41 Surprising Tips on Walking to Lose Weight

Start Walking To Lose More Weight.

41 Surprising Tips of Walking to Lose Weight- LivingHours

Walking To Lose Weight – Do you want to walk more to lose weight but do not know where and how to start? You have come to the right place. We are aware how walking is one of the best activities to lose that unwanted weight, and we want to help you to do this activity more often.

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Here are 41 surprising tips for walking to lose weight and bring more excitement to your daily walk:


1. Early Morning Walking to Lose Weight

Walking first thing in the morning empty can prove immensely beneficial in your weight loss. Walking is a moderate activity, and the body is deprived of carbohydrates after good night’s sleep. This makes fat a primary fuel for the body and walking in this carb-less state can do wonders to your fat loss ability. Plus you can’t ignore the walking benefits.

2. Drink Warm Lemon Water

If you are looking to walking for lose weight than, lemon can help you. It’s a citrus fruit loaded with Vitamin C. It not only improves your digestion and clears harmful substances in your body but also gives a boost of energy for your walk.

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3. Eat Something Within 30 Minutes After Walking

It does not matter if you sweat during walking or that walking is less strenuous for your body. You still need to eat something after walking. If you eat your breakfast late, have some fruit with oatmeal or yogurt as your post-walk snack.

The body uses fuel for any physical activity and it is important to replenish nutrients so that they can start the recovery process after walking. However, you must know what to eat before walking also.

4. Stretch After Walk

Walking causes significant strain on your legs and knee joints. You should do some stretching exercises for your legs after completing the walk to prevent stiffness in legs. You can also try these knee strengthening exercises to improve your knee joints and increase the efficiency of your walk.

5. Vary The Pace

Our body becomes quickly accustomed to exercise if we do not push yourself. So, even if you are only walking, you can vary your pace time to time to avoid hitting a plateau and continue losing weight. This will also break the monotony of your regular walk.

6. Use Good Quality Shoes

A pair of high-quality shoes is imperative for a healthy and pain-free walk. They ensure that you are not experiencing too much impact on the ground and also keep you safe from sharp or undesirable objects in your path.

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7. Brisk Walk In Intervals

Brisk walking, i.e., walking at a faster pace than usual, is more efficient in weight loss rather than a slow and relaxed stroll. If you find yourself getting tired from a continuous brisk walk, try walking in intervals. Walk briskly for 1-2 minutes and then slow down for another couple of minutes. Repeat the cycle and see your fat melt away.

8. Invest in a Pedometer or Activity Tracker

It is very crucial to measure your progress in any endeavor. A pedometer or an activity tracker measures the number of your steps and gives you an accurate idea of your daily progress.

9. Swing Your Arms as You Walk

Swinging your arms while walking not only gives a workout to your shoulders but is also said to improve blood circulation and improve heart functioning.

10. Increase Distance Before You Increase Speed

Increase Distance Before You Increase SpeedChallenging yourself to go farther is crucial to continue losing weight by walking. However, first, focus on increasing the distance rather than speed. You can try increasing speed for short intervals of time in between your walks.

11. Take Stairs Instead of Elevators or Lifts

This activity alone can increase your calorie expenditure by a significant amount and help in losing weight. So forget the lift and take on those stairs to remain healthy.

12. Ditch Your Car and Go for Grocery Shopping on Foot

Avoid using your private vehicle for going on grocery shopping in your neighborhood. This is an excellent way to incorporate walking in your weekly schedule.

13. Schedule a 15 minute Walk During Lunch Break

After-meal walks can have an amazing effect on your digestion and weight loss. So you can go for a light walk for 15 minutes during the lunch break. Plus the benefits of lunch hour walk are undeniable.

14. Take Your Dog on a Walk in the Evening

A perfect way to keep yourself on toes. Your active dog will make sure that you have more than a brisk walk and never slow down to consistently keep up with it.

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15. Have Walk Meetings With Your Colleagues

This is another innovative way to incorporate a walk in your daily schedule. Walking can also bring some creative ideas and solutions and make your meetings more productive in comparison to those long, boring meetings in a cubicle.

16. Keep Your Back Straight and Look Forward while Walking

It is necessary to keep a straight back and avoid slouching while walking. It not only enhances your posture but also keeps you alert and active.

17. Incorporate Speed Walks

Speed walking is next level to brisk walk just slower than running. Go as fast as you can go walking for a minute and then rest for another minute. Follow this cycle for 5-7 minutes and then rest by walking at an average pace. You can vary the intensity of speed walks according to your personal stamina. This burns more calories and increases your strength and endurance.

18. Walk After 15-20 Minutes of Having Meal

A light walk after dinner can help in getting your food properly digested. However, do not go overboard or heavy as it may cause vomiting or those nasty side stitches. Also, allow a 10-15 gap between your meal and walk.

19. Create a Playlist of Your Favorite Songs to Listen While Walking

You can enjoy more from your walk if you have the company of your favorite songs. Just mind your surroundings and do not get too immersed in your headphones while walking on busy roads.

20. Arrange Your Walking Gear At One Place Before You Go to Sleep

Arrange Your Walking Gear At One Place Before You Go to SleepYou will see your accessories first thing in the morning so you will be less inclined to get lazy and skip your walk. Consistency is the key to success. You will love it when you look at yourself in the mirror after successfully losing weight.

21. Pay Attention to Your Surroundings While Walking

Do not walk mindlessly and loosen up a bit. Enjoy the surroundings around you as you walk, notice those perfect contours of green trees, feel the cold morning air on skin, and feel happy to be alive and walking! You will feel immense peace and joy as you immerse yourself in the moment.

22. Breath Deeply

People often overlook the importance of breathing during walking or any other exercise. However, proper breathing increases the efficiency of any exercise. Getting sufficient quantity of oxygen through breathing during exercise will make you go longer and harder and ultimately lead to more rapid weight loss.

23. Try Walking in Natural Environment

There is too much of pollution nowadays in cities which could lead to adverse effects if you walk in those surroundings. So, look for a nearby garden or area with natural trees and clean surroundings to gain maximum output from your walk.

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24. Go on a Walk with Your Loved One

This will serve the dual purpose of increasing your fitness as well as overall well-being and happiness. It will offer you a chance to communicate in an entirely refreshing manner while at the same time helping you in maintaining your weight.

25. Find a Walking Partner

A regular workout buddy or walking partner will keep you accountable as well as give you something to look forward to during walking. You can also inspire one another and keep track of the progress of each other

26. Do Not Make Excuse of Weather

Many people avoid walking in cold or rainy weathers. While it is certainly not recommended to go out on cold days, but most of the times, having proper clothes beforehand can prevent you from avoiding walk in changing weathers.

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27. Maintain a Diary of Daily Walks

Record your distance and the duration of your walk daily in your diary. Aim to increase your stamina and duration gradually over time. Also, note down your weight monthly. This will help you in knowing if your efforts are working or you need to change your strategy.

28. Have Small Sips of Water During Long Walk

If you are a seasoned walker and walking long distances for a longer duration, you need to keep yourself hydrated. Carry a bottle of water with you. Remember to take small sips during running. However, do not drink water in excess at once as it will have harmful effect by lowering your body temperature suddenly. Plus You must know how much water should you drink in a day.

29. Avoid Sports Drinks

Do not rely on sweetened or commercial sport drinks if you are only walking. They are only needed if you are doing strenuous exercises and losing lot of fluids. Having these drinks can sabotage your walking efforts as you would consume more calories than you have just lost from walking.

30. Do Resistance Training

Do Resistance TrainingIncorporate strength and resistance training in your walking schedule, say once or twice a day. These will build and strengthen your muscles. There is a risk of losing muscle instead of fat if you focus excessively on walking or cardio exercises.

31. Organize and Participate in Race Walks with Fellow Morning Walkers

This is an interesting way to have fun and get more out of your walking routine. Race walks are in fact a recognized sporting event in themselves. Who knows if you emerge as the next champion!

32. Walk Uphill

Walking to lose weight is not just an easy task, sometime you may face some dangerous venues. Walking uphill helps you to increase your heart rate further and enhance a number of calories burnt in the same period. It also tones your thigh muscles and reduces fat around the buttocks.

33. Make Walking a Habit Rather Than Hobby

Habits of a man decide the success of his endeavors. Aim to develop a habit of walking rather than just a pastime or hobby to maintain your fitness and health for life long.

34. Increasing Number of Steps and Not Length of Steps

Do not try to take longer steps as it could strain your hamstrings. Instead, increase your number of steps per unit of distance to increase the pace of walking.

35. Decide Your Routes in Advance

Plan your route in advance if you do not want to waste time or end up farther than you intended to. It will help you in visualizing your walks as well, and visualizing helps in ensuring the success of your weight loss efforts.

36. However, Don’t Shy Away from Impromptu Strolls

When you have time, go for random walks as well to explore different areas and route. You will also come up with creative ideas and inspiration when you explore strange paths while enjoying the walk. It will also boost your mood and reduce stress another leading cause of weight increase.

37. Walk With a Purpose

Walk straight. Keep your head high. Walk like you are on a mission. Bring energy and confidence into your walk. It may sound exaggerated, but you will notice the difference in the quality of your walks.

38. Be Creative With Your Walk

Go in a different direction or take an entirely unknown path altogether if you want. Walks tend to get boring if we do not introduce variety so be creative and have fun while walking!

39. Carry Extra Weight

Extra weights can boost the efficiency of walking by a significant proportion. Add them to your backpack, hips or a weight vest to have a proper balance and prevent disturbance to your posture. However, take special care while adding extra weights as they may strain your joints and cause injury. Do not add more than 10 pounds weight.

40. Engage Your Core for Maximum Benefit

Engage Your Core for Maximum BenefitEngaging your core muscles while walking briskly will help you in keeping a straight back. Moreover, core muscles will also get a boost when you use them during walking and aid in reducing that tummy fat.

41. Change Walking Terrains regularly

Try out a hilly or rocky terrain once in awhile. These will make you come out of comfort zone and challenge your body to get out of comfort zone. Remember variety is the spice of life!

You will notice a tremendous effect on quality and efficiency of walks when you follow the tips mentioned above. Do you have your special tricks on walking to lose weight? Share with us in the comments below. Have fun walking..! And still confused can you lose weight by walking than try it yourself and see the real changes.

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