10 Easy Tips Before Bedtime For Quick Weight Loss

Before Bedtime Activities To Lose Weight Quickly.

Bedtime Tips For Quick Weight Loss

Bedtime Tips For Quick Weight Loss –Do you know that our body keeps on burning calories even during the night time? Yes! It’s a fact that our body’s metabolism process doesn’t stop even when we are sleeping.

Moreover, that means we have a fair chance of losing weight while sleeping also. Therefore, we share these 10 very essential, effective and yet simple and quick weight loss tips with you that are meant to be followed before you go to sleep at night.

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Do Not Sleep Empty Stomach

Sleeping empty stomach would deprive you of a good night sleep. Rather, a full stomach would help you stay full, relaxed and therefore, would help you sleep in a better way.

Eat Something Healthy in Dinner

Eat Something Healthy in DinnerSo if you are following point number one, that is, not to sleep empty stomach, it is important to know what to eat before sleeping. Well, there are many healthy bedtime snacks that you can consume without worrying for the fat gain issue.

You can eat items like one cup of cottage cheese or eight ounces of Greek yogurt. Even having two cups of milk is also a great idea to keep your tummy full during sleep at night.

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You can also mix one scoop casein protein powder with half cup milk and can have it at your night snack. The point is to take a diet rich in protein so that your metabolism rate increases and continues to be so at your sleep time.

Try Adding Pepper in Your Night Meals

Those who are looking for quick weight loss tips should understand that peppers play an important role in burning calories. According to research, peppers help in burning fat in a quick and easy manner.

Eating peppers increases the metabolic rate, and thus, calories burn faster. Therefore, it is advisable to add peppers to your healthy dinner items.

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Create a Gap between Dinner Time & Sleeping Time

If you want to lose weight at night, make it a routine to have a gap between your dinner time and sleeping time. If you go to sleep quickly after eating, the fat will start accumulating easily. On the contrary, eating early and sleeping at least 2 hrs after that will prevent accumulation of fat.

Take a Walk After Evening Meal

Take a Walk After Evening MealOnce you are done with your night meal, wait for at least half an hour and then try going for a short walk of at least 15 to 20 minutes. This will keep your body active, and the metabolic rate that you will achieve after walking will continue through the night. Always remember that life is short, and hence, exercise should be the topmost priority to make your life longer and healthier.

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Have a Cup of Green Tea

The aim of anything that we eat before falling asleep at night should be to increase the metabolic rate. Moreover, green tea helps in doing the same. What you can do is to eat your night meal early. This will give you enough time to have a cup of green tea later on.

Have a Cup of Rooibos Tea

Do you know what a cup of rooibos tea can do for you? Well, it can help you burn your belly fat while you are sleeping. So needless to mention how difficult is it to get rid of fat from the belly area!

This tea contains a strong flavonoid namely Aspalathin that helps in burning the belly fat. Rooibos tea is also naturally decaffeinated. It consists of red bush leaves.

Try Doing Resistance Training

Doing a little bit of resistance training workouts will also help you increase your weight loss rate. If you can manage your routine and can take out some time for this, it would be the great tip for losing weight at night.

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Say a Big No to Sugar & Starch

Say a Big No to Sugar & StarchMake it a rule not to consume sugar or starch in any form before your bedtime. Sugar and starch are the main cause for stimulating the insulin secretion. Insulin triggers fat storage hormone and leads to weight gain.

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Try Taking a Good Night Sleep

Last but not the least, try taking a sound and relaxed sleep at night. If you do not get enough good sleep, you are likely to gain weight even after following all other weight loss tips.

You can try following methods to get a good sleep:

  1. Try Doing Meditation – After you are done with all the ‘before bedtime activities’, sit on your bed and meditate for 10 minutes. You would be relaxed.
  2. Listen to Relaxing Music – Try listening to some good music before going to sleep. Listening to good music will relax you and will help you sleep better.
  3. Take a Warm Shower – Warm shower relaxes your muscles and soothes the tired body. Thus, you sleep without troubles. A warm shower is also helpful in getting rid of stress.
  4. Read a Book before Going to Sleep – Keep your mind occupied by reading. Go to sleep when you feel like sleeping.
  5. Set a Routine for Bedtime – Set a time for your night meal or night snack. Close your kitchen early on the same time every day. Go to sleep on the same time every day. Setting a routine will help set your body clock, and you would feel like sleeping on a particular time.

We do so much to reduce weight. We exercise during day time and keep a watch on our caloric’ intake. When we can do so much for weight loss during the day, why not continue the effort at night also? Following the above ‘before bedtime activities’ will help you reduce those extra inches from your body.

Share your weight loss tips that you follow every night before going to sleep. Keep sharing, keep commenting!

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