7 Amazing Health Benefits of Waking Up Early For You (2021)

benefits of waking up early

There are various benefits of waking up early. I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase, “Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.” Some people believe it is good for them, and some have different opinions. This has been a debate for so many years and will continue in the future as well.

Let’s make things simple. I’ll tell you the benefits of waking up early and then you decide if you want to wake up early or not.

Benefits of Waking Up Early

1. Waking Up Early Improves Organizing Skills

waking up early makes you a more organized person
Rising early gives you time to Organize

One of the benefits of rising early is that you can become an organized person. The first step in this skill improvement starts with organizing your day.

Mornings are considered to be the most peaceful time of the day. So, why not use this quiet time in planning your day. It will help in reducing the unnecessary rush in your daily life and helps you in fulfilling your task easily.

Having many things organized will also help in reducing stress levels. The benefit of waking up early is that you’ll inculcate the habit of organizing things as much as you can. It can be for office work, personal work or some other thing.

2. Waking Up Early Helps in Quality Sleep

rising early makes you sleep better
Waking up early makes your seep better

Other benefits of getting up early are that you can get quality sleep and also sleep fast. Our body has an internal clock that’s one of the function is to give sleep signals. During the night, it signals our body and mind that the time to sleep is near.

When someone sleeps at the same time consistently, it improves the quality of sleep. It helps our body and mind to rest properly and makes them healthier.

Anyone who gets up early, tend to sleep earlier and quicker. It is more likely that he/she will be completing 4 to 6 sleep cycles that are recommended. Thus, when you get up early, you feel rejuvenated and well-rested.

3. Waking Up Early Boosts Mental Fitness

waking up early makes you mentally fit
Waking up early improves your concentration

Rising early can make your mind healthier. Good quality sleep also improves the concentration and memory of a person. Thus, you can perform your task faster and in a better way.

The benefits of rising early also include better brain functioning, critical thinking and problem-solving skills. All these things help in reducing stress levels and anxiety. Hence, overall it will make your brain more relaxed, peaceful and energetic.

4. Waking Up Early Makes you More Productive

better productivity by waking up early
Getting up early improves productivity

You remember our elders told us to study in the early morning. This is because in the morning our mind is completely relaxed and alert. Our concentration, memory, and energy level is also high at that time. Taking all these things into consideration, a person will be more energetic and efficient.

Students must be aware of these advantages of waking up early, as it is difficult for them to rise early. Studies have also shown that people who wake early can take better decisions.

5. Waking Up Early Gives you More Time

The benefit of waking up at 5 AM is that we get time to do activities that we can’t able to find time for. These are some of the tasks that people who get up early like doing:

waking up early gives you more time.
waking up early gives you ‘me time’


The benefits of waking up at 5 AM are that you can get time to do exercise, yoga meditation. It is hard to do in the later parts of the day considering the hectic schedules of many people. The morning sunlight is also beneficial for our health.


The most common problem of all the people who wakes up late is that they can’t eat their breakfast properly. If you are getting up early, you can easily get time to have a healthier and peaceful breakfast. Unlike others, they don’t need to rush and eat breakfast in a hurry.

Me Time

This is one of my favourite advantages of waking up early. We get the time to enjoy those peaceful moments with ourselves. Seeing the sunrise in a quiet environment makes a very good start to the day.

6. Waking Up Early Makes you a Problem Solver

getting up early improves problem solving skills
Getting up early improves problem solving skills

This importance of waking up early should not be taken lightly. Problem-solving skill is that one skill that we all need to succeed or even survive at some times.

Rising early can improve your problem-solving skills. No doubt, a healthy and fit mind can find solutions more easily. You are prepared physically and mentally to face the difficulties of your life.

7.  Waking Up Early Instils Happiness

rising up early makes you more happy
Getting up early can make you a happy person

Giving thought to all the benefits of waking up early, you’ll find yourself happier and satisfied. You don’t feel stressed quite often, you become calm and composed. That’s the answer you’ll get most of the time while asking, how to look attractive?

Waking up at 5 AM or 4 AM may be, is a decision that you make for yourself, for your dreams, for your family. And, a good decision makes you feel accomplished and happy. According to a studypeople who wake up early have a more positive mindset than the night owls.

Inculcating just this habit of waking up early can make a big difference in someone’s life. So, after knowing the importance of waking up early, let me tell you the ways.

Ways to Wake Up Early

1. Sleep Early, Wake Up Early

If someone wants to get up early, then go to bed early. You should get a sleep of 7-8 hours to get proper rest. If a person is sleeping at 1 AM and waking up at 5 AM, then there is no use in waking up early.

If you want to wake up at 5 AM, then go to around 9-10 PM. Only then when your alarm rings, you don’t feel tired and sleepy.

2. Electronic Devices Stops you from Wake Up Early

This can be a challenging task for you, but to enjoy the benefits, you have to do it. Mobile, T.V., laptops are the biggest distractions while you try to sleep.

Also, the blue light-emitting from them can confuse your internal clock. It signals our mind that it is not the time to sleep. Instead, you can read books at night before you go to sleep.

3. Morning Routine helps in Waking Up Early

You feel lazy to wake up in the morning if you don’t know what to do after waking up. To resolve this issue, make a morning routine for yourself. You can go walking, play outdoor games, exercise, read, meditate, plan the day, etc. For the tasks you have decided to do in the morning, just make a list of them. This will make you excited for the early morning.

4. Evaluate What’s affecting your Sleep

Some people feel difficult to sleep properly. They are neglecting the health benefits of waking up early and might be left behind. The reasons for it can be in your daily routine. Evaluate your day and try to find out the things that could affect your sleep. It can be workload pressure, anxiety, caffeine consumption during the evening or night, long nap during the day, etc.

According to a study, adults are not getting proper sleep due to their workload pressure. Once you figure out the probable reason, try to resolve it. This can help you in getting up earlier.


So, have you decided to wake up early? After reading all these health benefits of waking up early, I’m certain you did. For the betterment of your life, now it’s your decision making and execution time. It may be hard to wake up early in the beginning but it will eventually become a habit that will you fruitful results all your lifetime.