has your girlfriend wanted to talk to you and have an honest, face to face conversation? We are sure that would have happened quite a few or many times. Now, how many times did you make an excuse and avoided having such conversations? Almost always, isn’t it?

When you are in for a long haul in a relationship, you got to have real conversations about your future no matter how uncomfortable or worthless you find them. It does no good to your bonding with her when you always run away from such hard conversations which ultimately leads her hating you.

7. You Hit on Her Friends

hit-on-friendShe introduced her friends to you in hope to include you in her circle of acquaintances and not because you can hit on your friends. If you see your girlfriend passing you scathing looks while you playfully interact with her girlfriends, be warned that she will start hating you if you do not stop this behavior soon.

8. She is Sick of Your Insecurity

feeling-insecurityDo you always feel insecure and jealous whenever she talks with her male friends? Are you always worried about your impression on her or constantly asking for her reassurance? Then she may soon become tired of your insecurity and may start hating you if you do not keep a check on this behavior.

She is your girlfriend and willingly agreed to be in a relationship with you so stop questioning her decision repeatedly.

9. You Always Try To Control Her

contrlling-a-girlIf you are always looking for opportunities to tell her what to do in her life or how to take her decisions, trust us, you will repel her away eventually. Instead of controlling and manipulating her to do as you like, empower her and encourage her to make her decisions. Do offer your advice but do not force her to follow it.

10. You Never Trust Her

trustTrust is one of the core foundations of any relationship. A strong mutual trust among partners is extremely necessary for the relationship to flourish. However, if you never trust her and always doubting her, she would feel terrible about and will start despising you for it. Therefore, have faith in her and most importantly on your relationship to avoid that situation.

Did any of the above points ring true to you? Have you been doing these things on a regular basis? Stop doing if you do not want your girlfriend to hate you and if you want to have a long-lasting, loving relationship with her.

Be the best boyfriend and make her the happiest girlfriend in the world. Share this with your friends who are also struggling with the same problem.

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