7 Magical Tips To Help You Wake Up Like A Ninja Without A Coffee

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how to wake up refreshed

How To Wake Up RefreshedDo you always need a dose of caffeine in the form of the coffee first thing in the morning? Are you obsessed about your morning cup of coffee without which you do not feel like going through the day at all? You may also be aware of the effects of excessive caffeine consumption on your body but find it difficult to let go of your love of morning coffee.

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As sleeping is important for us, so is waking up refreshed. You have come to the right place. You do not need to be dependent on caffeine to help you wake up in the morning.

If you are looking for ways to how to wake up refreshed, read these simple yet magical tips which will wake you up feeling like a ninja without any coffee:

1. Drink the Elixir of Life


Have you ever wondered what might be the reason you often feel sluggish immediately after waking up in the morning? A primary reason behind it is your body is often dehydrated in the morning after 7-8 hours of sleep without water. The lack of water can make you feel drowsy and sleepy.

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So, instead of immediately going for a cup of coffee, drink 3-4 glasses of water, preferably cold. This will instantly revive your senses and revitalize you after which you may not need the boost of caffeine at all.

2. Learn from Your Dog


If you want to learn how to wake up refreshed, next time carefully observe your dog or any dog which is sleeping. Notice the first thing it does as soon as it wakes up. You will see that the dog will have a long, extended stretch of its body before it gets up from its place. After the stretch, it instantly comes into action.

You can also incorporate a similar stretching routine which you can do first thing in the morning. Find simple stretching exercises which you can easily do while lying down and a couple of more while standing. You will be amazed to see the difference in the energy levels of your body while any tightness in the body will also be relieved.

3. Move Your Body


The most efficient method to wake up and get moving in the morning is to move your body and get some exercise in the morning.Go for a run or just a long walk outside. Any form of exercise will increase the blood flow in your body and will make you refreshed, not only in the morning but also for the whole day.

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It will also help you get fresh air and sunlight in the morning. This is also helpful if you are sitting in an office during the full day without any natural sunlight or fresh air.

4. Grab An Apple


Eating an apple is the best thing you can do for your body in the morning which is far better than drinking a cup of coffee. Apple contains natural fructose and fiber which slowly releases energy into your body instead of giving it an immediate sugar boost.

This allows you to remain full for a longer period in the morning without depending on caffeine to wake up and stay awake. If you do exercise in the morning, apple can also prove to be an excellent pre-workout meal.

5. Feel the Thrill of Cold Shower


Next tine someone asks you how to wake up refreshed, make him take a cold shower in the morning! Nothing can make you jump in the morning than the feeling of icy water on your body under a cold shower. You may not like this thrill of the cold shower in the beginning and may even let out a few curse words, waking up your other family members. However, you will be wide awake before you even realize it and that too without any coffee. Do try it from tomorrow!

6. Eat a Complex Breakfast


By eating complex breakfast, we mean that you must eat foods rich in complex carbohydrates having low glycemic index. Such foods do not cause immediate spikes in your blood glucose levels only to leave you hungry again after some time.

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Instead, they allow a gradual release of energy into your body and sustain you for longer periods. In this complex breakfast, you can have oatmeal, eggs, chia seeds, sprouts, and other similar items which are rich in all types of nutrients.

7. Try Tea


If you want to drink a beverage in the morning, instead of coffee, you can drink tea. Tea offers an excellent alternative to coffee In addition to caffeine; tea also contains many antioxidants which provide a host of other benefits to your health.

You also have many options for different types of teas. For example, you can try cinnamon tea, mint tea, green tea or black tea. You will not only find yourself awake but also refresh and re-energized after drinking any of these several teas in the morning.

So, if you have ever wondered how to wake up refreshed without coffee, the above magical tips are guaranteed to help you. You may be trying to reduce your caffeine consumption or simply do not like the strong taste of coffee.

Whatever is the reason, you do not have to rely on it always to get rid of your sleep and laziness in the morning. The above tips will ensure that you stay energized and fresh throughout your day without consuming excessive coffee.

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