16 Stunning Bedroom Wallpaper Ideas Which Will Transform Your Bedroom

Try Any of These Bedroom Wallpaper To Transform It.

Bedroom Wallpaper Ideas

Bedroom Wallpaper Ideas – Designing your bedroom is always a fun process. You have full freedom to choose your selection of bedroom design. However, did you know that your bedroom wallpaper can also prove to be an essential element in the overall design of your bedroom? Have you ever gone to somebody’s place and love their bedroom wallpaper idea?

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Today we will show you some of the most splendid bedroom wallpaper ideas that can take the whole energy of your bedroom to an altogether different level:

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1. Gorgeous Green Bedroom Wallpaper


A shiny wooden flooring along with a glossy green wallpaper makes this bedroom wallpaper idea a killer one. The beautiful drawing of the butterfly along with the intelligent use of green color on the bed sheet and storage cabinets is adding a gorgeous look to this wallpaper design. We cannot help but drool over this beautiful idea of bedroom wallpaper.

2. Purple Abstract Bedroom Wallpaper Idea


The spiritual purple color is aptly used here to design wallpaper for bedroom. The pattern is a bit abstract but is working magically against the backdrop of an orange hanging light ball. In fact, the use of two bright colors amidst lighter shades of colors is truly ingenious. What do you think of this bedroom wallpaper design?

3. Soft Floral Wallpaper for Bedroom


This one is for nature lovers who just can’t get enough of natural beauty. The application of light, floral print against a white backdrop on the wallpaper design brings out a soft and relaxing aura of the bedroom. Green matching lamp with the flowery print on wall adds a subtle yet surprising dimension to this bedroom wallpaper design.

Light flower Bedroom Wallpaper
Light flower Bedroom Wallpaper

Explore the Natural Beauty in your Bedroom with perfect lighting in your Bedroom. Red flower with Light Cream bedroom wallpaper is One of the Amazing bedroom wallpaper ideas that work best with the Light.

Red flower with Light Cream from Wolpin Polyvinyl Chloride Self Adhesive Sticker Wallpaper has a Rating of 4.2 out of 5 from 1876 review on Amazon and available at the price of Rs. 1490

4. Cheerful Green Wallpaper Design


You cannot help but get instantly revived on entering this bedroom with a bright green wallpaper design which seems to have originated directly from an artist’s book. The design looks stunning and almost life-like making it difficult to distinguish between design and reality. Moreover, the light shade of remaining room presents a stark contrast to the bedroom wallpaper.

5. Black and White Floral Bedroom Wallpaper


A unique yet impressive bedroom wallpaper idea. There are two shades of colors namely black and white in varying proportions. This wallpaper design makes its mark entirely by simplicity by using these two colors to depict the otherwise colorful nature of flowers. It will take a bold and creative person to implement this idea. Are you the one?

black Water Color Floral wallpaper
black Water Color Floral wallpaper

Continuing the Trend of Black and White Bedroom Wallpaper. Black Watercolor Floral is another great idea for your Black and white theme Bedroom.

Cover your entire bedroom with Black Watercolor Floral Bedroom wallpaper with a self-adhesive peel and apply feature that provides you creative freedom. Black Watercolor Floral Bedroom Wallpaper is available on Amazon at the price of Rs.10820.

6. Refreshing Bedroom Wallpaper Idea


Out of all bedroom wallpaper ideas so far, this one deserves top marks due to its sheer creativity and uniqueness in design. You can depict the name of your family around the triangle illustrated in this bedroom wallpaper. The black triangle against a stark white background makes this one an interesting piece of pattern.

7. Lovely Feather Wallpaper Design for Bedroom


You are simply going to adore this cute wallpaper design for bedroom. What is more exciting is that there is a use of only two colors- red and white in this whole bedroom. The white feathers on the wallpaper look just divine with the use of red flowery petals on bedsheet and pillows.

8. Artistic Framed Wallpaper for Bedroom


This one is another premium looking bedroom wallpaper idea. Moreover, it is quite out of the box looking like a collage of handmade blocks and frames as wallpaper. You may need some time to get used to such a unique look, but we are sure that you and your guests will appreciate your taste in choosing bedroom wallpapers.

9. Forest Bedroom Wallpaper Idea


Bring out the forest and nature right into your bedroom with this amazing bedroom wallpaper. The wallpaper of dark forest trees in a white themed bedroom without any usage of other colors makes this as one of the top bedroom wallpaper ideas. You can also place a vase of plant in the room further to accentuate the forest look of this bedroom wallpaper design.

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10. Flower Filling Bedroom Wallpaper


It looks straight out of fantasy lands, and your kids, especially your daughters will love this look in their bedrooms. Even doors, bedsheets, ceiling carry the same pattern through out the room making this as one of rare bedroom wallpaper ideas. The combination of metallic and wooden furniture adds an antique touch to surroundings of this bedroom.

11. Designer Wallpaper for Bedroom


Art lovers are just going to fall for this beautiful designer bedroom wallpaper. Nine beautiful patterns on the wall give a splendid look this wallpaper design. In fact, you can modify this design by using the same number of paintings and hang them on the back wall to have a new wallpaper for bedroom without any extra fuss.

Branch Flowers and Cage bedroom Wallpaper
Branch Flowers and Cage bedroom Wallpaper

Another way to give your bedroom a designer look is to use lights on Wallpaper in a creative way. Branch Flowers and Cage is a great example of designer bedroom wallpaper. Use proper light below the wallpaper and enjoy your Designer Bedroom.

Branch Flowers and Cage Bedroom Wallpaper also give you a natural vibe with Designer looks. Purchase your Branch Flowers and Cage wallpaper from Amazon at Rs. 830 and Rated 4.2 out of 5 Stars by 731 Customers.

12. Color Contrast Bedroom Wallpaper


This one has a flawless implementation of color contrast. On one hand, you have a predominantly black and white theme in the bedroom while there is a colorful cocktail wallpaper design at the back. It cannot get better than this, don’t you think?

13. Freedom Bedroom Wallpaper


You will agree when we say that this is perhaps one of the best bedroom wallpaper ideas out there. Just a simple dark blue background on which white color is used to bring out peace and freedom of feathers and a flock of birds. Also, the stylish wooden bed in the setting acts as a cherry on the cake for this wallpaper design.

Song of Birds Bedroom Wallpaper
Song of Birds Bedroom Wallpaper

Song of birds bedroom wallpaper with light cream background gives you an amazing feeling of freedom and flock of Birds flying and Singing feels so happy

Apply These Bedroom Wallpaper ideas in your bedroom and enjoy the freedom.

Buy Song of Birds Bedroom Wallpaper on Amazon at just Rs. 499. with the self-adhesive PVC material you can easily apply it on walls. That’s why it’s rated 4.2 stars out of 5 from 555 users Reviews.

14. Cute Wallpaper Design for Bedroom


If you like to bring a bit of feisty look to your bedroom, then this cute wallpaper is ideal for you. The chic green theme suits well with the sophisticated pattern on the wall. In addition to it, the use of wooden flooring in the bedroom takes the beauty of this room to an altogether different level.

15. Adventure Bedroom Wallpaper Idea


Your spirit of adventure and sense of exploration will come alive with this awesome bedroom wallpaper idea. The depiction of a world map at the back side and a tripod stand in the corner of the room are just perfect for any aspiring world traveler. Even if you are not one of those, you will definitely love to have this wallpaper for bedroom.

World map Wallpaper
World Map Wallpaper

Get your World Map bedroom Wallpaper with World Trip Plans Behind your bed that Will Remind you of your upcoming Adventure.

You can buy World map bedroom wallpaper on Amazon at Rs. 830 only. made with easy to apply self-adhesive PVC Vinyl material and has 4.2 Stars from 1885 user reviews.

16. Imaginative Wallpaper for Bedroom


This one is has a unique design for both floors as well as bedroom wallpaper. It has a slightly different touch with an intelligent use of only circles to create an imaginative as well as impressive pattern. Moreover, the side tables with a circular cut form a nice addition to the overall setting of the room. The painting at the back side of back and middle of wall is another masterstroke to enhance the look of the bedroom.

A perfect bedroom wallpaper can always do wonders to the look of your bedroom. We are sure that your search for that perfect wallpaper for bedroom ends with these mind blowing bedroom wallpaper ideas.

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