26 Delightful Easter Decorating Ideas You’ll Fall In Love With

Decorate Your House & Office on Easter to Welcome the Spring Season.

Easter Decorations Ideas

Easter Decorations Ideas – Easter is not just the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ but also the victory of love over hatred and good over evil. It is the time when you can look forward to a cheerful spring after a gloomy winter.

It is the time when you can let go of old stuff and make way for new things to enter your life. Easter decorations play a crucial role in getting you into that spirit of fresh beginnings and celebrating the arrival of Spring.

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Your Easter decorations must be able to reflect the joy and happiness that often comes with spring. That is why Living Hours brings you 26 heartwarming Easter decorations ideas that will further make you fall in love with this wonderful festival.

Be it Easter table decorations or DIY Easter decorations, you’ll discover every type of Easter decor in this collection. So, explore this fantastic collection and pick your favorite one for a spectacular Easter 2017: However, you should grow Easter lily to decorate your home, but you can try these ideas to decorate your home also.

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1. Easter Bunny Garland

Easter Bunny GarlandMake a garland of cute handmade Easter bunnies for giving a traditional look to your Easter home decorations. You can easily make these bunnies with felt material while doing easter craft activities.

2. Easter Egg Decor

Easter Egg DecorUsing Easter eggs is one of the simple yet effective way of home decor to welcome the spring season. Kids love to paint eggs and write lovely messages. You can use them in decorations as well as gift items!

3. Easter Egg Table Decoration

Easter Egg Table DecorationTry this unique Easter table decoration by making egg candles using waste egg shells. This is one of the best easter decorations to make at home.

4. Spray Painted Easter Eggs

Spray Painted Easter EggsEveryone is going to love this beautiful way of decorating Easter eggs. The combination of blue and white color combined with sunflower is an ideal way to decorate your home for Easter.

5. Simple Easter Table Decoration

Simple Easter Table DecorationTake some candy bunnies, white candles, Easter grass, and few colored eggs. Place these on your center table in style and you have a simple Easter table decoration idea!

6. Painted Easter Egg Decoration

Painted Easter Egg DecorationEaster egg painting is one of the most popular Easter activities. Now you can use these painted eggs in easter decorations. This particular style with blue and brown eggs along with Easter basket is just perfect!

7. Easter Dining Table Decoration

Easter Dining Table DecorationIt can be a challenge to decorate your center table in the spirit of Easter without sacrificing too much space. That is why this Easter themed crockery is your best bet for Easter table decorations. Don’t just decorate your table try these ultimate Easter food to make your evening more amazing.

8. Easter Home Decor

Easter Home DecorBring a peaceful and cool aura to your surroundings as the sun begins to warm up outside in the spring season. This white themed Easter decoration idea will effectively serve this purpose.

9. Easter Flower Decoration

Easter Flower DecorationCombine the beauty of Easter flowers and special Easter tree for excellent outdoor Easter decorations. Your party guests won’t be able to take their eyes off this marvelous piece.

10. Creative Easter Centerpiece Design

Creative Easter Centerpiece DesignIf you want cheap Easter decorations in a short period of time, this table centerpiece is your solution. You need glass jars, lemons, fruits or any other thing of your choice to give it a creative look to your indoor Easter decor.

11. Eggshell Candles

Eggshell CandlesMaking eggshell candles is another quick way to come up with unique Easter table decorations. Just collect used egg shells, paint them in your favorite colors and put them in cute candle stands. Now get ready to receive all compliments coming your way once everyone falls in love with them.

12. Colored Easter Egg Decoration

Colored Easter Egg DecorationOne can make Easter eggs in a variety of ways but you won’t find a way different than this one using different grains and cereals. It is one of the best Easter crafts for adults.

13. Easter Tree for Outdoor Decoration

Easter Tree for Outdoor DecorationIt is not just Christmas trees that you can enjoy making. For outdoor Easter decorations, you have the option of Easter tree like this one!

14. DIY Easter Decoration Craft

DIY Easter Decoration CraftThe best Easter decorations ideas are those which you can make at home. You can try making this cute DIY Easter decor item while doing Easter activities with your loved ones.

15. Easter Table Centerpiece

Easter Table CenterpiecePluck some Easter flowers from your garden and place them in painted egg shells. Throw some pebbles in between and place the whole setup into a large tray. Your Easter table centerpiece is ready. So simple, isn’t it?

16. Vintage Easter Decoration

Vintage Easter DecorationIf you are short on time, try some waste twigs and blue painted eggs to make vintage Easter baskets. Make this classic decor item when you are running out of time for Easter decorations.

17. Easter Yard Decoration

Easter Yard DecorationOutdoor Easter decorations hold as much as value as indoor decor items. Do some Easter crafts with your friends and family to make these large carrots to place in your yard on the Easter Day.

18. Indoor Easter Decoration with Eggs

Indoor Easter Decoration with EggsIf you want cheap Easter decorations for the inside of your house, just hang few painted eggs on your indoor tree plants. You can have painted eggs by simply organizing an egg painting competition in your Easter games and activities.

19. Egg Shell Easter Decor

Egg Shell Easter DecorYou can use Easter eggs for several purposes one of which is to use them for creative Easter decorations. Apart from Easter bunny, you can give them the look of other animals as well. Your kids will love this unique touch to traditional Easter decor.

20. Easter Indoor Home Decor

Easter Indoor Home DecorThis is one of the best Easter decorations ideas where you can decorate your ceiling with grass from outside. Hang colorful Easter eggs from the top and you’ve got yourself a brilliant piece of indoor Easter decoration.

21. DIY Spring Interior Decoration

DIY Spring Interior DecorationBring the spring inside your house by collecting Easter grass and foliage from outside and placing it inside empty egg shells. Add some pebbles for a rustic look and use the whole tray as a table centerpiece for a beautiful Easter theme.

22. DIY Easter Egg Garland

DIY Easter Egg GarlandKids are going to love to help you in putting up these Easter decorations. All you need is some different colored eggs and a string to put them together. Now tie this string on the main door of your house or near the wall to use as hanging Easter decor item.

23. Easter Handmade Decoration

Easter Handmade DecorationUse felt material to make some cute chicks in Easter crafts and put them in egg shells. Easter decorations cannot get more adorable than this!

24. Outdoor Easter Decoration

Outdoor Easter DecorationThis one is perfect if you have a backyard or front garden where you can hang Easter items from trees. You can also use items made as a result of Easter craft activities commonly done by your kids during this time.

25. DIY Easter Bunny Decorations

DIY Easter Bunny DecorationsNothing is more cheerful than personalized Easter decorations. Put the name of your family on different Easter bunnies and hang them on Easter tree for a heartwarming look to your house!

26. Easter Dining Table Setting

Easter Dining Table SettingEverything you need to remind everyone it is Easter time- bunny, carrots, Easter lily flower, and candies- is here on this table setting. Decorate your dinner table in this way on Easter for an ultimate fun evening with your friends and family.

So, how many of these above Easter decorations ideas took your breath away? It is time to pick one or more of these ideas and start preparing in advance for Easter 2017. And while you are at it, also check out these Easter basket ideas and Easter bonnet ideas to surprise your kids on the Easter Day!

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