Surprising Avocado Health Benefits, You Should Know About

Great Food For Great Health. Avocado.

Avocado Health Benefits

Avocado Health Benefits – It’s time you go bonkers for Avocado! Packed with various nutrients, avocados are incredibly delicious and rather different from other types of fruit. Why? Because natural fruits primarily have carbohydrates, whereas avocados are rich in healthy fats.

That’s what gives them a rich texture, allowing you to use it as an addition to many dishes. Here are the avocado benefits for health.

1. They keep you slim!

benefit-of-avacadoThat sounds ironic. Isn’t? But it’s true. Despite their high-fat content, avocados are secret to slimming. It’s already been established that a high amount of carbohydrates and not fat is what makes you gain weight. So, you can eat this rich food often.

In fact, avocados contain an outstanding amount of monounsaturated fat- the kind of good fat that keeps your heart and brain functioning. By boosting your organ health, it ensures that you feel fit. At the same time, avocados are known for satiating your hunger.

Studies on adults indicate that avocados can increase energy levels, reduce cravings through satiation and maintain insulin levels.

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2. Carotenoids for boosting eye health

Lutein is a carotenoid that protects humans against eye diseases. Avocados are a rich source of this carotenoid. At the same time, it has related carotenoids like beta and alpha-carotene and zeaxanthin with Vitamin E that makes your eyes supple and promotes better eye health.

Regular consumption of avocados will help your body absorb nutrients from other foods. So, you can add some avocado to your salads and means to keep fit.

3. Creamy and Delicious alternative

Quite often, we end up eating foods that are packed with calories and have zero nutrients. Why? Because we want that deliciousness and creamy texture to go along with our meals, this is where avocados can be an excellent alternative.

Use them in your dips and salads or for preparing meals. They will offer a nutrient-packed alternative to your foods. And you wouldn’t be consuming empty calories.

Instead, you will 18 essential amino acids, soluble fiber, polyphenols, Vitamins and Omega 3 fatty acids. That’s what makes them a worthy addition to your meals.

4. Stabilizes blood sugar and digestion

benefit-of-avacado-to-healthBecause of our lifestyle and eating rules, we regularly encounter problems with our digestive system. Constipation and high blood sugar are major issues with the present generation. But you can stabilize your blood sugar in long term with the consumption of avocados.

Adding mashed avocados to your sandwiches instead of unhealthy mayonnaise with a glass of mango shake that way you can enjoy both Benefits of mango as well as Avocado health benefits in your breakfast. Plus, they, digest slowly, and their fiber help in soaking excessive cholesterol,  and improve your digestion power naturally.

5. Avocados are excellent combo-choice

There are so many fruits that cannot be paired with other food items. But avocados are delicious, and they can be used with a diverse range of meal options. They play well with different things on your plate.

So, you can try using them in your morning shakes or smoothies, eat it with morning eggs to use it a pre-workout snack. Try eating it with lunchtime salad and mix it with protein-packed quinoa or even wild rice.

And if you want a ‘cheat meal’ with healthy calories, go for avocados as a topping for burgers, chicken, and fish. You can even use it as a baby food by mashing it up with foods and veggies for your baby.

6. For a healthy baby

avocados-during-pregnancyAvocado is a super-food for your unborn child. One cup of avocado once a day can provide almost a quarter of your daily folate needs during pregnancy.

This can help in decreasing the risk of birth defects in the child. It will even lower your risk of a heart attack. At the same time, a high number of nutrients in the food will keep you fit during the pregnancy so that you have a healthy baby.

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Pregnancy Yoga.

Try these tips for eating avocados

  • Try eating organic avocados or avocados that have been grown conventionally to avoid pesticides.
  • To help the fruit ripen up, cut it and then spritz the fruit with lemon juice. Wrap it up and keep it in the fridge.
  • Use unripe avocados for smoothies to add a unique texture.

Wondering what kind of avocados you should eat? Try Avocado Central.

Remember, avocados are dense fruits with nutrients, minerals and plant compounds that can ensure better health. They are great for your heart health, cutting cholesterol, promoting balanced blood sugar, ensuring reduced belly fat and keeping your baby fit. So, eat an avocado a day for good health

Love Fresh Avocados!

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