Stylish And Functional Small Kitchen Ideas

If you have a small kitchen the frosted with it, Apply any of these ideas.

Small kitchen ideas

Even the tiniest of kitchens can have a strong, sophisticated design. They can seriously reflect elegance and refined class. Here are some small kitchen ideas that will make your kitchen a sassier, stylish hub for friends and family.

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1. A kitchen-cum-dining for urban apartment

A kitchen-cum dining for urban apartment

Usually, apartments have smaller space. But you can make the kitchen more spacious by breaking the walls in between the kitchen and dining area. Just like this one. The end of division gives illusion of more space.

Small dining table makes it uncluttered. Accents of black and cream provide luxuriousness while glass table and mirror on the side reflect light for sophistication.

2. Maximize Spaces

Maximize Spaces

Small doesn’t have to be cluttered. With the right combination of kitchen cabinets, you can unclutter your kitchen, add sophistication and have tons of space to cook for your family. Adding drawers, cabinets on top, some windows and induction cooking area will ensure that the kitchen performs multiple functions.

3. Make it Functional

Make it functional

Your counter can be your dining area or just some space where children and family can have fun. This kitchen utilizes space efficiently by eliminating the need for a dining table. The counter section has legs, where settees can be stored. Upholstered settees are comfortable and easy to use.

4. Reflecting Mirrors

Reflecting mirrors

Cabinets are essential for smaller kitchens. Use them wisely with mirrored doors to reflect more space. Keep the separate counter small, so that it doesn’t occupy too much of space. Granite countertops and white colour add to the illusion of space. Meanwhile, you can try these kitchen colour schemes.

5. Open Cupboards

Open Cupboards

Don’t want claustrophobic cabinets? Opt for open cupboards with shelves. Keep the height close to the worktop so that you can quickly access it. The display area is perfect for artwork, showing shiny pots and pans.

6. Hanging Pots

Hanging Pots

Maximize space in a U-Shaped Kitchen by choosing to hang pots and pans on a wall. That way, you can avoid extra shelves and still have some space to keep your items.

7. Keep the U-Shape

Keep the U-Shape

Smaller kitchens work quite well with the U-Shape countertops as they provide more work space. At the same time, there’s more space to walk around, which isn’t possible if the corners are too open, and there are three different, straight countertops. Use this small kitchen design with countertops that have the slightly smaller width to add more space to your interiors.

8. Add Windows

Add Windows

Your kitchen would look larger instantly if you add windows near the stove. Meanwhile, combine it with open shelves, have no more than two chairs and keep the colours light to ensure that the kitchen appears luxurious.

9. Use The Corners

For small kitchens, every inch of space counts. So, don’t waste space by getting two counters. This is one of those small kitchen ideas that works everywhere. Use corners with countertops and do the same with cabinets. That way, you can leave one section or wall for windows.

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10. A Rack for Utensils

A rack for utensils

Small kitchens don’t have to look completely cluttered. They can appear sophisticated if you add a utensil rack for all plates and mugs, open shelves and a countertop in grey or black accents. This small kitchen interior design will grow the sophistication of your kitchen up by a notch.

11. Don’t let it go waste

Don’t let it go waste

If your kitchen goes through the stairs, add shaker-inspired ideas and build space behind the staircase. To use it more wisely, add abstract cupboard designs, with the sizes differing so that the unique space is utilized effectively.

12. A Modern Update

A modern update

Why have an extra countertop when you can eliminate it with a small table. Get a kitchen with L-shaped countertop and in the middle add a small round table, like this one. Have kitchen cabinets in lighter hues to expand the room.

13. Pop of Colour

Pop of Colour

A wider single countertop, with a small counter right ahead of it will help you use more color in the kitchen. Complement the colours with match wallpapers and blinds. Make sure that you use minimalistic chairs near the counter to prevent an overload of colors.

14. Country Cozy

Instead of visually enhancing the space, try embracing it. Use grey and blue accents for a chic country kitchen. Add single door refrigerator that’s wide but saves space. Use over the top lighting on counter for right amount of elegance.

Try these small kitchen ideas and you will certainly have a stylish, more functional space.

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