How to Use Almond oil for Dark Circles

Find A Way To Cure Dark Circles.

Almond oil for Dark Circles – Eyes, they say, are windows to the soul. You want your eyes to look perfect wherever you go. However, you must have observed that they are not always perfect as you want them to be.

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Dark puffy circles under your eyes often play a spoilsport for your beauty. They not only diminish the sparkle and glow of eyes but are also a sign of something wrong in the body. If you have also become tired of hiding those dark circles with makeup and concealers, it is time to look at almond oil for dark circles.

Almond oil has a variety of uses ranging from skin, hair, health. When it comes to treating those stubborn dark circles, almond oil can miraculously cure them as well. Dark circles are often caused due to different reasons. These include insufficient sleep, stress, dehydration, sinuses, allergies, or simply genetics.

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Most of these causes lead to accumulation of toxins and water loss from the cells and tissues under eyes. They also dilate the blood vessels and restrict the blood flow to vessels present in this region. Due to this, the area becomes dark as well as puffy in some cases. Moreover, the skin under eyes is fragile and sensitive because of which these effects become even more pronounced.

Why Almond Oil For Dark Circles

If you have tried all expensive eye creams and other products to reduce dark circles, it is time to try perhaps the cheapest of all- almond oil. Using almond oil for eyes is one of the surest ways to get rid of dark circles and puffy eyes.

The natural moisturizing action of Almond oil coupled with its antioxidant properties makes it an ideal remedy for curing dark circles. Out of all vitamins present in almond oil, Vitamin K is the vitamin which helps to remove dark circles and puffy eyes. Vitamin K helps in discoloring the blackness under the eyes by removing blood clotting under vessels.

Almond oil also has palmitic acid and retinol which helps in promoting soft and healthy skin under eyes by providing moisture in the delicate under- eye region. This also nullifies the effect of any dehydration and maintains enough moisture under eyes to stop dark circles.

In addition to removing the causes and preventing dark circles, Almond oil also helps in reducing any present puffiness around eyes. This is due to its anti-inflammatory properties as well as exfoliating nature. By applying almond oil under eyes for few days, you can easily get rid of the puffy bags under your eyes. It not only reduces the puffiness but also clean the delicate skin under eyes.

How to Use Almond Oil For Eyes

So, you see there are several benefits of using almond oil for dark circles under eyes. Now, the question arises, how to use almond oil for eyes? Well, again you can use almond oil in a variety of ways to treat dark circles, puffy eye bags, and eye wrinkles.

Here are some useful tips to help you use almond oil for dark circles:

1. Before going to bed at the night, wash your face with a cleansing agent or a gentle face wash. Take cotton and soak it in a small amount of almond oil. Now carefully apply this mixture under your eyes by gently massaging the area in a circular motion. Leave it for the overnight and wash it in the morning to remove the oil. Do this regularly to effectively reduce and prevent dark circles.

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2. Another way to use almond oil for eyes is to mix it with rose oil. The mixture is a refreshing and powerful remedy to treat dark circles under eyes. It not only softens the eyes but also conceals effects of eye strain or fatigue. Soak a cotton pad with both oils in equal amount and dab the skin under eyes with it. Wait for minimum 30 minutes and then wash the oils using water.

3. You can also raw honey mixed with almond oil to treat puffy eyes and dark circles. Mix equal amounts of almond oil and raw honey in a beaker. Apply this mixture on the delicate under eye skin and leave it overnight. In the morning wash it with water, preferably warm water.

4. Almond oil along with milk is one of the best traditional remedies to cure dark circles. For this, you will need powdered milk or regular milk. In the case of powdered milk, prepare a paste with almond oil and apply it on your skin under eyes.

If you are using regular milk, then use cotton for applying an equal mixture of two and leave it overnight. Regularly using this combination will give you excellent results.

For achieving desired results of using almond oil for dark circles, you need to use it daily and wait for few days and sometimes even weeks. However, maintain care while applying almond oil under eyes as it is very sensitive and you should not use almond oil in excess.

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