18 New Year Gift Ideas For That Special Someone In Your Life

Pick A Present That They Can't Refuse From These New Year Gift Ideas.

New Year Gift Ideas

New Year Gift Ideas – 2017 is about to start. You must be busy introspecting about your past year and planning a kickass New Year party while browsing through some New Year Eve dinner ideas. But do not forget about that special someone with whom you share a loving relationship. As you begin another year with each other, how about planning a special New Year gift for him or her?

There is nothing better than a thoughtful present for your partner- something which he or she will cherish forever. To help you pick such heartwarming present, we bring you a handpicked collection of New Year gift ideas. Pick any of these ideas and be assured to win his or her heart on the New Year’s Eve.

New Year Gifts for Him

1. Handmade Book Safe

handmade-book-safeSurprise him with your creativity and make this thoughtful present for your boyfriend. You can make this hollow safe from a book quickly which he can use as a storage compartment.

2. Trendy Opener

trendy-openerGift him a stylish opener like this so that he can remember you everytime he opens his bottle of craft beer or any favorite drink. This is among quite simple and easy New Year gift ideas for men you can buy!

3. Electric Guitar

electric-guitarMake him fall in love with you by encouraging him to go after his passion for music. This semi-acoustic guitar is just perfect for any music lover!

4. Kindle

kindleYou cannot find a better New Year gift than Kindle for someone who loves to read. As a bonus for extra smile and happiness, also buy a Kindle Unlimited subscription for one year!

5. Daddy Diaper Bag

daddy-diaper-bagThis can be one of the best New Year gift ideas for your partner who has just become a father. You can easily find several types of stylish and trendy bags to go with his image!

6. Travel Backpack

travel-backpackDoes he love traveling and go on solo trips? Then this is one thoughtful New Year present for him that he would absolutely love to have!

7. Coffee Mugs With Initials

coffee-mugs-with-initialsIt is always a bit tricky to find a present for a boyfriend who is minimalist in nature. In such case, a coffee mug or a set of cups with his initials is a safe yet excellent choice as New Year gift for him.

8 .Turntable Record Player

turntable-record-playerThis will work as an excellent gift item for your husband who loves to listen to music! An antique, turntable record player is just what he needs for a royal musical experience without any modern gadgets.

9. Homemade New Year Gift

homemade-new-year-giftMake a cute present for him to let him know how much you mean to you. You will need old cards, fancy ribbons, and colored pen to make this DIY New Year gift.

10. Cool Baseball Cap

cool-baseball-capWhen you are clueless about what to buy for your boyfriend, go with a baseball cap of his favorite team. It will still make it to the list of best New Year gifts he would receive!

New Year Gifts for Her

1. Pendant Necklace

pendent-necklaceJewelry is one of the safe as well as among the best options when it comes to gifts for women. So, pick a pendant necklace like this for your girlfriend on the occasion of New Year!

2. Hammock

hammockBuy a comfortable hammock for your girlfriend on the New Year which she can hang in the backyard of her home and read her favorite book. This is one of the best New year gift ideas for not just her but anyone!

3. Handmade Tea Light Lamp

handmade-tea-light-lampShow off your creativity and try a DIY New year present for her. She will be touched by your gesture, and you will become the best boyfriend ever!

4. Cute Phone Case

cute-phone-caseGirls love to keep their phones in different, trendy cases. So, buy a unique phone case for her on the New Year’s Eve. You won’t find a simpler gift for her than this!

5. Designer Mobile Back Cover

designer-mobile-back-coverAlong with a phone case, you can also give a designer back cover to complete the stylish look of her phone. You can also find personalized covers which look great and go with her personality.

6. Pair of Headphones

pair-of-headphonesEnhance her music experience by choosing the latest pair of headphones for her on New Years. You can even use these as New Year gift ideas for friends who love to listen to music!

7. Winter Hat

winter-hatIf your girlfriend or wife is a style diva, then a classic winter hat is all you need for a great New Year present for her. Buy two or more colors to complete her wardrobe and help her mix and match with her different dresses!

8. VR Camera

vr-cameraIf your girlfriend is a tech geek, buy her this latest technological marvel that will allow her to capture her life moments and relive them later in virtual reality.

So whatever may be the personality of your significant other; the above New Year gift ideas offer you plenty of options to choose a suitable present for your partner. Prepare a delicious meal on the New Year’s Eve and as soon as the clock strikes 12 am on December 31st, surprise him or her with your present after that customary midnight kiss!

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