24 Easter Bonnet Ideas to Make Your Kids Super Happy

Get Ready to Make Your Kids Shine at the Easter Hat Parade.

Easter Bonnet Ideas

Easter Bonnet Ideas – As soon as the spring starts approaching, the air gets filled with the anticipation of Easter and new beginnings. No Easter celebration is incomplete, particularly in schools, without Easter hat parades. Although Easter bonnets are usually worn by women and girls, all kids love to wear cute Easter hats along with stylish Easter outfits.

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It can be a challenge to come up with new Easter bonnet ideas every year. But with creativity and imagination, anything is possible. Plus you should try these outstanding Easter outfits to make your appearance more cool.

Today we bring you 23 Easter hat ideas that will steal the show at any hat parade you plan to visit. You will discover all types of Easter bonnet hats in this collection, be it DIY hats or Easter bonnet ideas for adults or spring hat ideas for preschoolers. So, check out these ideas for Easter hats and get ready for a memorable Easter Sunday this year:

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01. Angry Bird Easter Bonnet

Angry Bird Easter BonnetYour kids will love this Easter hat with the face of the angry bird on it. Expect them to go in full confidence and style in the Easter parade.

02. Easter Bunny Hat

Easter Bunny HatThis Easter bunny hat is sure to make your lil one the center of attraction of any Easter celebration or hat parade. Even boys will want to wear this creative rabbit bonnet on the Easter Day.

03. Easter Chick Hat

Easter Chick HatIf you want homemade Easter bonnet ideas, decorating a ready-made hat with the choice of your crafts is the easiest way to go for it. This chick hat is a fine example for it.

4. Super Mario Easter Hat

Super Mario Easter HatSurprise your kid with an Easter bonnet based on the theme of his favorite video game. Add some Easter eggs and chicks as well to complete the festival look.

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5. Homemade Easter Hat

Homemade Easter HatFlaunt your crafting skills and creativity to make a beautiful white Easter bonnet for your children. This homemade bunny Easter hat looks simply superb.

6. Spring Hat for Kids

Spring Hat for KidsTry this refreshing Easter bonnet that is apt to welcome the arrival of the spring season. The green leaves and flower decoration makes it one of the best spring hat ideas for preschoolers.

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7. Easter Bonnet for Boys

Easter Bonnet for BoysGive a cool look to the traditional Easter bunny hat so that even your boy will want to wear it. The long mustache on this rabbit hat along with white and pink theme makes it stand out among others.

8. Funky Easter Hat

Funky Easter HatAdd a bit of everything- eggs, chicks, toys, grass- to give a funky look to Easter bonnet to make it among the most impressive Easter hats out there.

9. Easter Sheep Hat

Easter Sheep HatYour little girl is going to love to wear this adorable sheep hat on the Easter Day. She may as well win a prize for the Best Bonnet in the Easter hat parade at school.

10. Kids Easter Bonnet

Kids Easter BonnetThis is one of the best DIY Easter bonnets that you can make or encourage your kids to make for their Easter crafts activities at school.

11. Easter Rabbit Bonnet

Easter Rabbit BonnetNobody will be able to take his or her eyes off this adorable Easter bunny hat. This is one is surely going to make your child stand out among other kids at the Easter hat parade.

12. Crazy Birdcage Easter Hat

Crazy Birdcage Easter HatDo you need some unique Easter bonnet ideas? Then you cannot go wrong with this birdcage Easter hat that is sure to attract attention from everyone .

13. Pirate Hat for Boys

Pirate Hat for BoysEaster hats may be more popular among women and girls yet there is no rule that teenage boys cannot wear them. This pirate hat is surely going to tempt your boy to take part in the hat parade in his school.

14. DIY Easter Hat

DIY Easter HatEngage your creativity and imagination to make some Easter hats at home this year. This beautiful bonnet is sure to inspire you for the same.

15. Easy Easter Hat for Kids

Easy Easter Hat for KidsAre you running out of time to buy or make an Easter bonnet for the upcoming hat parade in school? Well, try this easy Easter hat by pasting handmade flowers along with a fluffy chick at the top.

16. Cool Easter Parade Hat

Cool Easter Parade HatMake an Easter bonnet without traditional eggs. Instead use only chicks that are a symbol of renewal and new life in the spring season.

17. Flower Easter Bonnet

Flower Easter BonnetNothing looks more beautiful than a complete flowery Easter hat. The green satin ribbon further adds to the beauty of this bonnet.

18. Cowboy Easter Hat

Cowboy Easter HatA cowboy Easter bonnet is just what your kid will love to impress his friends. And who knows, he might as well win the Easter hat competition as well!

19. Butterfly Easter Bonnet Hat

Butterfly Easter Bonnet HatThis one will prove a sure winner for your teenage girl or any friend who loves wearing cool chic hats. All you need is few mini butterfly patterns to paste it on any readymade Easter bonnet. You can add some real Easter flower on the top of this bonnet.

20. Paper Plate Easter Bonnet

Paper Plate Easter BonnetMaking Easter hats from paper plates is one of the best Easter crafts activities you can do with your kids. Plus this homemade bonnet does look a lot cooler than commercial hats.

21. Easter Chick Pom Pom Hat

Easter Chick Pom Pom HatExpect your kids to be delighted on receiving this creative Easter bonnet. They will love to flaunt this hat in front of everyone in the house as well as school.

22. DIY Easter Bonnet

DIY Easter BonnetThis is an excellent idea if you want your kids to learn how to make Easter bonnets. No matter how imperfect they may turn out to be, you will certainly cherish them as their first Easter hats!

23. Ladybird Easter Bonnet

Kids Easter BonnetMix the charm of lady bird with Easter eggs and chicks to make a different Easter hat for your kids.

24. Homemade Easter Bonnet

Homemade Easter BonnetYou do not have to make complex things to make a beautiful Easter hat. All you need is a general hat and add tiny Easter eggs and mini bunnies to complete the Easter feel.

The above Easter bonnet hat ideas are guaranteed to delight your kids. They will love to wear these hats for their school parades and impress everyone. Even you can try some Easter bonnet ideas for adults to take part in Easter parade yourself. Also, do not forget to check out these ideas for Easter decorations and Easter baskets.

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