11 Jump Rope Benefits You Can’t Ignore If You Want Healthy Life

You Can Take Your Fitness To A Whole Different Level.

Jump Rope Benefits

Jump Rope Benefits – Are you always making excuses for not having enough time for regular exercise? Do you want a simple fitness activity which does not require you to spend hours in a gym to get a fit body?

Rope skipping is one of the easiest and most effective exercises you can do to experience amazing benefits of jump rope like burn calories, lose weight, tone muscles, and achieve an optimum level of fitness.

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If you think jumping rope is too simple and can hardly make any difference to your physical fitness, you will be shocked to know that there are a number of benefits of skipping rope. Check out the following jump rope benefits guaranteed to inspire you to start jumping right away:

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1. Nothing Burns Calories Like Rope Skipping

One of the major benefits of jumping rope is that you get to burn an insane amount of calories within a short period. Moreover, you already know that burning calories is a sure shot way to lose fat and get fit and healthy.

Jump rope workout is not just important for your lower body. Your whole body reaps health benefits of jumping rope as you develop stamina and endurance through the regular habit of rope skipping.

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2. Jumping Rope for Pumping Heart

If you have ever tried skipping rope, it is highly likely you would have managed to go beyond 2 minutes in the beginning. Rope skipping elevates your heart rate making you breath deeper and harder giving you a great cardiovascular workout. In fact, jumping rope can be one of the easiest cardiovascular exercises you can ever do.

3. Rope Jumping for Muscle Toning

Next time you see someone who has been practicing rope skipping for quite some time, notice their legs and calf muscles. You will be amazed to see how toned they are! When you jump rope, your muscles in the lower body and calves undergo micro-tears leading to that familiar pain.

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Once you get used to it, these muscles become stronger and can take the load of your body weight quickly.

4. No More Excuses for Not Exercising


If you are always making excuses about why you do not exercise regularly (busy schedule, no time for the gym, harsh weather, etc.,), bad news for you. You cannot make any excuses for not skipping rope as you just need a rope, a small space, and a will to exercise and sweat for experiencing jump rope benefits.

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No matter how busy you are, you can take out at least 15 minutes and do the jump rope workout. You can even squeeze a skipping rope session in your office itself!

5. Running Benefits of Jumping Rope

Yes, it is true! You can have the same benefits of running as you can have with skipping ropes. Just like running, jumping ropes is an excellent cardio activity. Moreover, unlike running, a regular skipping routine involves the use of both pair of legs for impact on the ground.

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This makes this activity far less stressful on your joints than running. Especially, if you are a beginner who wants to start a workout routine but hates running, you can easily start with jumping ropes.

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6. Jump Rope to Lose Extra Weight

Losing extra weight is the direct result of increased physical activity, and calorie burn provided you are following a balanced diet. You can be assured of losing those extra pounds from your body with a regular rope skipping routine. It will not only help you lose weight but also have a weighted rope jumping workout to train your muscles even harder.

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7. Improved Coordination and Balance

Many athletes swear by the effectiveness of jumping rope in improving their coordination and balance. This is because while doing rope skipping, your brain is focused on your feet and maintains the rhythm of the body. Over a period, this ability slowly enhances your conscious awareness and coordination as you become “lighter on your feet.”
You can even do a jumping rope session before your Yoga routine for maintaining proper balance.

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8. Skipping Rope for Safe Knees


Unlike running which could be taxing on your knee joints if you have never exercised before, skipping rope helps in strengthening muscles and ligaments around knees as well as hips and other lower body muscles.

Yes, you may feel slight pain when you start doing jump rope workouts, in most cases, it is the initial muscle soreness and fatigue common with exercising. However, if the pain does persist, then stop skipping rope and consult a healthcare professional to discover any problem!

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9. Jump Rope Benefits for Strong Bones

One of the significant jump rope benefits that it can cause an increase in bone density especially when you start doing this activity in early age. As per a study done on mice in Japan (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/18839049), bone density increased after 8 months of jumping up and down 40 times a week.

More crucial was the fact that rats were able to maintain this bone density even after they reduced skipping to 20-30 times per week after the 8 month period.

10. Say Good Bye to Feet and Ankle Injuries

Skipping rope is the primary exercise in workout routines of many sportsperson and athletes. This is because it increases the strength of muscles around feet and ankle joints.So, this leads to the reduction of injuries in these areas which are most prone to injuries, particularly for Tennis players.

Jumping ropes help these players to remain on the balls of their feet instead of flat footed or heels. This makes it easier for players to move quickly around the tennis court while decreasing the chance of over-extension of muscles or injury.

11. Relaxation Benefits of Jump Rope


This is one of the most unexpected jump rope benefits, but it is also true. The reason lies in the biomechanical movement of jumping rope which involves a combination of circular motion with an angular momentum.

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While skipping ropes, you perform a highly focused and coordinated movement of your whole body. When you jump synchronously and harmoniously in this manner, you enter an active, peaceful state. People who jump rope regularly admit becoming calmer after a jump rope workout!

So, what are you waiting for? Just include jump rope workout in your daily routine and start experiencing all the above jump rope benefits for your health and fitness. It is never too late to start taking care of your health and achieve the body of your dreams.

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