8 Foolish BLUNDERS Married Men Must Immediately Stop Making

Lets Find Some Behaviors of Couples.


Are you doing things which may make your marriage sour without any realization? Alternatively, do you find your partner often doing things which irritate you to no end? There is a stark difference between the behaviors of males and females after they get married.

There are times when married men continue to do things out of habit without realizing their impact on their wives. Gradually with time, these small things may lead to unspoken things and petty arguments and fights between the couple.

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If you are one of those married men, this article is for you. You may not even realize, but you might be committing some serious mistakes which could jeopardize your whole relationship and marriage.

Check out these blunders which married men must stop making right now if you want your relationship to blossom forever:

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1. Fixing Her Instead of Empathizing

How many times has it happened with you that you are intently listening to your woman, and you decide to give a piece of advice or two? However, it did not work exactly as you had hoped it to be. It is a fundamental nature of males to look for solutions to problems and offer their advice to their better halves.

However, women just need an attentive and empathic ear who can just listen instead of fixing her or offering any concrete solution to the problem. So, refrain from giving any advice or solution while she is sharing her thoughts or problems with you and just listen emphatically.

2. Stop Staring

stop-staringOnce you are married, you are no longer that free single hunk who can check out as many girls and woman he wants. You have already got a beautiful wife with whom you have vowed to spend the rest of your life together.

Nothing annoys a woman as much as when she finds you staring at another woman in parties or family functions. So, if you do not want to invite the wrath of her at home, you better control your eye movement and only use it to admire the beauty of your beloved wife!

3. Keeping Movies or Sports Before Her

Yes, you love sports and watching games or movies with your college buddies is one of your favorite past times. However, when you get married, things will change and so will your priorities.

Nobody is telling you to give up the things you love the most entirely, but it does not help your marriage if you continue your behavior of your college days even after getting married. She is an integral part of your life now and needs your attention and love more than your love of sports and games.

4. Hiding Your Feelings

Traditionally, men are supposed to be strong who do not display their feelings and emotions out in public. However, your wife expects you to open up to her about what you think and feel in the similar way she usually opens up to you.

Yes, you may not be inclined to share everything which goes on in your mind regularly. However, occasionally you should try to have an open, honest communication with your wife and share your innermost thoughts with her. It will make her feel an integral part of your life, and you both will feel more connected to each other.

5. Watching Porn

watching-pornIf you look for excitement outside indulging into infidelity, that is a sure shot reason behind the possible ending of your marriage. However, if you look for excitement in the virtual world of porn fantasizing yourself with pixels on your screen, it may prove equally detrimental to your marriage.

Watching porn does more harm to your brain than you can imagine and desensitize your feelings to real connection and physical intimacy. So, if you want to bring in intimacy to your relationship, spend time with your wife rather than looking at porn on your laptop.

6. Spending without Telling

At times, men make this grave mistake of spending a hefty amount of money without telling their wives. You may simply assume that it does not matter as you spent that money on fulfilling a need and she would understand.

However, nothing can be further from the truth. Your wife deserves and expects to know about major expenditures as she is a part of your life now. Finances are an integral component of your married life so you must share any initial expenses before you decide to make them.

7. Being Selfish In Bed

being-selfish-in-bedNothing can turn off and affect your married life than your selfishness in the most intimate moments with your partners. When it comes to physical intimacy, it is an important part of your married relationship, and you must know what she wants from you rather than focusing on your pleasure.

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Even if you are clueless about her needs, be open and ask her honestly. This will not only improve your connection with each other but will also make those moments special for her.

8. Connected More With Smartphone/Laptop

connected-more-with-smartphone-laptopConstant connection with your smartphones and laptops is a serious modern disease which may lead to disconnection with your family and kids. If you spend a large portion of your time at home on your smartphone and laptops instead of spending it with your children and wife, it is a major blunder which can damage your relationship with both of them.

You may be making these above mistakes without even realizing it. The above things may look trivial to you at first, but they play a significant role in maintaining a loving relationship with your partner for the rest of your life. Your partner may or may not tell you about how she feels about these things but trust us that they do matter in a long term.

What other blunders do you think married men make which adversely impact their long-term relationship? Tell us in the comments below.

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