Behind-The-Scenes REALITY of Steroid Abuse: 10 Shocking Cases

Be Aware! It May Really Hurt You.

steroid abuse

Steroid Abuse – Have you always fantasized about getting rock hard muscles like professional bodybuilders? You may have seen your favorite professional wrestlers fighting in WWE and other wrestling championships.

Isn’t it amazing how these bodybuilders and wrestlers show off their well built and ripped muscles? However, what you do not know about many of these cases is that they could be a result of massive abuse of steroids.

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Steroids, more commonly known as anabolic steroids produce the same effects in the body as that of male hormones like testosterone. Although medical professionals use them to treat certain symptoms, many athletes and bodybuilder take them to enhance their performance and stimulate the growth of muscles within a short period.

Health professionals never recommend their long term usage as they can severely impact the health and fitness of an individual over a period.

However, at times people do not listen to all these advice and go overboard with steroid supplement with disastrous and sometimes, fatal consequences.

You will be shocked to know these cases where excessive steroid use led to unwanted consequences and even death in many cases:

1. Woman Who Turned Into a Man

woman-who-turned-into-a-manOnce upon a time she was a beautiful blonde. However, Candice Armstrong from London had never imagined that her obsession with muscles and masculine physique would actually turn her body into a male body. You will be startled to know that she not only has male facial hairs but she her clitoris has become so enlarged and swollen that it looks like a mini male penis.

Due to the overproduction of male growth hormones in her body due to steroids, she has body hairs over the chest, back, in addition to acne. Moreover, her breasts now look anything but female breasts and just hang on her overdeveloped pectoral muscles.

2. Austrian Bodybuilder Died A Tragic Death

austrian-bodybuilder-died-a-tragic-deathYou just do not go on a lifetime of steroid use to get a body like Arnold Schwarzenegger. However, an Austrian bodybuilder named Andreas Münzer wanted to emulate Arnold and develop body muscles like him.

Instead of following a long yet efficient process of hard work, Andreas chose a cocktail of anabolic steroids, diuretics, potassium sparing diuretics, and growth hormone to compete in the bodybuilding competition.

Unfortunately, just at the age of 31, he paid the price of this quick fix with his life after he was admitted to hospital due to intense stomach pain. The autopsy of his body revealed traces of twenty different drugs and acute toxicity along with severe imbalance of electrolytes. All these had led to table-tennis ball sized tumors in his liver, cardiac hypertrophy, no subcutaneous fat, and multiple organ failures!

3. Ferrets Turned Into Dogs

ferrets-turned-into-dogsSteroids do not just show their effect on human bodies. They are equally or perhaps more harmful to animals as well. This is a rather disturbing and cruel story of torture of animals at the largest bazaar of Argentina called La Salada. Here people dupe unsuspecting tourists and sell them ferrets who do not look like ferrets at all.

Instead, they have been injecting massive doses of steroids to these innocent ferrets since their birth to make them look like extra fluffy dogs. Tourists from the US and other parts of the world often buy these dogs (ferrets) for 150 USD thinking them to be lot cheaper than the usual rate which is near 1000 USD.

Notably, a healthy ferret only costs somewhere around 75 USD! Surprisingly, there has been no action so far on this shocking trade practice.

4. His Arm Literally Exploded

his-arm-literally-explodedThe craze of Synthol injection is not uncommon in the world of bodybuilding. Due to the insane obsession with big biceps among bodybuilders, Synthol is a common drug which can sometimes increase the size of your arms by 3 inches in 30 days. However, when people go overboard with these injections, the consequences are truly disastrous.

A similar thing happened with a man named Caolho from Brazil. He took massive doses of Synthol injections which made his biceps grow to a whopping 90 cm in size. During a motorcycle accident, he suffered an open muscle rupture in the arms. He could not survive for long after that accident and died on January 25, 2010.

5. World Heavyweight Champion Kills His Family And Himself

world-heavyweight-champion-kills-his-family-and-himselfThis could be one of the scariest consequences of excessive use of steroids. It is the story of a famous professional wrestler from Canada named Christopher Michael Benoit. He was the winner of two world championships titles represented by the Big Gold Belt. WWE once regarded him as “a favorite among WWE fans for his unbelievable athleticism and wrestling ability.”

However, that success came at the price of sacrificing his mental health and ultimately his life after he murdered his wife and seven-year-old son. Post his death, doctors studied his brain and were shocked to discover the severe damage resembling the brain of an 80-year-old Alzheimer’s patient. He reportedly also had an advanced form of dementia which led him to commit those heinous acts before the suicide.

6 .Bodybuilder Develops Boobs

bodybuilder-develops-boobsHe is the eight times consecutive winner of Mr. Olympia. He has a maximum number of wins as an IFBB professional. He is often regarded as the greatest bodybuilder of all times. He is Ronnie Dean Coleman who also suffered from “bitch tits”- a medical condition commonly known as Gynecomastia which stands for the development of breasts in men.

This situation arises from the hormonal imbalance in males. In the case of Coleman, it was due to exogenous testosterone which he took while preparing for competitions.

7. Most Hated Man In Bodybuilding

most-hated-man-in-bodybuildingMeet Gregg Valentino who became a YouTube sensation due to his massive biceps and disproportionate body. It was due to steroid abuse that this bodybuilder developed the biggest biceps in the world and even appeared on numerous TV shows. His biceps also earned him a reputation of the most hated man in bodybuilding.

He became further popular when he operated his arm himself after getting infected. He cut his own arms multiple times to remove the puss and blood but failed after which people rushed him to the hospital.

8. Big Bloated Steroid Belly

big-bloated-steroid-bellySteroid belly is one of the well known but not-so-pleasant effects of steroids. If you take a close look at extra large, bulky bodybuilders, in addition to the bulging muscles of the upper body, you will also notice a protruding stomach which looks absolutely hideous.

The famous German bodybuilder named Markus Rühl used to take different supplements while preparing for bodybuilding competitions. However, this led him prone to developing that “big gut,” often known as the distended stomach.

9. Cows On Steroids! Myth or Reality?

cows-on-steroids-myth-or-realityWhen you look at Belgian Blue variety of beef cattle, you will think that they are on steroid injections. However, that is not the case as their muscular appearance is due to “double muscling” which is an acquired condition from genetics. Double muscling leads to an increase in the number of muscle fibers (hyperplasia) rather than average growth of muscles (hypertrophy).

It is achieved by artificially inseminating cows with the sperms of the strongest bulls. This means every new generation of cows comes out stronger and bigger with double muscle mass and hence better beef.

10. Writer Goes Nuts With Steroids For Next Novel

writer-goes-nuts-with-steroids-for-next-novelYou must have heard stories about writers doing weird things for feeling the setting of their next novel. However, the Canadian writer named Craig Davidson went completely overboard by going on a 16-week cycle of illegal steroids. His lean body transformed into a massive, hulk-like physique weighing nearly 235 lbs., within few weeks.

However, the consequences were severe as he started experiencing swollen prostate which made it extremely painful during peeing. Due to extra weight, he suffered from partially herniated disc, fluid build-up in the knee, along with skinny legs and other deformed body parts.

After reading above severe cases of steroid abuse, we are sure that you can imagine the extent of damage caused by taking anabolic steroids without supervision. So, never go on taking these steroid supplements to enhance your performance or grow your muscles abnormally without any medical supervision. You will be risking your health and life along with other people around you.