8 Lovely Christmas Flowers For An Exotic Holiday Theme

Find Best Christmas Flowers For The Season.

christmas flowers

Christmas Flowers – Who does not love the heavenly fragrance of flowers inside their house? Moreover, when it is an occasion like Christmas you need special holiday flowers. Christmas flowers that are easy to grow as well as look great in floral arrangements are not tough to find. We bring you a collection of 8 selected Christmas flowers that can entirely transform the look of your house.

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You can easily use these flowers with any holiday decoration theme you plan to have this year. Moreover, some of these flowers are incredibly easy to grow and take a month or two to bloom once you have planted them. Hence, you can plant them during October to November and expect gorgeous, blooming flowers at the time of Christmas. So, without any further adieu, check out these flowers and choose the best one to use in the holiday season:

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1. Pretty Poinsettia

pretty-poinsettiaAny Christmas flower arrangement is incomplete without these bright red flowers. Poinsettia flower plants are the most popular Christmas flowers seen almost everywhere during this time. Once you plant them, they last nearly six months including the whole holiday season.

Poinsettia is a native plant of Mexico and cannot tolerate extremely low temperatures or frosty weather. It needs about six hours of indirect light daily. However, make sure to keep them in a cool spot but away from direct winds or cold air from the air conditioners.

2. Classic Christmas Rose

classic-christmas-roseThis flower may not look like a red rose, but these white flowers are as beautiful as a rose. Technically called Helleborus niger; Christmas rose plants are perennial plants that grow in all months of the year. That is why many people use these flowers for decorating their homes for the festive season.

Moreover, they are quite easy to grow and can even bloom in the cold weather making them ideal for Xmas and New Year. However, you must keep in mind that these flowers are poisonous in nature. So, do not let kids roam near these plants as they may accidentally put flowers in their mouth.

3. Magical Mistletoe

magical-mistletoeAmong all Christmas traditions, kissing under the mistletoe on Christmas Eve is the most popular one. Technically these are not plants and are evergreen, parasitic shrubs that grow on other trees. Instead of roots in the ground, mistletoe spreads root-like structures onto its host tree and takes water and nutrients from it.

That is why they can weaken the trees on which they grow. People use mistletoe decorations in their homes as they believe it has mystical powers and brings happiness in the house.

4. Cheerful Christmas Cactus

cheerful-christmas-cactusOut of all cactus plants, Christmas cactus is perhaps the most beautiful one! This plant produces stunning, exotic flowers that make it ideal as a holiday plant. Moreover, unlike regular cactus plants, they actually need a lot of water as they originally belong to tropical rain forests.

They thrive in humid conditions so if you are growing them inside the house, ensure that there is enough humidity. You can even use these potted plants as hanging baskets to decorate your homes for holidays!

5. Artistic Amaryllis

artistic-amaryllisOver the past few years, Amaryllis species of flowers has emerged among the most popular Christmas gifts. You can find several varieties of these Christmas flowers from pure white color to scarlet red ones. Once you plant these flowers, they take approximately 6 to 8 weeks to bloom.

So, if you want these flowers for holiday season, you must plant it during early to mid-November. Once these flowers bloom to their full size, you would be awestruck by the mesmerizing beauty of these flowers.

6. Paperwhite Narcissus

paperwhite-narcissusThis variety of white daffodils is among the classic Christmas flowers. They have a sweet fragrance, and they are quite easy to grow from bulbs. In fact, you do not even need chilling to make them bloom, and you can expect flowers within 3-4 weeks after planting.

You can even grow its plant in water containers although they love a potting mix of peat moss. Along with Amaryllis, Paperwhites serve as gorgeous centerpieces for your holiday table.

7. Magnificent Mary Barnard

magnificent-mary-barnardGive a purple or lavender theme to your holiday decorations with Mary Barnard flower. These Christmas flowers bloom from November to March so you can experience their magical fragrance from early Christmas to mid-Spring. In addition to it, the plant bears leaves throughout all twelve months.

The best part is you do not need to care especially for them, and they can survive even with a bit of neglection when you are busy with Christmas decorations.

8. Clematis Cirrhosa Freckles

clematis-cirrhosa-frecklesPink freckles over premium white petals give this flower a breathtaking look. These flowers typically bloom in the period between October and January. So, they are not only ideal for your indoor Christmas decorations but can also work as Valentine’s Day gift for your lover! The other species of Clematis Cirrhosa also serve as great winter flowering plants which you can grow easily in your garden.

You can use any of the above Christmas flowers and be assured of a heavenly look of your home during holidays. Plant them in advance so that they can bloom in time for the Xmas season. If you like growing flowers or love gardening, you’d definitely love reading about the prettiest flowers in the world.

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