8 Worst First Date Ideas Guaranteed To Ruin Your Special Day

You Will Never Want To Turn Your First Date With That Special Someone Into A Disaster.

Worst First Date Ideas

Worst First Date Ideas – You have met a perfect person, and you cannot wait to know them better. After all, who knows they may turn out to be that special person? Now, you need to come up with an idea for your first date. You want this day to be perfect and make it memorable for both of you. This might be your only chance at making an impression, and your choice of place will speak volumes about your taste in general.

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However, an even more important thing is to ensure that the place of your first date is not completely annoying and pathetic.

Check out these eight worst first date ideas which are guaranteed to ruin your special day with your cute crush:

1. Not a Lot can Happen Over a Coffee

not-a-lot-can-happen-over-a-coffeeWe know what are you thinking. That coffee date is a tried and tested dating idea which has been used and widely promoted as the best place to get to know someone, isn’t it? However, the problem with a coffee date is it will be too short unless you both are serious coffeeholic.

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How much time will it take for you to finish a coffee anyway? It may not be enough to get to know each other beyond your first names and other superficial stuff. So, avoid suggesting this idea if you have even the slightest inclination that (s)he might be the one.

2. Boring Dinner

boring-dinnerThere cannot be anything more old fashioned and cliche’ than the idea of a boring dinner for the first date; okay maybe the next point comes close to it. A dinner is a terrible idea for a first date as there are too many chances of awkward silences and formalities during the entire evening.

Moreover, the whole setting is a very formal and conventional and may turn out to be similar to a job interview. We are sure you will never want to have an experience like that on your first date.

3. Movie? Are you serious?

movie-are-you-seriousGoing to a movie is one of the worst first date ideas ever. If you do not know this yet, please get into your mind right now. And yes, it applies even if both of you are hardcore movie lovers. The purpose of a first date is to get to know each other and talk to each other face to face.

It is not sitting in a dark theater next to each other with minimum chances of conversation. If you are expecting to bond with each other on a typical movie, trust us that 99 out of 100 times, it will not work. What is even worse is that you probably will have a hard time in getting a second date.

4. Awkward Family Function

awkward-family-functionYou never want to take your crush to a family function for a first date. Yes, some people do that and if you are not one of them, good for you.

It is indeed one of the worst first date ideas. You do not want the awkward questions and glances of your family members and relatives throughout the evening.

There are high chances that your date may get too uncomfortable and even miffed at you for making her go through this ordeal. On top of it, you will surely not get a private moment or two with your date among the stares from your family members.

5. Hanging Around With Friends

hanging-around-with-friendsWhile it may seem like an excellent idea to introduce your date to your close friends, it may not be too beneficial if you want to have a long-term relationship with him or her. The reason being you do not even know him or her yourself, and it may feel like too much pressure to know all friends as well.

Plus, you may be the center of attraction of the evening which may make your date uncomfortable and give him or her a feeling of being judged which probably is right. So, plan something in which you two are alone without any friends or acquaintances nearby.

6. Your Place or Mine? Creep Alert

your-place-or-mine-creep-alertIf you do not want to come across a creep, please refrain from suggesting a first date at your home doing stuff like cooking together. A big no unless you are just playing around and are not serious for a second date. There are chances that you may not even get a Yes to this date idea. However, even if you do, it may turn out to be one of the worst first date ideas which you would never want to try again.

7. Skip Sporting Events

skip-sporting-eventsThis one is especially for males who think that showing their passion for a game can attract a woman and will be an excellent bonding opportunity. Nothing can be further from the truth as most women would not prefer their ideal first date in a stadium full of screaming people, especially if she is interested in you.

Even if she is interested in the sport, she would first want to know and understand you better on the first date instead of seeing you jumping up and down on your seat cheering for your team.

8. Stay Away from Mall

stay-away-from-mallYes, sometimes this is the first idea in the minds of boys who think that girls love to go to malls and do shopping. In this case, you are right, but you are underestimating a woman’s love for shopping.

At the end of this first date of shopping, you may know this fact better in addition to spending a few bucks from your pocket as well. However, the purpose of your first date, which is to know her personally and not her shopping habits, will remain unfulfilled.

You will never go wrong with skipping these worst first date ideas. The idea behind the first date is to have enough time with you and your partner in a setting where you can comfortably carry a casual conversation without getting awkward or clueless.

But you cannot expect that to happen in any of the above situations. So, choose your place wisely and do not let that special person go away.

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