9 Highly Effective Tips on Natural Teeth Whitening

Tips On Natural Teeth Whitening.

Natural Teeth Whitening

Natural Teeth Whitening – Apart from normal flossing and brushing techniques, people try to search other techniques to whiten their teeth. Moreover, while doing this, they come across various chemical treatments for the same purpose. These chemical treatments are not free from side effects and can cause problems like teeth sensitivity.

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What’s that? Well, if you eat or drink too cold or too hot edible items, then your teeth would not bear the feeling. That is what teeth sensitivity is all about. Moreover, you might suffer from some other oral health problems for using too much of harsh chemicals for whitening teeth.

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So, if you want to stay far from these then what you can do is you can follow some tips on natural teeth whitening which are described below.

1. Natural Teeth Whitening: Charcoal

Well, it sounds odd that a black colored thing can whiten your teeth. However, it works! Some time back there was a lot of controversy regarding charcoal as a teeth whitener, but if you read about charcoals and its properties then probably you will find that activated charcoal is a highly absorbent porous substance which can remove yellowness.

2. Natural Teeth Whitening: Basil

Basil is also known as the king of herbs. Ayurveda suggests basil leaves for clearing out the yellowness of teeth. You can grind basil leaves and mix it with your toothpaste and brush your teeth daily with it. Alternatively, you can make a paste out of it and use it as toothpaste.

3. Natural Teeth Whitening: Miswak

If you have not heard of it, then miswak is the natural alternative to the modern toothbrush. It has a well-preserved history and is also known for its medical teeth benefits. It is a natural teeth whitener, and if you just brush your teeth with miswak, you do not have to use toothpaste.

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4. Natural Teeth Whitening: Margosa

Margosa can also help you with your teeth problem. It can get rid of bad breath and also assist you with natural teeth whitening to an extent.

5. Natural Teeth Whitening: Salt

This is a very good option and one of the best natural teeth whitening choices. You can mix some salt in a warm glass of water and rinse your mouth with it every day. In fact, you should do this every day after dinner.

By doing so, you can get rid of your bad breath problem. If you do this for about a month, combined with brushing your teeth twice every day, you will find your teeth brighter and whiter than before. You can also gargle with warm salt water.

This way you will get two benefits – one is natural teeth whitening, and the other is that it takes care of the tonsil problem as well.

6. Natural Teeth Whitening: Strawberry Passes

Strawberries contain malic acid that helps in a natural way to whiten teeth. You can prepare a strawberry paste and use it like normal toothpaste to brush teeth. However, do it only once or twice a week. Also, use the tip along with brushing your teeth regularly in a normal way to achieve a significant difference.

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7. Natural Teeth Whitening: Hydrogen Peroxide

The bleaching effect of Hydrogen peroxide can whiten your teeth too. Mouthwash that contains hydrogen peroxide can also be used but make sure that you do not swallow hydrogen peroxide.

You can also make a paste by mixing a little amount of bleaching powder with less concentrated hydrogen peroxide and brush your teeth and then rinse your mouth thoroughly. Later on, you can brush your teeth with regular toothpaste.

8. Natural Teeth Whitening: Orange Peel

Cleaning your teeth with a fresh peel of orange will reduce the yellowness of your teeth. Before going to bed, if you rub your teeth with orange peel then the vitamin C and calcium present in the peel would protect you from the microorganisms throughout the night. Dried orange peel powder also works if fresh peels aren’t available. Do this for about a week and then you can see the effects taking place.

9. Natural Teeth Whitening: Oil Pulling

Oil pulling is a good natural teeth whitening technique. In this, you have to put some organic oil in your mouth and swish it in your mouth for some time and spit. You can use coconut oil for oil pulling. If you do this too on a regular basis, then your teeth will be smooth and shiny, and you would also be free from plaques.

Oil Pulling also has another important benefit that it activates your body in the morning, and you feel fresh after doing this on a regular basis.

If you want to have white teeth, then you should strictly follow one of the natural teeth whitening tips mentioned above for natural teeth whitening at home and best of all is the salt water tip. It is simple, and it will not do any harm to you. Bleaching powder or hydrogen peroxide might cause some trouble therefore consulting a dentist would be a wiser choice.

Apart from all these you can take preventive measures like avoiding tobaccos, smoking. They are not only bad for your teeth whiteness but also enemies of your health. Eating too much of tobacco or smoking too much can cause oral and lung cancer respectively.

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