5 Biggest Vastu Mistakes of Diwali Puja You Must Avoid At Any Cost

Take Care of These Things While Getting Ready For Diwali Pooja.

Vastu Mistakes of Diwali Puja

Vastu Mistakes of Diwali Puja – You must be excited and getting ready to welcome Goddess Laxmi on the upcoming occasion of Diwali. Diwali is a time to pray to Goddess Laxmi during Diwali Pooja to bring prosperity and wealth in your life. However, you may be shocked to know that you could be making huge mistakes which could severely affect the results of Diwali Pooja.

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These mistakes are quite common and related to the ancient science of architecture popularly known as Vastu Shastra. People often pay much attention to Vaastu while designing their homes these days. However, they forget simple things when it comes to Diwali Puja.

Today we are going to tell you about the biggest Vastu mistakes you might be making while preparing for Diwali Puja. You must avoid these mistakes at all costs if you want Goddess Laxmi to visit your home this Diwali:

1. Wrong Location of Diwali Puja Room

This is the number one mistake which people make in Diwali Puja. The place of Puja room must always be in the Ishan corner as per Vastu. This corner lies in the north-east direction of the house. It is also considered as the corner of God due to the abundance of positive energy in this corner.

If due to some reason, you cannot use this corner, you can use east direction as well to perform Diwali Puja. North, east, northeast directions are usually considered positive directions for work and wealth in Vastu. You must also avoid painting your Diwali Puja room in black or dark colors.

2. Lack of Awareness About Magic of 27

The magic of 27 technique is found in both Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui. It involves moving 27 things in a room or place to get them moving and deal with situations when you are stuck.

It is said that 27 is a magical number as it is a multiple of 9 (auspicious as per Feng Shui) and its digits also add up to 9. Moving 27 things in the room can refresh the energy of the room and bring a positive energy which was previously lacking.

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That means while cleaning your Puja room for Diwali, try moving 27 things from their original places and arranging them at new places. This activity can even include small things such as exchanging the position of salt and pepper containers.

3. Cluttered House Environment

Yes, you might have done cleaning and dusting activities on a large scale in the preparation of Diwali. However, if the environment of your house is cluttered with useless things and unnecessary stuff, you are seriously blocking the divine energy and Goddess Laxmi to your house on the night of Diwali.

More than cleaning your house, you need to get rid of old items which you no longer use. In this way, you will create new space to welcome fresh and new energy.

This is even more crucial near your front door entrance and main hall which you must always keep neat and tidy without any clutter and unwanted items. This is because the front door is often connected with new opportunities and cluttered environment of old items do not carry positive vibes to welcome them.

4. Inaccurate Placement of Idols

During Diwali Pooja, you must always strive to place statues of Gods in an accurate manner. For instance, never put idols of same God next to each other. Always position the idol of Goddess Laxmi in the center with Lord Ganesha on her left and Goddess Saraswati on her right.

Make sure that these Diwali Pooja idols are always in sitting form and are not facing the door of the room or one another. Ideally, place them in the north-east direction and keep water pictures or “Kalash” either in east or north of the puja room.

5. No Salt Water Spray

Salt water is considered as an absorbent of negativity from surroundings and purifies the atmosphere. You must clean your house and corners of the room by spraying salt water while cleaning for Diwali.

You should pay particular attention to the Diwali Puja room and must keep it devoid of any old items, dust particles, and negative vibes by spraying with salt water.

By keeping in mind the above Vastu tips, you can ensure a successful Diwali puja at your home. Although one’s wholehearted devotion is crucial for any worshiping activity, clearing the surrounding environment of any negative energies and vibes using Vastu can increase the effectiveness of Diwali puja.

After all, you want Goddess Laxmi to find a pure environment when she visits your house on Diwali night. Share these Vastu tips for Diwali Puja with your friends as well. Did we miss any other important tip for Diwali Pooja? Tell us in the comments below.

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