11 Commandments to Be The Best Girlfriend In The World

This Is How You Can Be The Best Girlfriend.

How to Be the Best Girlfriend

How to Be the Best Girlfriend – Ladies! This might be the most valuable article you will ever read on how to be the best girlfriend and by extension, be the best life partner of your boyfriend. No, it is not about you using fake beauty makeovers or cheap seduction tactics. A great girlfriend is way beyond these outer facades or pretending to be someone you are not.

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If you are lucky to be in a relationship with a sensible, caring, smart, and intelligent boy, he surely looks beyond these trivial things. Instead, you want to be someone with whom he would feel lucky to spend the rest of his life.

So, without further adieu, check out these 11 tips to know how to be the best girlfriend in the world:

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1. Be Confident in Your Skin

A bit of modesty is okay and at times cute. However, when that becomes self-doubt, and you persistently ask him about how you look and look for his validity, it is a big turn off. Just be confident and self-assured in our skin and do not stop yourself from putting your real self in front of your boyfriend. He loves and respects you for it.

2. Know What You Want

This goes for trivial, day to day stuff and more for your long term desires and expectations from a relationship. When you know what you want from your life and relationships, it will become easier for him to understand you on a deeper level. It will also ensure that he does not hurt you unintentionally in future.

3. Speak Up Rather Than Dropping Vague Hints

speak-up-rather-than-dropping-vague-hintsMen absolutely hate it when instead of telling things in a straightforward manner, you decide to drop vague hints and expect them to understand. They are not as good as you in detecting your emotions and feelings without saying anything. So, speak up more if you want him to understand you.

4. Be The Life Support For Him

Just like he is always there for you whenever you go through a low phase, you must be there for him as well. Your boyfriend may go through various ups and down in lives, and you must act as a constant life support for him. Just be there with him, hold his hands, and make him feel that he is not alone in it.

5. Intelligence is Sexy. Turn it On.

There is nothing sexier to males than plain, raw intelligence. It may be cool for some to get attracted to bimbos in college times, but most men prefer their partners to be smart and intelligent enough to carry a real conversation with him. For some, it might be a huge turn on as well. So, turn on your intelligence. It is sexy!

6. Compliment Him On His Finer Qualities

compliment-him-on-his-finer-qualitiesOccasionally it is okay to boost his ego and compliment him on his abs and how great he looks. However, some men will always look better than him unless you are dating Brad Pitt. Instead, focus on the finer aspects of his personality which make him different and unique from others. A genuine compliment always works!

7. Never Nag For Small Things

Yes, we know that you want your boyfriend to listen to you and talk to you. However, it does not do too good if you are always nagging and complaining about even tiny things. Do not take yourself too seriously and do not sweat the small stuff.

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8. Share Your Dreams and Ambitions

share-your-dreams-and-ambitionsWomen with aspirations and dreams are very attractive. Your boyfriend will appreciate and love you even more if you could share your deepest desires and goals. He will also act as moral support for you and inspire you to follow your heart and be the best version of yourself.

9. Motivate Him

Never fail to inspire your boyfriend and motivate him in tough times. He expects you to be on his side in times of need, and you must make sure that you provide the necessary moral support to him.

10. Do Not Be Afraid To Take Initiative

Surprise your boyfriend by planning things and taking initiative for a change. Men love women who are not afraid to take charge. Do not always expect him to plan everything in advance. He will appreciate your gesture and start loving you even more. And then your friends will ask you how to be the best girlfriend!

11. Encourage Him To Spend Time With Friends

encourage-him-to-spend-time-with-friendsGuys are closer to their college buddies than you can imagine. So, if he wants to spend a weekend with his gang watching games or going out for movies, do not become needy all of a sudden and allow him freely to do so.

You can even go a step ahead and ask him to invite his friends at your place, and you can bond with his friends as well. It is an excellent gesture which will make him grateful that you are making an effort to become a part of his life.

If you follow the above rules, you will not only come out as a great person but also will never need to ask how to be the best girlfriend for the love of your life. Some of these rules may require you to come out of your comfort zone and do things which you may never have done.

However, what is life without having the courage to face your fear and move out of your comfort zone? So, implement these commandments immediately and be the best girlfriend he has ever had!

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