Top 10 New Year’s Eve Party Games That Your Guests Will Actually Enjoy

Do Not Let Your New Year Party Become Boring, Find Best Game To Play.

new year party games

New Year Eve Games – Have you ever been to one of those parties where guests just hang around one another not knowing what to do? There are random talks, awkward pauses, and uncomfortable silence.

You’d not want that to happen with your New Year party, right? So, you must plan some New Year Eve games that can break the ice between guests who do not know each other and get them in a fun and relaxed mood.

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Games can transform the atmosphere of any party and make your guests bond with each other in a better manner. Moreover, if you are throwing a New Year party for kids, having exciting party games is just non-negotiable!

That is why we bring you these New Year game ideas to help you plan a memorable New Year party. These New Year Eve games will make sure that all guests in your party get to enjoy themselves and have a great time together:

1. Guess the Resolution

Everyone takes new year resolutions. Many are guilty are of not sticking to them. Nevertheless, it is fun to know about the resolutions of others. Make your guests write their resolutions on a piece of paper without their name on it. Now pick each paper one by one and read the resolution aloud. The task of your party guests is to identify the person behind that resolution.

2. The Name Game

Have each of your guest write the names of their favorite stars, literary characters, sportsperson, etc. on a piece of paper. Put all chits into a bowl and now ask people to come ahead and pick the paper. They can either act like that person or answer the related questions from other guests in either Yes or No. Watch everyone has fun while guessing various characters in this twisted version of charades.

3, Never Have I Ever

This is one of the most popular New Year Eve games for adults. Mostly everyone knows the rules of this game. A person has to state a thing which he or she has never done before and those who have done that can have a drink. It is a fun way to wait for the countdown to new Year while enjoying drinks!

4. Flip the Cup

Place five or more cups of beer on two opposite sides of the table. Divide your party guests into an even number of teams. Now call two teams and have their members stand before each row of beer cups.

The task is simple: people have to empty the cups (by drinking, of course!) and flip them over the table. The team who finishes the task first can be declared as the winner. Introduce some embarrassing and funny tasks which the loser team has to do to make this game even more interesting.

5. Two Resolutions and A Lie

Give a classic touch to Two Truths and A Lie game on your New Year Eve’s party this year. Have each guest state three resolutions two of which has to be true while one has to be a lie. Now find which one of your party guests has the most believable poker face as other guests make out their real resolutions from false ones. You have to agree that the game might be old but it is one of the ideal New Year Eve games for adults.

6. Guess Who With Spoons

So you have decided to throw a New Party for kids! That is great, but you’d have to work hard to make this bash a success. For that to happen, you have to ensure that all children have fun. And what do they love the most? Games, obviously! This game is just perfect for the occasion.

Keep two chairs opposite to one another and gather all kids around the chair. Pick one child, blindfold him or her and give two spoons. Make another child sit on the other chair. Now the blindfolded kid has to use spoons to discover the person. Expect a lot of giggling and laughter as the blindfolded child tries to figure out the person!

7. Musical Chairs

This is one of the classic games which everyone loves to play irrespective of their age. However, you can give a hilarious twist to this game by allowing a person to sit over another as long as his or her feet are in the air! Make sure that there enough individuals and chairs to play this game, however. Rest assured; everyone will definitely enjoy a lot in this party game as you wait for 2017!

8. Celebrity Hunt

After everyone has enjoyed a delicious New Year Eve dinner and there is still time before the clock strikes midnight, you can play this party game. Write names of celebrities on sticky notes. Now pick one person and stick one note to his or her forehead without telling the name of the celebrity.

That person has to go to each guest and ask a question that can only be answered in Yes or No. If answered Yes, he or she can continue asking else move to the other person. The person who takes the longest to guest loses the game and guests can make him do anything for their entertainment!

9. Find the Cherry

This is one of those New Year Eve Games that both adults and kids will enjoy. After all, most people love to eat cherries, and you can easily make them play this game. The rules of the games are simple: People have to look for cherry in a bowl without using their hands. The bowl will also have whipped cream in addition to cherry in it.

The one who first finds the cherry is the winner and whereas the last one will have to perform a funny act in front of everyone! You just need to be prepared with your camera to capture all memorable faces dipped in whipped cream!

10. Know the Knee

In this game, blindfolded people have to identify other guests by touching their knees. This is one of the best New Year Eve Games for adults, mainly couples. Make all males sit on chairs with blindfolds. Line up their partners in front of them in random sequence.

Now ask each man to come forward and identify his partner by touching the knees! Reward those who become successful in their quest. Expect a lot of giggles and fun in your New Year party as you watch all couples enjoy this game.

Plan the above New Year party games in advance so that everyone knows what to do once they enter your party. There is nothing more embarrassing than a deafening silence in a New Year party.

So, it is crucial that your guests feel comfortable and throw their inhibitions as they enjoy these party games. In addition to games, also be prepared with some New Year Dinner ideas to tantalize the taste buds of your party guests!