LOL! You Would Never Believe How These Crazy Guys Fired Diwali Rockets!


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‘Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe.’- Albert Einstein

It seems like Uncle Einstein was right and human stupidity is indeed infinite! Don’t you believe us? Let us ask you a simple question: How do you generally burst firecrackers on Diwali?

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Usually by maintaining a distance as far as possible, right? Moreover, when it comes to those nasty Diwali rockets, you would perhaps never dare to fire them close to your body.

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However, the world is full of crazy and stupid people who will do anything for the sake of fun and later end up regretting their actions.

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Today we are going to give you six proofs of human stupidity which will leave you on the floors laughing your heart out. You may also wonder why these people never got admitted to mental hospitals!

A word of caution, though: DO NOT TRY THESE AT HOME OR ANYWHERE ELSE!

1. This Drunk Guy Perhaps Never Knew What Was Coming (or Going Out) from His Bum

2. We Bet This Guy Regretted His Decision After This Stunt

3. Ouch! That Would Have Hurt

4. That was one perfect rocket launcher. However, Never Try This!.

5. His Cool Swag Soon Got On Fire!

6. You Are “Nuts” If You Try This: The Screaming DareDevil.

Someone, please send these guys to a mental asylum already! Have you ever tried any of the above stunts (we hope not!)? If yes, please do not share it with anyone else and let everyone know how crazy you are!! Burst firecrackers or rockets but from a safe distance. Have a Happy Diwali 2016!

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