[ALERT] If You See These Signs, You Are Surely Dating a Wrong Guy

Stop yourself from getting hurt and know if you are dating a wrong guy.


How often do you have the feeling that the person you are considering as your potential life partner is not right for you? It may be the beginning of your dating life, or you may have just met an amazing boy who seems to be a fantastic person on the date.

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It could also happen that you have been in a relationship for such a long period, that you automatically ignore some of the undesirable or unacceptable qualities in your partner. During such times, you may even choose to ignore some surest signs that indicate your dating partner is right for you out of your attachment to him.

However, it is crucial to know if your partner is worthy of your love and attention and most importantly, worthy of being your life partner. There are some definite signs which strongly indicate that you might have chosen a wrong guy for you.

Check out this list of indicators and find out yourself:

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1. You Do Not Feel Like Yourself Around Him

You should be in a relationship with anyone with whom you seem to transform into a different person automatically. When you are with him, you cannot become comfortable and open to up to him. Moreover, when he does not even notice your discomfort, it is a sure sign that he is not for you.

2. You Feel Drained After Meeting Him

Some people seem to drain your energy out of you just by being present. It is enough you have to deal with such people at your workplace. If you do not feel relaxed and always feel devoid of any joy or happiness after meeting him, just never meet him again!

3. He is Full of Himself

It is one thing to share your life story and experiences with one another to develop a bonding. It is whole another thing to be completely self-obsessed and only talk about oneself. You always find your partner only talking or bragging about his life without caring anything about you. You deserve a lot better partner!

4. You cannot Introduce Him to Family

When you are in a relationship but often find yourself making excuses and postponing the meeting of your boyfriend and family, it is time for some self-introspection. Chances are you feel so because you secretly know that he is not right for you which your loved ones will immediately recognize!

5. He is Too Needy and Attention Seeking

he-is-too-needy-and-attention-seekingRelationships do need hard work, and you must spend time with one another. However, if you always find him calling or texting you seeking your approval and comment on everything, he is too needy. You need your personal space and may not do justice to your relationship with such person.

6. You Are Worried About Impressing Him

If he really loves you and accepts you as you are, you never have to worry about impressing him. Dressing up before meeting him and looking your best is one thing, getting anxious whether he would like you or not in your new dress is entirely another thing. Know the difference!

7. He Never Listens to You

You want a caring and sensitive guy who attentively listens to you and show empathy and concern. However, your partner rarely does that and jumps in between to offer his solutions or advice to you. While that may be out of genuine concern, but if he fails to give his total undivided attention, you might be dating a wrong person.

8. You cannot Imagine A Future With Him

You can always intuitively tell if a relationship is for a long term if you are honest with yourself. If the idea of a future with your current dating partner seems laughable or absurd, feel sure that you are on a slippery dating track.

9. You Feel Emotionally Distant

It is vital to feel connected and cared for in any relationship. However, if you feel you have become too distant from your partner, particularly on an emotional level, then it is a definite sign that you should no longer be together for your good.

10. He Runs Away From Tough Conversations

he-runs-away-from-tough-conversationsThe best sign to tell a guy if he is really interested in you and is not in for the short term is whether he confidently participates in tough conversations or always has an excuse or two up his sleeves to avoid them. Participating in a tough conversation is a sign of the best boyfriend. and if you want your boyfriend to be the best then suggest to him this article on How to be the best boyfriend.

11. He Does Not Bring Out the Best In You

The idea of a relationship is the mutual growth of both people involved. However, you rarely feel so and feel negative about yourself since you began dating him. Although you alone have the responsibility for your personal growth, a great partner can reveal the best parts of you to yourself which may be hidden even to you.

12. You Both Have Different Priorities

You are bound to have a different purpose in lives and goals. However, if your first priorities and what you want from your lives are vastly separate from one another, it is time you give serious thought to the fate of your relationship.

13. He Controls You Too Much

If he cannot stop telling you what to wear, whom to meet, what to buy, or what to do with your life, he is too controlling in nature. Keep in mind that giving advice is one thing but forcing one’s will on other is different. You must be smart enough to know the line between the two and take a wise decision.

14. He Often Mistreats People

he-often-mistreats-peopleYou can tell a lot about the character of a person from the way he treats other people, especially his inferiors. So, if you often find him mistreating service staff at restaurants or other people but is perfectly sweet to you, we do not need to tell you what to do.

15. He Rarely Keeps His Word

The worth of a man can often be told by the fact if he can keep his word. However, if you often find your guy forgetting his promise to call or meet you at a specified time, he might not be worth your time and attention. Occasionally it is human nature to forget, but when it happens too frequently, you may have to make a tough decision.

If you notice some or all the above signs, it is time for you to re-assess your situation and take a decision if you really want to live with this guy. You can try to talk to him and see if you can convince him to mend his ways.

However, if he does not take any initiative to change, it might not be worth dating or living with him and put your future happiness at stake. Do you feel familiar with above signs? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below and share article with your friends.

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