how to be successful in life

How To Be Successful In Life?

‘Leaders don’t do different things. They do things differently,’ said Shiv Khera, a popular self-help author. So whether or not you like him, you cannot disagree with the fact that people who are successful won’t necessarily do different things, rather they will do the normal things differently- over and over again till they succeed. So, if you want success in life, you might wish to take a clue and try to do these things.

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1Aim High To Get Success In Life

You should be comfortable with what you have, but you should strive for more. That’s not possible if you aim too low and not high! Every great personality, who have succeeded in their lives have always thought big and aimed high.

No matter how impossible their goal was, they worked for it. Of course, a lot of them fell short of their objectives, but they managed to get the next best whatsoever!

2Don’t Shy Away from Working Harder

There may be a shortcut on how to become successful in life, but there is none for working hard. Even if you do have a ‘short-cut’ plan, you will have to work harder to make it succeed. So, don’t shy away from hard work. At the same time, work smarter. After all, that’s how people achieve success in life!

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3You will fail- But that shouldn’t worry you!

You will fail- But that shouldn’t worry you!

That’s a fact about life. We are all bound to fail at some point or the other. However, you shouldn’t be scared of failing. You should rather be afraid of not rising again. You may succeed in your first attempt, but don’t lose faith if you don’t.

Remember, Thomas Alva Edison had made 1000 unsuccessful attempts before he invented a fully working electric light bulb. On being asked how he felt failing 1000 times, he simply replied that failures were a path or the number of steps he took to win.

4You Need To Balance Work and Life

This cannot be stressed enough. Gone are the days when the professional life could be kept completely different from your personal life. This doesn’t happen anymore. However, if you don’t find the right balance, you will end up having a constant battle for peace, against chaos. So, find a balance. That’s different for everyone. Make sure that your balance fulfills your needs.

5Believe in Yourself

Believing is succeeding. No one can tell you how to achieve success except for you. Half the battle is won if you firmly believe that you are going to succeed. The concept is simple, if you can dream of it, then you can certainly make it happen.

6Be Determined to Achieve Success

Be Determined to Achieve Success

You don’t just have to believe in yourself. You have to be committed to achieving. Mere belief will only help you draw plans, but the determination will turn those plans into implemented ideas. Unless you have a firm determination to succeed, no matter how good your idea may be or how hard you are working towards it, nothing will turn fruitful.

7Find You Passion

Whether it is cooking, body-building, software engineering or housekeeping, have a passion. No matter how absurd this sounds, but if you are thinking of how to succeed in life, then finding your passion and nurturing it is the key. Doing something halfheartedly never materializes.

Therefore, if you want to succeed, you need to find your passion and works towards it. If you haven’t found a passion, don’t worry! Work on the thing that interests you the most and waits till you develop a passion for something you like.

8Improve Your Social Skills

Inter-personal and intra-personal skills are important. Do you know why so many god-men and saints were popular? Because they had great social and cognitive skills. You need that as well. Practice speaking in front of the mirror, be more conscious about your body language, and you will succeed.

9Be On The Wagon of New Ideas

Be on the wagon of new ideas

One shouldn’t be afraid of introducing new ideas and concepts, no matter how irrational it may sound. Until you have worked with an idea, you wouldn’t know whether it’s a winner or a looser.

When finding ideas, make sure that you don’t dismiss the vague thoughts you have. First write down the ideas and then weigh the pros and cons. That way no idea will die an unnecessary death.

10Find A Balance Between Optimism and Pessimism

Many personalities would tell you that you need to be optimistic and confident to succeed. Well, that’s not true! Too much of optimism will cloud your judgment and you will not assess the negatives of a situation.

At the same time, too much of pessimism will never let you reach your fullest potential. So, find a balance between the two. Have the optimism to grow and the pessimism to question the stream of things happening around you.

11Invest in Your Relationships

The happiness behind success is nothing if you don’t have relationships to share it with. So, nurture professional personal relationships and success will follow through. Why? Because people close to you will always prompt you to succeed, will fill you with inspiration and motivation to reach higher.

12Follow Your Intuition

Follow Your Intuition

That gut feeling might not be correct, but it needs to be heard. If your gut feeling says that something is too good to be true, then it probably is. If your gut tells you to invest, go ahead! Follow your intuitions. It will mostly help you make the right decisions.

13Don’t Waste Too Much Time on Entertainment

Video games, television, movies and clubs are great, but a person craving for success will find more entertainment in solving business problems or nurturing their passions.

14Start Seeing Opportunities

How to get success in life? By recognizing, trailing and following opportunities. Start seeing opportunities in different things and step up to the challenge.

15Stop Overload of Information

Stop Overload of Information

Don’t put yourself in ‘quandary of paralysis by analysis,’ i.e. instead of aiding, too much information affect your plans negatively. Make sure that you get the information from reliable resources, but don’t get too much information or it will just confuse you.

So, follow these commandments and you will be on the path to success. And this is how to be successful in life.

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