endless benefits of rose water

Rose Water Benefits – There’s a reason our grannies always told us to use rosewater or why our mothers keep bottles of it at home. Rose Water is more than just a bright, sweet smelling liquid- it’s a versatile natural product that aids skin rejuvenation.

The aroma of rose, the soothing anti-bacterial properties of its water and the overall hydrating benefits of rose water makes it a must have addition to our beauty regime.

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First used during the time of Sassanian Empire in Persia, Rose Water has now evolved. The humble origins of this product indicate that it was initially used as a scent. However, it’s popularity has increased manifold over the centuries. In fact, Ancient Romans and Greeks documented the benefits of rose water and indicated that it could be used for over 30 ailments.

Even Cleopatra, the ancient beauty used it! Perhaps that’s why, Rose water is now used for flavoring food, preparing medicinal skin ointments and creams. The skincare benefits are wonderful, and you don’t have to worry about using harsh chemicals on your face!

So, if you are interested in rejuvenating, revitalizing your skin, then know these benefits of rose water


ski care with rose water

Want to tone, clean and moisturize your skin? Then there’s nothing more natural than Rose Water! There are so many versatile uses of Rose Water for face have been documented for centuries.

It can be used for treating simple skin ailments, including clogged pores. Plus, its hydrating property makes it an efficient skin soother. Also, the anti-inflammatory factor reduces sun damage, heals the redness of skin while reducing the formation of excess oil.

Simply dab cotton in Rose Water to cleanse your skin of dirt, oil, and pollutants. Or else, mix it with glycerin to hydrate your skin. Add some Rose Water to lemon-honey concoction to reduce sunburn and skin damage.

2As a Lip Stain

rose water for lip stain

Don’t like chapped lips? Then do something about it! Try Rose Water. Cut beetroot in small pieces, dries them, grind them and mix them with Rose Water to create a fine, cream-like base.

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Now, keep it in a jar and use it as a lip stain for those natural, pink lips. Add Shea Butter to the mixture if you want to reduce excessive dryness.

3Healing Infections

Rose water benefits for skin are endless. But one of its most attractive benefits includes reducing or dealing with mild skin infections. Known for antiseptic and antibacterial properties, Rose Water can be used as an alternative or complementary treatment for conditions such as dermatitis, eczema, dry scaly skin, etc.

Thanks to its astringent properties. Rose water is used for closing open pores after facials to tighten capillaries.

4Insect Bites

The anti-inflammatory quality of rose water helps in treating insect bites, reducing redness and blotchiness of skin. Mix it with Calamine lotion and apply it on insect bites to reduce itchiness.

5Eye Fatigue

Eye Fatigue

Wet cotton balls in Rose Water and keep them on your eyes to reduce eye stress or strain after long periods of working on the computer. It will immediately refresh your eyes and brighten it. A combination of rose water with a daily moisturizer can help prevent dark circles.

6Acne and Pimples

Mixing one part of sandalwood powder with half parts of lemon and Rose Water can reduce the formation of acne and pimples. Use it at minimum twice a week as a face pack for best results. Or else, try a face mask with cucumber and Rose Water paste for reducing acne and pimple marks.


The smell of rose is a powerful mood enhancer. For ages it is being used as a natural floral perfume. But the fragrance goes beyond the sweet scent. Rose Water is aromatic and healing, helping eliminate anxiety and promote emotional wellness.

8Rose Water Benefits for Hairs

hair care with rose water

Yes! There are several benefits of rose water for hair! Add just a teaspoon of rose water to your hair oil for a deep conditioning massage. Alternatively, pour a few drops of rose water in almond oil for a DIY leave-in hair conditioner.

The refreshing scent will leave your hair fresh while the hydrating properties will keep them shinier and smoother for longer!

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9Drink it to look beautiful!

Indian, Persian and Middle Eastern Cuisines have been known for using Rose Water in their drinks. After all, it is rich in flavonoids, antioxidants and vitamins such as A, C, D, E and B3 that can nourish your skin from inside. Plus, regular consumption acts as mild sedative and anti-depressant. Consuming it relieves one from stresses and enhances their mood, which will automatically result in younger looking skin!

So, what are you waiting for? Buy a bottle of the ever of humble Rose Water and enhance your beauty!

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