10 Amazing Ab Workouts For Women

Do These Ab Workouts For Women.

Ab Workouts For Women

Ab Workouts For Women – Often you might have seen people complaining about their lower back pain. Sitting all day at their desk doing computer or paperwork is a major reason that causes their backs to ache. If a person has a strong abdominal muscle, then the risk of getting pains in the lower back is reduced.

Men give extreme importance in getting six pack abs. Most of us believe that six pack abs give a better look to the body, but there are other things too that strong abs take care of. For example, our body posture depends on the strength of the abdominal muscle.

Weak abdominal muscle can lead to a poor body alignment that can weaken other muscles. Therefore, women too need to work on their abs! And here we are with eight ab workouts for women.

Side Plank Hold

Side Plank HoldSide plank hold is considered as good ab workouts for women. You need to be in high plank position with your abs engaged and keeping your whole body in a straight line from your head to your heels. Now you will have to lift off your left arm slowly off the ground and place the weight through the palm of your right hand.

You can call this the right side plank position. In this position, your left leg should be over your right leg contracting your abs to maintain the straight line. Hold this for about 30 seconds contracting your abs throughout the whole exercise and then step over to the other side.

Medicine Ball Sit-UP

Medicine Ball Sit-UP

Some of the best ab workouts for women include a medicine ball. This ball is easily available in the market. You need to lie on the mat with your knees slightly bent and made sure your core is engaged, and your entire back is flat against the mat. Now hold the medicine ball at your chest level and curl your body up to a seated position.

After this extend the medicine ball directly out from the chest until the arms are fully extended. Now reverse the steps you did just now, i.e., curl back down through the body, releasing the core, slowly bringing medicine ball back to the chest returning to the mat flat. This ball will easily fit in home gym equipment.

Plank With Glute Squeeze

Plank With Glute SqueezeFor doing this ab workout for women, you will have to lie on the floor with the back facing upwards and then brace yourself up on your forearms and kink your toes. Ensure that your body is straight and contracting your abs. Hold yourself in this position for 20 seconds and then rest by lowering your knees on the ground for 5 seconds. You should do this at least ten times. Plus you can perform this exercise at home also.

Whirling Round And Round

Whirling Round And RoundLie flat on your back and lift off your shoulders and legs about six inches from the ground hold yourself in this position for about 10 seconds and then keeping your arms and legs on the same situation roll over so that your back now faces the ceiling. Repeat this 4-5 times and make sure to tighten your core throughout the exercise.

Rise UP Lying

Rise UP LyingYou might find this easier than the practices mentioned above. Lie on your back with your arms at your sides. Initially, the knees should be outwards with the soles of your feet touching.

Staying in this pose, you need to lift your legs slowly until toes are pointed toward the ceiling and your hips slightly off the floor. Reverse the gear and slowly return to start. Repeat this ten times. It is very easy and efficient exercise.

Plank Punches

Plank PunchesStaying in the position of high plank, with your shoulders, arms, and legs in line with one another and your back should be flat. Tighten your abdominal muscles. Raise your left arm and punch forward slowly and in a controlled way.

Lower your left arm slowly and then lift off your right arm and hit slowly. Your core should be engaged in the entire exercise, and this helps in maintain the balance too. Repeat the steps as much as you can. Start by doing it eight to ten times every day.

Sit-UP TO Standing

Sit-UP TO StandingHave you ever heard of kettlebell? It is a small iron ball used in daily workouts. For sit-up to standing exercise, you need to have a kettle bell. Lie face up with your knees bent holding your kettlebell overhead, arms extended.

Bend your waist and at the same time bring the kettlebell forward pulling your heels slightly back to stand up. From the standing position descend to the squat position and then to the starting position by rolling the torso.

Abdominal Hold

Abdominal HoldBring out a chair from the periphery of your room and then place your hands on the edge with your fingers pointing towards the knees. Try contracting your abs and bring your toes 2-4 inches off the floor.

Your whole body should be off the chair only the hands should be braced on it. Aim to hold yourself for about 5-10 second and repeat this for about one minute. You should be able to balance yourself correctly otherwise you can injure yourself.

Altering Straight-Leg Jackknife

How to: Lie flat on the floor, arms and legs outstretched. Take a deep breath in, then clench your abs as you exhale while raising your right leg to the ceiling and touching your right foot with your opposing left arm. Slowly lower yourself back down, and then repeat on the other side, ensuring that your opposing hand contacts the other foot.

Expert advice: By rotating this action on either side, you work a range of core stabilizing muscles, including the obliques. Beginners may not be able to get high off the ground, which is OK; as you develop, try to elevate your shoulder blades entirely off the ground during the reach component of this action.

Mountain Climbers

Start in a plank posture with your arms straight and your wrists exactly beneath your shoulders. Your body should be on a single long plane, toes driven into the ground and glutes activated. Alternate bringing one knee into your chest. Cross your right leg across to contact the opposite left elbow, then repeat on the other side.

Expert advice: This maneuver is sure to make you feel the burn. Go slow and controlled, and Scott recommends placing gliders beneath your feet for an even more difficult test.

Sometimes ab workouts for women can be dangerous if you stretch out your muscles too much, especially when they are not strong enough. The veins can get shifted, and fatal injuries too can occur.

So, keep in mind that if you are a real beginner then start slowly and with patience workout on the abdominal muscles. They will eventually get in shape and become stronger than ever. Once the muscles get strong, you will automatically find it easier to sit in those positions where people often get back pains. With these ab exercises for women, the torso would be more agile and flexible.

These eight ab workouts for women are very effective, and the effects can be seen in no time if done correctly. Also, include heart healthy foods in your workout plans and programs to reap out the extra benefits.