10 Weight Gain Foods with High Calories & Protein for Muscle Gain

weight gain foods

Weight gain foods are very beneficial in increasing your body weight. They are foods with high calories, carbs and fats that need to be a part of your diet to increase weight.

Weight gain foods are very important for underweight people. Being underweight has a severe risk for them. Some of the risks can be malnutrition, slow physical and mental growth, weak immunity, etc.

Maintaining weight is also important for old age people. As we grow older, along with other changes, our sense of hunger also decreases. This means that old people will eat less and might get full fast. It results in muscle loss and some sort of weakness.

The one rule that you need to keep in mind is that you need to consume more calories than your body burns. That’s what weight gain foods does. In simple words, start eating more but also healthy.  For people who are into bodybuilding, the bodybuilding diet is different from this.

These weight gain foods list can help in gaining weight without much effort. The list of foods given below are very common and also affordable.

Weight Gain Foods

1. Rice helps in Gaining Weight

rice is a weight gain food
Rice is widely considered as a Weight Gain Food.

Rice is among some of the popular foods to gain weight. It is high in calorie count that will help you in obtaining more carbohydrates and calories. Of which, The ultimate result is gaining more weight.

You can add almost 200 calories by eating only a cup of rice. Interesting right? As it is a widely consumed healthy food, you don’t need to make much effort to add it to your diet. The most common way is having plain rice with some curries and veggies. How can we forget about fried rice? Hell no!! Some other ways can be biryanis, pulao, jeera rice, etc.

2. Potatoes help in Muscle Growth

potatoes can help you in muscle gain
Potatoes will help you in gaining muscle.

Another food for muscle gain is potatoes. This weight gain food is a starchy food that is rich in carbs and calories. This helps you in boosting muscle growth.

Other sources of starch are oats, sweet potatoes, corn, beans, quinoa, etc. All of these foods can give you energy in the form of glucose. This glucose is stored in our body in the form of glycogen that improves energy and also performance.

3. Dried Fruit can Weigh you More

dried fruits are the part of weight gain foods
Dried fruits are calorie-rich weight gain foods.

These weight gain fruits are rich in various proteins, calories, micronutrients and antioxidants. Having a handful of dried fruits daily can increase your calorie consumption and be part of your diet to increase weight.

Dried fruits include almonds, raisins, walnuts, dried pineapples, etc. There are different ways to eat them, you can either eat them raw or roasted. You can also have it with milk. Just pour some dried fruits into the milk and shake it nicely. Just 2 simple steps and your weight gain drink is ready. There are lots of health benefits of almonds that you need to know.

It is recommended that you should make a habit of eating 5 pieces of almonds, walnuts, and raisins. Apart from weight gain, you will feel more energetic. But, if it is hard to digest them all, then start with 2-3 per day.

4. Avocados: High-Calorie Fruit

avocado is high in calories
Avocadoes are popularly used as a high calorie fruit.

Next on the list of foods to gain weight is Avocado, which provides you about 322 calories, 29 grams of fat, and 14 grams of fibre. A calorie-dense food that will help you in the mission of gaining weight. It is one of the best high-calorie fruits for weight gain.

This weight gain fruit is also rich in vitamins, minerals, and various plant compounds. So it will also help in boosting immunity and overall health. There are so many avocado health benefits that will definitely surprise you.

There are numerous ways to consume avocadoes. You can add this weight gain food to your daily diet routine in the form of soups, salads, sandwiches, sushi, etc. It can also be grilled, baked or eat it as pickles.

5. Drinking Milk can Increase Weight

milk is the weight gain drink
A weight gain drink that should not be missed.

Now it’s time for some weight gain drink and what’s better than milk. Milk is a good source of protein and also high in calcium, carbs, fats, minerals, and vitamins. For many people reading this blog, milk might be a part of your daily life. Milk is among the best weight gain foods for kids.

Having a glass of milk with 2 bananas can really help someone in increasing their weight. People can also have it in the form of shakes like peanut butter swap or chocolate syrup swap or with dried fruits. It is among the high protein drink for weight gain.

You should be having at least 2 glass of milk every day. It is better if you have it before and after the workout.

6. Eggs help in Muscle Gain

eggs are the most popular foods for muscle gain
Eggs are the most popular weight gain foods.

If anyone wants to know the foods for muscle gain, then eggs are always on the top. As it is a great source of proteins and fats, you’ll get about 74 calories by consuming a large raw egg, which helps in boosting body weight.

If you’re a pure vegetarian or intolerant to eggs, then it might be difficult for you to consume eggs. Otherwise, you can easily eat eggs as much as you can. As eggs are high protein foods for weight gain, the diets of bodybuilders and athletes include more than 6 eggs per day.

There are many ways to intake the calories of this health gain food.  The most popular and favourite one is the omelette. You can also add it in meats and veggies.

7. A Tasty Weight Gain Food

cheese is one of the high calorie foods
A weight gain food.

The last in this list of weight gain foods is cheese. It is high in calories and fats, thus, helping in gaining more weight.

As it is a high-calorie food for weight gain, the consumption of it should be increased. Because it is good in taste, it is very easy for everyone to incorporate it into their diet. You can have it in sandwiches, on parathas, with salads, omelets, etc.

Cheese is available in many different types and, therefore, you need to be aware of what type of cheese you are consuming.

8. Protein Shakes for Gaining Weight

When it comes to having weight gain foods, we can’t ignore protein shakes. These are among the most popular and tested ways to gain weight. Whether you’re an athlete or a bodybuilder or a skinny guy looking for increasing weight, your nutritionist will recommend this to you. However, the quantity and frequency are different for everyone.

Also, don’t forget to exercise regularly, otherwise it can lead to obesity, which is not desired by anyone. Now, you have the option of making this weight gain food in your home or purchase it from the market.

If you’re making this at home then try to include nutritious foods that are also good in calories. This will help you in gaining more calories. An important point to remember here is that you don’t need to have it so much. It comes with serious health conditions.

9. Pasta is a Weight Gain Food

I was even happily surprised by the fact that our favorite fast food is also among the weight gain foods. Yes, pasta can help you in gaining weight. But there is a twist here. Instead of eating bleached pasta, try to have one that is made up of whole grains.

Pasta is rich in carbohydrates, so it will help in boosting your weight. However, many states that pasta cannot make you gain weight. So, the reason why we added this food to our weight gain foods list is its high-calorie density.

Pasta is high in calories, in fact, a single bowl will give you more than 180 calories. Try to add this to your meal as it will help in more calorie consumption while eating delicious food. 

10. Dark Chocolates

Many people are now very much excited by seeing this in the list of weight gain foods. Again, we are here to increase your weight without getting you pissed off. You can also have dark chocolate, in times of gaining weight. Remember the basic thumb rule, “eat more calories than burn.”

Dark chocolate is also a high-calorie food that will do the work. Apart from helping you in gaining weight, it is also rich in antioxidants. This will make it healthier than we think. Dark chocolate is also helpful in curbing the risk of cancers, diabetes, bp, etc. 

We don’t have to tell you the way to consume dark chocolate. You might know more than us in this case. But still, if we have to tell you, then you can have eaten straight, garnish it on your breakfast cereals, add it in the shake, etc.

Additional Tips While Eating Weight Gain Foods

Be Aware of What you are Eating for Weight Gain

Yes, you need to intake more calories, but it does not mean you start eating more junk foods or unhealthy foods. You should only focus on eating healthy weight gain foods.

Choose your Weight Gain Diet Wisely

Increasing calorie count can be achieved in 2 ways: by eating more food or by eating more calories. By adding these weight gain foods, you can easily increase your calorie count without eating so much.

Do you need a nutritionist for Weight Gain Foods?

If you’re already eating foods to gain weight and still can’t seeing the results, then you need to take a consultation. You might have some problem that needs medical assistance. Also, a nutritionist can make a better weight gain diet specifically according to you.

Role of Regular Exercise in Weight Gain

Healthy eating should be followed by regular exercise. Your goal is to look fit and healthy and not fat. By eating these weight gain foods without exercise, you look fat and invite other problems. To maintain a proper body posture, make a habit of regular exercise.

Eat More Frequently

Many people can’t eat too much in a single go. No problem, if you can’t increase the quantity, then increase the frequency. So, now instead of having weight gain foods 3 times a day, try to have it 5 times a day. This way you don’t feel overly full and your goal will also be accomplished.

Be Aware While Drinking

People generally have a habit of drinking water prior or between meals. This will stop you from having a good meal and you’ll get full early. The major reason for that is the weight gain foods are high in calories and water doesn’t have so many calories. So, next time try to drink after the meal. Or if in case, you need to drink water, then drink only a small quantity of it.

Final say on Weight Gain Foods

I think you can easily consume all the foods that are mentioned in this weight gain foods list. In a nutshell, you need to eat foods with high calories, carbs and fat. Having a good physique can increase your self-confidence and also energy. Make a proper weight gain diet routine for yourself and follow it at any cost.

All the best for this weight gain journey!!