8 Yummy Diabetic Diet Ideas with Essential Tips for Diabetic patients

Try These Awesome Tasty Ideas Today.

Diabetic Diet – Wondering which diabetic diet is right for you? Don’t worry; we are here to remove all your doubts regarding your meal plan. First of all, let us check out the basics: Do you know what diabetes is? Technically, it is a disease that results in too much sugar (glucose) in the blood.

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In extreme cases, pancreas stop producing a hormone called insulin and the person suffering from this has to inject it from outside. We request you not to worry too much because if there is a problem, there is always a solution too.

You just need to follow some good diet plans that will keep your blood sugar in control, and you will be okay. For your ease, you can make a diabetes diet chart and can stick it in your kitchen for standard reference.


It is a diet that is prepared or say charted for people suffering from diabetes. In this, foods good for the health of diabetic patients are chosen accordingly either by the doctor or some dieticians.

There are always conflicts or debates whether to include carbohydrates in the diabetic meal plans or not. The reason is that carbohydrates quickly increase the blood glucose level.

Below are given some diabetic diet plan ideas that you can follow every day:


GRAVY BEANS WITH UNLEAVENED BREADBeans have high fiber content, and they are very delicious too. You could either mix all the beans you love and prepare your dish and help yourself with some unleavened bread too that contain wheat grain.

This can be an excellent diabetic diet for you as beans have lots of energy packed in them. Moreover, the diabetic patients get all the goodness of beans without doing any harm to their diabetic condition.


TOMATO PASTE PREPARED WITH SOME ONIONS AND CHILLIESTomatoes are also a good diabetic diet as they contain vitamin C, vitamin A, and potassium. You can cook your tomato vegetable and have it with anything you prefer like bread, chapattis, buns, etc.

Just make sure that your bread is not high in sugar quantity. Also, discuss with your doctor about the right amount of every food that you can take on a regular basis.


FISH CURRY WITH SOME BROWN RICEWhite rice is not good for diabetic patients, but doctors recommend brown rice instead of white rice to their diabetic patients. White rice raises the blood sugar level quickly. Fish is good for diabetes and is also good for the heart. So, you can have your fish curry with some brown rice, and it would be a perfect diabetic meal for the day.

Fish is good for diabetes as it mostly contains healthy fats. Also, those who do not have the option of using brown rice can occasionally use white rice after boiling it twice and taking out the starchy water.


LEAFY GREEN VEGETABLE SALADIt might sound a bad idea for those who hate green leafy vegetables, but these salads indeed are good for your overall health including diabetes. If you do not want to cook these you can only prepare a salad with spinach, kale, chard and some carrots and cucumber would also do.

Green vegetables are rich in calcium, vitamins, magnesium, iron, potassium, dietary fiber. The key thing is that they do not increase your blood sugar level as they are low in such carbs.


SNACKSIn short intervals, you can have some food that could be added up to count as a complete diet. For example, you can drink low-fat milk along with some almonds or cashew nuts. You can drink some lemon tea in your tea time with some sugar-free oatmeal in little amounts. Such snacks are recommended in every 2 hours for diabetic patients.


FRUIT JUICE AND FRUITSSome fruits might be very sweet, and they may cause to increase your sugar level. Whether it is fruit juice or any other fruit, consult your doctor first and then choose fruits that would benefit you. Sometimes eating sugary fruits will not be harmful unless you have a sugar level in the high zone. You just need to be careful.

Coconut water is beneficial for your health and that too the coconut water should be from a green coconut. It has many nutritional values.


BAKED SWEET POTATOESInstead of having regular potatoes you can try some sweet potatoes in moderate quantity. There are lots of recipes for sweet potatoes available on the internet. So, you can try any one of them but again be careful with the ingredients you mix, it should not be that cheesy.


FAT-FREE MILK AND YOGURTIf you are a diabetes patient, that does not stop you from building healthy bones and teeth. Everybody knows that dairy products help us with that. Now, by dairy products we do not mean that you start eating cheese and other fatty products in significant amounts. It has been found out that dairy products have vitamin D in them, and vitamin D is needed by our body.

Being a diabetic patient, you will have to follow certain important eating rules. Following these rules will not only keep your blood sugar level under control but will also help you combat diabetes in an easy way.

  • You will have to limit the foods that are high in sugar level. For example sweets, chocolates, sugary tea, and sweet coffee.
  • Too much of smoking and alcohols are anyway bad for your health. Moreover, if you are suffering from diabetes then avoiding them is the best option for you.
  • Regularly visit your doctor and keep a check on your sugar level.
  • Just be careful on the amount of carbohydrates you eat. Do not eat too much of potatoes.
  • Consume less fat and less salt in your daily diabetic diet.

Healthy eating in diabetes depends on time as well:

If you are following the right diabetic diet plan, then that should also include the time of consuming food apart from the type of foods you have included in the chart. Suppose you have a fixed lunch time that is 2 p.m., then you should eat your food that time along with taking your medicines in the correct pattern.

Inject your insulin in the same way as your doctor described you and that includes the time as well. One more important thing to be noted is that, do not stop or start the medicine prescribed by the doctor on your own. It can be very dangerous. Follow what your doctor says and consult him/her frequently. Moreover, keep a check on your sugar level.


Let’s not take diet as a word that only describes the food pattern but also that which takes care of the complete health. Moreover, for that, not only proper food is necessary, but regular exercise or yoga also adds up to the benefits you get by following a good diet plan for diabetes! Your medicines would work even better when your mind and body is at peace.

Also, for that, you need to concentrate on your yoga. A morning walk is a must for people suffering from diabetes. You should at least do one or the other thing, either choose yoga as a regular practice or start exercising.


They are seriously not good. Stay far away from foods that are very oily. You know the examples-burgers, pizzas, French fries. Soft drinks, alcohols, tobacco, etc. will degrade your health instead of remaking it. Therefore the next time you feel hungry or thirsty do not move into the cafeteria for delicious junks but instead, eat what is healthy.


Water is essential not only for people with diabetes but everybody. Drinking water in right amount every day can vanish half of your problems. Moreover, if you are on medication, then it is a good thing to keep you hydrated and also helps in the smooth working of your medicines. You should be well aware of ‘how much water should I drink a day?’

You are the person who is in complete command of the choices you make for maintaining your diabetes. Therefore you strictly need to follow the health plan. If you have any doubt, you should immediately consult a doctor. If you are a person with pre-diabetics then just be careful with the food you eat.

Just like a diabetic diet, the pre diabetes diet plans are also available. Ayurveda says that your food is your medicine. So, make proper plans and execute them. Oily substances are not good for your heart, and you do not want to be a hypertension pressure along with a diabetes patient.

Olive oil is a good option, and it is good for the heart as well. Lastly, keep a check on your weight too. Do not let yourself gain weight rapidly. If you can maintain your weight with a regular workout, then you will be free from most of the health problems that are caused due to obesity.

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