17 Beach-Themed Bedrooms To Bring Back Your Golden Beach Memories

They Will Leave You Spellbound.

Beach Themed Bedrooms

Beach Themed Bedrooms – Who does not love visiting beautiful beaches and experiencing the cold sea air? The refreshing environment of a beach along with the feeling of cold water under feets can relieve you of every tension and worry in this world. How amazing will it be to recreate that environment inside your bedroom? Yes. It is entirely possible with beach themed bedrooms.

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Beach inspired bedrooms are an excellent way to experience the aura and energy of a beach right inside your bedroom. Even if you are away from a real beach, you can always find those moments of peace of beach when you adopt a beach styled bedroom. And we are here to help you in discovering some of the most exquisite beach themed bedrooms which will forever change the way you look at your bedroom:

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1. Awesome Ocean Beach Style Bedroom


Cool turquoise color, ocean-themed accessories, and blue curtains make this beach style bedroom one of our favorite beach themed bedrooms. When you close the curtains, you cannot help but get the feeling of sleeping inside a box surrounded by a vast ocean. In addition to the strong ocean blue color, the use of occasional white at few places adds a lovely charm to the room.

2. Brown beach bedroom


This beach inspired bedroom is sure to make you go down in the memory lane with your parents on beaches. Soft brown color along with cute sea star design is just beautiful, don’t you think? To revive your childhood dream of becoming a sailor and conquering the sea, you can also find a sailor map drawn on one of the pillows!

3. Beautiful beach decor for bedroom

Don’t have time to renovate your whole bedroom? Well, then this beach decor for bedroom design is perfect for you. You can decorate any portion of your bedroom by hanging beach accessories like this. Seahorses, fish, sea stars, and a breathtaking blue color of surroundings. What is not there to turn your room into a sea adventure?

4. Cool coastal beach theme bedroom


You cannot help but drift into those cool beach mornings in coastal areas while sleeping in this beach theme bedroom. However, what makes it into one of the best beach themed bedrooms is the smart use of oars on the back wall. The symmetrical placement of wall paintings and use of aquarium like the base of the lamp makes this into an ideal beachy bedroom.

5. Classic coastal beach style bedroom


This is an ingenious use of beach patterns on accessories to give a coastal look to the entire bedroom. What is more commendable is that you may not have to make any significant changes in the wall pattern or color for implementing this design. The use of green weed-like plant on bedside further enhances the look of this beach style bedroom.

6. Premium beach inspired bedroom


Your guests are going to love the premium feel of this beach inspired bedroom with pastel wooden accent. The two paintings on the top will remind you of those little sea creatures you encountered during your dive at the beach. The use of rugged material at the back of bed further enhances the beachy theme of this bedroom.

7. Outstanding oar themed beachy bedroom


Spacious with a classy beachy theme– this beach bedroom boasts of the fresh pair of oars on the back wall. The light accent of brown, white and a hint of blue is completing the look of beach in this bedroom. Out of all beach themed bedrooms, this is one is just outstanding, don’t you think?

8. Tranquil beach themed bedroom


The vision of seas and beaches always manages to instill a deep sense of peace and tranquility to mind, isn’t it? Now you can always experience those feelings whenever you enter this beach inspired bedroom. The overall vibe of the room is entirely enchanting, and the beautiful, circular paintings are just ideally placed in the room.

9. Countryside beach themed bedroom


If you have a house at countryside but want to enjoy the surroundings of a beach house, we have an ideal solution for you. Check out this beach themed bedroom with a prominent presence of sea stars on bed accessories and door frame. The use of fresh blue color and white accent can make this bedroom your favorite of all beach inspired bedrooms.

10. Original coastal beach inspired bedroom


It will not be an exaggeration to say that this is one of the most creative beach themed bedroom ideas. Just look at those innovative use of weathered wooden floors and side of beds. Where can you find this unique blend of beach and a beach house inside a bedroom?

11. Fantastic Beach Themed Bedroom Decor


This one is one of the grandest depiction of using beach styled bedroom decor. The vast space of the room is accentuated by the use of beach themed drawings on bedroom decor items. Especially the varied use of sea fern on paintings, bed sheets, and pillows is just marvelous.

12. Cute beach bedroom theme idea


Your kids are going to love you for decorating their rooms like this. With those little fish drawings, fish accessories and the use of quirky shades of blue make this as one of the best beach themed bedrooms for kids. You can even relive your childhood by designing your bedroom like this for a change. We all are children by heart, aren’t we?

13. Amazing beach style bedroom

Beach Wall Art For Bedroom Images For Teen Beach Bedroom Ideas B

This one is style redefined with a refreshing, exciting yet tranquil look. The use of a miniature wooden boat along with a cool sign board will transport you to the world of beaches and oceans. The combination of cheerful blue color along with a soft shade of brown is like a cherry on the cake for this true beach style bedroom.

14. Best beach style bedroom

It takes guts to name a design the best of all designs in the list. However, we genuinely think this could be the best beach style bedroom here. Just look at the sea like surroundings, accessories like sea shells, sea stars, classic withered wooden bed, and that beautiful quote on the backside. How cannot anybody adore this bedroom? What do you think?

15. Gorgeous beach inspired bedroom


Now what we can say about this? Doesn’t it look like an ideal romantic getaway at a beautiful beach? Well, sure it does. Even if you do not have an actual beach outside, you can always decorate your bedroom with those stylish white curtains with the use of aqua blue cushions. Add it to the charm of wooden ceilings and you have got a grand, gorgeous beach themed bedroom.

16. Creative beach decor for bedroom


You can get a stylish beach look in your bedroom even if you use colorful and original beach decor accessories. For example, in this beach themed bedroom, several such accessories are bearing the soigneurs from the beach- jellyfish, sea star, sea horse to name a few. Your kids are going to adore this cute cocktail of coastal touch.

17. Fun Beachy Bedroom Idea

We love this design due to its sheer simplicity and honesty. The design may not look like other beach themed bedrooms, but it is unique in its way. Plus the quirky design on the pillow and the messy environment behind the curtains may inspire you to revisit your dream of becoming a secret pirate in the sea experimenting with weird ideas.

You may not always be near a beach to refresh yourself, but you can always renovate your bedroom by using these beach themed bedroom ideas. Which of the above beach inspired bedrooms is your favorite? Share with us in the comments below. Also look at these stunning bedroom wallpaper ideas to decorate your bedroom.

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