15 Amazing Benefits of Sesame Oil You Must Know

You Will Be Amazed to Discover It.

Benefits of Sesame Oil

Benefits of Sesame Oil – Sesame oil is derived from sesame seeds. Sesame plants are mainly cultivated for sesame seeds, with India and China being the largest producers. Sesame oil is an excellent anti-rancidity substance. It prevents foods from rancidification. Apart from this Sesame oil is exquisite for hair and skin.

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There are many health benefits of sesame oil too which we will discuss in the following lines.

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Benefits of Sesame Oil for Hair

sesame-oil-for-hairSesame oil is also a great option for those who want a healthy hair growth. It contains Vitamin E, B-complex, and minerals such as magnesium, phosphorus, a protein that strengthens the hair roots. Sesame is also known as ‘til’ in the Hindi language. Therefore, if you visit the market next time you can ask your shopkeeper about til oil for hair!

The advantages of sesame oil for hair are given below:

1. You can get rid of head lice

Are you facing lice problem on your head? Don’t worry proper head massage with shampoo and with regular application of sesame oil with some other hair essential oils; you can get rid of lice for good.

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2. Get rid of dandruff

Most of us have problems with dandruff and to be free from it, all you need to do is apply sesame oil on your hair before going to bed and then you can wash it off in the morning. Continuity of this practice will get good results in a month.

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3. Prevents graying of hair in early age

You got it right! If you use sesame oil frequently then you will be free from premature graying of hair. Moreover, your hair will look darker and shiny with the utilization of this amazing oil.

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4. Thickens your hair

Some people have fragile hair and due to that, it looks as if they have the petite amount of hair on their head. So, application of sesame oil can rescue them from that by thickening their hair.

5. Promotes hair growth and inhibits hair fall

That is good news for people facing hair fall. Sesame oil not only helps in thickening the hair but also helps in hair growth. However, only using sesame oil for promoting hair growth is not enough; you will have to use other nourishing hair oils along with taking proper care of your hair. Keep your hair clean and avoid changing shampoos frequently. Stick to good natural products for keeping your hair healthy and shiny.

Benefits of Sesame oil for skin

sesame-oil-for-skinSesame oil is good for the skin too. Benefits of sesame oil for skin are listed below:

1. Skin moisturizer

Sesame oil can help with the dry skin problem. It can be applied daily on the skin for moisturizing it. A few drops of sesame oil can also be poured into your bath water if you do not want to use it directly on your skin after bath.

2. Sunscreen

If you do not work under the sun every day and have to go out only on few occasions during the day, then you can use sesame oil as sunscreen. This oil, being heavy in nature, creates a shield on your skin and saves it from UV rays. it is best to use a mango face mask Before using sesame oil sunscreen that way your skin gets dual protection from Sun.  One of the Known benefits of mango is It’s full of vitamins and antioxidants and it can heal your skin damage and Seasme oil will protect your skin from the sun.

Sesame oil can also help you with your dark circles but it’s not that effective as almond oil. For more information read almond oil for dark circles.

3. Detoxifier

You are exposed to many toxic substances every day. The reason is that industrialization has polluted our environment, and you will always find some toxins in the air. Our skin comes in contact with these harmful toxins first and therefore to protect it you can use sesame oil. Some toxins are readily soluble in oil and can be washed off easily. You can either apply sesame oil in the evening or before going to bed.

4. Anti-aging oil

Sesame oil helps in preventing wrinkles and fine lines on the face. In other words, it can help you look younger than before. Use natural sesame seed oil for skin and not the ones that are chemically tagged as sesame oil because along with sesame oil there will be other chemicals tagged in the pack you buy.

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5. Great massage oil

Sesame oil can also be used as excellent massage oil, especially for babies. Massage your baby with this oil in winters as this oil is warm in nature. Give a warm bath to your baby after 30 minutes of massage and check your baby’s smooth, soft and clean skin!

Apart from hair and skin benefits, the sesame oil has also got significant health benefits.

The health benefits of sesame oil are listed below:

Health benefits of sesame oil

health-benefits-of-sesame-oil1. Sesame oil for heart

Sesame oil contains a wide range of polyunsaturated fatty acids. magnificent therefore this is one of the reasons why sesame oil reduces cholesterol level in the blood. Moreover, if this happens the possibility of getting heart stroke and attack gets reduced.

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2. Bone strength

Out of all these sesame oil health benefits, the most important is strengthening the bones. Sesame oil contains elements like calcium, copper, zinc. All of these elements are essential for bone growth. Using the right amount of sesame oil in your food can help you prevent many old age bone related problems.

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3. Oil Pulling

Sesame oil is also used for oil pulling. Oil pulling is a process in which you have to put some oil in your mouth and swish it for some time and spit it out. It helps in whitening the teeth.

4. Blood Pressure Control

Many people are suffering from this problem all over the world. Moreover, therefore you need to be careful with this. Sesame oil directly does not have anything to do with blood pressure control, but since it helps in controlling the cholesterol level, therefore you can expect that it provides some benefits with blood pressure. Out of all the benefits of sesame oil, you can also keep this on your list!

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5. Good for digestion

Sesame seeds are magnificent for digestion. If you use both sesame oil and sesame seeds to cook food once or twice a week then you will be free from most of the problems related to digestion.

Sesame oil is good for health, but sesame seeds are even better because sesame oil has mostly the fat content. Most of the primary minerals are contained in sesame seeds. What you can do is you can use sesame oil to cook your food along with sesame seeds which can be used as a taste enhancer.

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Sesame seeds are also used for making the sauce which tastes really superb and is a lot better than those sauces that are chemically prepared. Sesame oils available in the market are expensive, but you can always find ways to extract them at home. Apart from the health benefits of sesame oil, you should also know a few disadvantages of having sesame.

We all know that too much of everything is bad, and therefore if you consume too much of sesame then possibilities are there that you might suffer from allergy. In extreme cases a person might suffer from diarrhea as well. So use this oil in the right quantity to get the right results!

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